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10 Jan 2011

Ugh, I hate my office

Ive got the sorting bug right now. Ive just finished spending an age sorting my wardrobe out and slung a LOT of clothes I no longer fit into and never-want-to-wear-again-because-I-don't-aim-to-pile-the-weight-back-on-thank-you-very -much. I sorted out my toiletries cabinet and slung a lot of stuff from there too. Ive even re-organised my sewing boxes and can't believe how much I slung from there either. Im empowered by freeing up space, a little like my good self.....freeing the lard from the shell of my body. Ahem.

But this dumpster of an office?
It is taking me forever.
Ive sorted two of my over head cupboards out. Here are the "before's and after's"
Ive still got a whole lot of other stuff to sort before I show you the final office tidy up.

Dump cupboard 1:
It is what it says on the tin. Just schtuff I don't want to see "out" but can't live without, you know?

And now tidied with boxes to put things is. I mean, I hardly have all matchy matchy boxes etc and my room isn't colour co-ordinated like the inside of a posh boudoir - its just....well, practical.
This cupboard, below, is also a dump cupboard but with little boxes to store those little things. It was a pain in the butt to get stuff out without things tumbling on my bonce.

But now its just more regimented and accessible. **sigh**
It took me flaming ages to just go through all the boxes and shelves and then sift and sort and re-house etc. I wish Id never friggin started.

Ive done my "After Eight" envelope project and will post that up tomorrow night. Part of the project requires you to print out some matching stuff (but don't worry if you don't have a printer/any ink left. You can improvise). Its a pretty little thing and something to help keep me organised this year. Maybe that should be my "One Little Word" - Organise. Pah, I'm done with OLW, I sucketh at it.

By the way, all the stuff from the other night is sold.....v v chuffed for a: the space and b: the moolah to put towards schtuff.

365 of me updated, see top left link of this page.


caroline hancock/scrappercaz said...

What a huge difference, i have some stuff to sort... my old scraproom that still houses bits and bobs plus my kitchen drawers :(

Sue said...

So how long will those cupboards stay so tidy???

Fiona said...

Can you come and do my house please?

Crafty Helen said...

You're doing a great job Kirsty! I've also been 'sorting out' since I became a Stampin' Up! demonstrator cos now I've got even more lovely craft 'stuff' that needed a home! x

Anonymous said...

So what stuff you chucking out, can you chuck any my way, lol, might motivate me to scrap again. Roz xxx