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15 Jan 2011

Seeing Red

I'm 99.99999999% sure I want to dye my hair this colour
Any hairdressers out there advise me on adding red to tinted blonde hair? I don't think I have bleach in my hair, not sure.....Im sure it's tinted. I mean, I could just ask a hairdresser and she will immediately add pounds and pounds to the estimate whilst reassuring me that my hair won't fall out providing I have a £60 conditioner on top of the normal fee blah blah blah.

I just love the colour on HBC below (obv I shall avoid over sized head, frightening waves, hideous liquid blue eyeshadow and mean pursed, lips)
I'd love some advice - need to give my barnet a new colour......fake blonde is getting on my proverbial wick.


Bettyann said...

I don't know if I can advise you...but Iuse the L'Oreal feria line...use the dark burgundy, but I had dark brown hair to start with..maybe you should asks for professional help tofind ot what will happen is you put this fab red on your blond hair...

Sue said...

Think you can get a hair treatment that takes out anything on your hair and then you can put the colour on.

I use the one Divina uses and mine is Deep Burgundy/Blackcurrent although my natural colour is dark brown.

Tracie H said...

I went that colour last September - loved it for a few days - but the colour fades so quickly that it loses its vibrancy. Red is a hard colour to keep as your hair cant grasp it so easily.
I used Red shampoo and conditioner from John Frieda which helped with the colour holding for a little bit longer.

Snip a tiny strand of hair from the the hairline in the nape of your neck and run a strand test to see what the colour looks like before you go for it all over.

I loved being red....then went a lot darker - almost plum - up until just before Christmas and now Im on the long trek to get back to blonde.

Bare in mind that if you do colour your hair red and dont like it, then the only way to remove it and go back to blonde is to completely strip your hair of colour - which involves bleach shampoos, tints etc - which can be very costly!

TBH - I'd go to the hairdressers and let them apply the first application of colour - then from then on colour it yourself with an off the shelf product.


Steph said...

Kirsty be careful cos it will grab very quick on blonde hair by that i mean it can go brighter than you expect, might be best to add abit of your base colour in if at all possible.What colour was you trying for?It will fade quicker too for the first few times but once you get through that it will be fine. Putting colour into it will make the condition better though and add shine , when your taking it away ie going lighter it works the opp way.Hope that helps i was hairdressing for 16 years before i changed professions, so hopefully that advice was ok xx

jem said...

If your "natural" hair color is darker and you went blonde, then there is bleach in it. That's the only way to get dark blonde. I'm a medium brown who's been blonde for more years than I care to admit to and I went red this fall. It's not easy to get the red to stay. I get about 2 and a half weeks of it looking actually red, then it fades into a reddish brown. Maybe I'm too chicken and afraid of really damaging my hair, but I've never colored it myself, I always go to the salon. It's my one luxury and I have such a good stylist that people didn't know I wasn't actually a natural blonde until I went darker! Good luck and maybe I'm in the minority here, but I'd have a colorist do it, the damage you can do to your hair especially if it turns out badly on your own would scare me off!

Fiona said...

I've never been this colour Kirsty and I'm not a hairdresser, but I do know that red fades quicker than other colours.

Good luck with it.

Sophie-Lou-J said...

hey kirsty, Im a fake red head :) and ive been home colouring my hair with Schwartzkopf live xxl reds for almost 2 years now and i absolutley love being red.
I went red from bleach blonde all over and it was like clown red hair as it was so light before i coloured it, it looked fab but a little too bright!
I think my best advise would be if you have the money get the first red hair colour done in a trusted hairdressers as it cant really go wrong that way. And then from then on dye it with box colours at home as its super easy and Yes red hair colours DO fade especially when your hair was blonde before ,but after about 3 applications of a red colour over a few months then the red starts to grasp the hair better and doesn't run in the wash as much.
Im using tresemme red hair shampoo and conditioner atm and its the best red shampoo ive used in the 2yrs of being red as my hair colour hasnt faded much at all and the shampoo and conditioner isnt too thick and greasy which is an added bonus!
Hope this advise helps kirsty , I love my hair red and i go brighter red for the summer and a deeper red for the winter and everyone comments :)Cant wait to see if you do x
Sophie-Lou x

Craftilicious said...

I had bleached blonde streaks and went that colour - the streaks did go slightly orange, but it all settled to a really nice colour after a couple of washes. Reds do fade really quickly though.

Anne said...

Ha - I'm having a similar dilemma at the moment! I'm sick of the fake blonde hair too and after I toned it down it just looks BORING. I bought a pack of dye yesterday, but went for semi permanent (24 washes) so that if it is hideous, it wont be forever. Having said that, it's still in my bag. Not brave enough yet - although I'm a great believer that whatever you do can be fixed. I've dyed my hair all sorts of colours over the years - I say do it!

karen said...

hi Kirsty i always read your blog but dont usually comment, i love this colour, im wearing it now also whilst browsing the net i found this and thought of you. Karen x