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17 Jan 2011

Ribbon Storage

I had an email last week from a girl called Lisa asking me how I store my ribbon. Well, I don't have fancy ribbon boxes that cost £30 and only hold 6 reels of much as I'd like to I neither have the moolah nor the space for such beauty - I have more sense than money! Instead, I use these boxes that I found that came with holes in them. As soon as I spotted them I knew they would be the most perfect ribbon storage for me.
Each box holds about 15 reels and I feed the end through a hole, store them high, leave them dangling and pull when I need some. The boxes cost me £2 from Internacionale about 2 years ago but you could always use a wire mesh basket or something quite similar.However, I dare not sure you my patterned ribbon storage. They are, ashamedly, packed in clear bags in a box because I don't have the open space for those beauteous objects. Maybe I'll embarass myself about how they are stored later on.

Im glad to say that myroom is 99% tidy - boy, I have had a real good clear out. Over the next few days I shall show you my other storage solutions but please, don't expect any great luxury ideas plus, a lot of my stuff in my room is not matchy-matchy either......its all rather practical, rustic but organised!

And as some surfaces are now clear, it gave me the opportunity to make a couple of cards. The poochy one is simple "D" (for dog). I have plenty of dog loving friends and hope this comes in perfect for one of them.

And this little pretty is for whoever, whenever. I love stand-by cards....saves me faffing in a panic at the last moment.
And now I have a date with Marko and the pooch to watch some (probable) lame movie and snuggle up x


Bettyann said...

Like that about you..good common sense..I use a couple shoe boxes, plus a unit from Ikea that is supposed to be used underneath the bathroom cabinet..hubbie nailed to the wall with spools of ribbons...I like using something different...have a good snuggle...

Sue said...

Loving both cards and the ribbon storage is a fab idea. My ribbons are in a large box.

Anonymous said...

fully agree! I am hopeful that now you have shown this others will stop wasting money on some of these overpriced and over here type special must haves that certain magazines and semi well known people say you have to buy LOL LOL!!!! The craze of crafting has possibly caused many to be in debt buying must have junk and then deciding they dont want to do it anymore!!! Know many like that! If you as a well known name had said you needed to buy a special box costing x y z £'s many would have clicked the link and ordered 10 !!! thanks for showing common sense and thrifty ways can work and do work and impulse buys are not an essential part of your world ! Its the end result which counts not worrying about how to pay essential bills because the money has gone on junk and certain crafting mag's or tv must haves! Well done!

Lisa Hemmings said...

Kirsty.... thank you for sharing that! they are lovely.
Always good to pinch someone elses ideas!and even better when they don't cost the earth
Lisa x

Trish said...

Hi Kirsty , your space and storage idea look great, I aslo went over to BF and left a comment on your project - Stamp Kissing and thought it was brilliant. Lots and lots of inspiration over there. Hope you rejoin the design team.