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1 Jan 2011

A reet good start to 2011

Today, I have been, what is quite commonly said in the northern region of England - a reet lazy cow. To be honest, I just could not be arsed with writing dates in my diary or on the calender or fluffing pillows or arranging flowers like a good old housewife. I wasn't rushing around tending to the whims of my family and nor was I knocking on the neighbours doors and greeting them with the glad tidings of the new year. Ugh. Whilst every man and his dog declare good intentions and resolutions for the new year, I think "sod that for a game of soldiers". Me? I set myself goals daily so why should I be specific on the first day of the new year? I mean, its great to have these fresh ideas and exciting tasks but seriously, who the hell is going to know that you skipped day/week one, like my slovenly little self?

We (as in just Mark) took the crimbly decs down today. I slothed about in my dressing gown; practically stewing in my own stink and feeling my hair become increasingly greasy by the hour. I laid like broccoli, I moved only to use the conveniences and to open the fridge door to see what might fall in my mouth....even carbs. I have had 8 days off from dieting and don't I bloody well know it. I'm telling you, kids, it's carbs that make you sloth and veg and feel bloaty sicky yak. I cannot wait to get back on to high protein tomorrow (2nd Jan) and whip myself up to a lean machine in prep for my fortieth birthday in Feb. Prior to that little hoohaa I have a trip to LA but we all know that carbs don't exist in LA so I'm pretty safe that my journey to forty-dom will not be blighted by a single sliver of wheat or potato between now and then. My body is a temple.....blah blah blah.

I gotta say, this forty lark is playing on my mind. Whilst I often feel it, I certainly don't act it and often am told that I don't look it (obv from blind people). Its like a line is dividing my life. Ages 0-39 is young, vivacious and carefree. And then 40+ is marked as "passed it", "too old to start a new career" and "Jesus, get your roots done, love". I'm literally crapping myself. I'm thinking, you know, I can pretty much lie about my age to Joe Bloggs in the street but come airports (passport credentials) and job interviews (CV with credentials) - I'm going to get the raised eyebrow treatment and looks of pity or disdain. Will I have to wear longer skirts? Do I have to wear tan coloured pop socks? Shall I invest in polyester dresses? Will I have a midlife crisis?

Aaaaaah bollocks to it. Ive got roughly 38 days to chew it over but until then I'm clinging on to every last bit of my thirties with perhaps a bit of wild abandon thrown in for kicks and giggles.

Oh. And Flappy Blue Ears to you xx


Bettyann said...

Oh Kirsty I do love say it like it is...In May I am faciing magic number year (yipee) years lol..i have been whining about that..then a dear friend just told me she is battling very serious health concerns ..I just told myself shut the @%$# up you sod..I like what you said about just setting goals each day..just enjoy the moment..Welcome 2011..xxxxxxxx your crazy canadian friend bettyann

Melanie Marshall said...

I don't think you're allowed to say bollucks when you're nearly 40 FFS!

Be you, Be happy and Look forward, never back. Think how fast 40 years went and then decide if you can live with wasting a single second of the rest of your life with diets if they make you unhappy or even getting dressed ;)

What you are right now, is who you really are.. and that's the someone that everyone falls in love with. If you feel good, love wearing flowers in your hair and scream over polka dot china.. then what better role model can you paint for your beautiful daughter than a woman who is confident to be herself and follow her heart?

40 is a number. Your life is not. Appreciate what you have achieved, what you wake up for and what you have for the future. It's going to be a beautiful next 40 years :D

Now I sound like Baz Luhrman and i'm freaking tired.

Night xXx

Jan Connair said...

(*snort) Kirsty, I am 51! Still feel like 21 in my head, though gravity has had a few adverse effects on my face and bod. However, all is not lost at my age, and it certainly will not be lost for you as you turn a mere 40. The way you are working on your health and figure lately, you will certainly be one of the hottest 40-year-olds around. Mark is probably counting his lucky stars daily.

I think you can get away with short skirts (and scandalous lingerie) for awhile longer. Absolutely no need to resort to horrid, drab fashions. Who wants to dress from the Delia's catalog after age 16, anyway?

Buck up! That nursing home is still a ways in the distance.

And don't forget: growing older is a privilege that many people do not receive.

Anice said...

I had pretty much the same day as you yesterday..didn't dress until getting on to 2.30pm then only into other clothes I found laying on the bedroom floor. I remember feeling just the same as you as I approached the big 40..but you know what I've just gone past 42 in November and I feel no different. Who cares what everyone else thinks someone in their 40's 'should be' like we are like what we are. Stay mad, stay wonderfully creative, and give me an excuse to do the same as I can say 'well Kirsty Wiseman does I can as well!' Happy New Day..never mind year! xxxx

Jennie said...

Kirsty, just like Melanie says 40 is just a number! me.. I am all the 55's in less than a week.. i feel like yuck, I look like yuck..but who cares I am still me! Pj's have abounded this Christmas.. even Christmas day!! Enjoy... don't worry.. eat the carbs if you feel like it... wear the pj's and stay true to yourself.! Off now to have a big fry up, tie my hair up with string.. lie on the sofa and wave my hand around regally till I get a cup of coffee!!!
I can always dream can't I?
Happy New Year! xxx

Fiona said...

Tan pop socks and polyester dresses, I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!
I'm 48 and wearing skinny jeans and big hoopy earrings. (although I do give mini-skirts a wide berth as my legs have never been good!)
Embrace your 40's Kirsty because what is the alternative?
Bollocks to it indeed!

Clarky J said...

Dont fear the ole 40 Kirsty - I am now 44 and have felt so much more in control of my life since turning 40 - I would certainly not wish to turn back the clock to one 30 something age! Embrace the four oh it will certainly be a time where you feel the most confident x Well done on the whole diet thing - now thats something I still need to get to grips with LOL x

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Ach! stop your bleathering woman! My mum was old at 40, even older at 50, and she's now 73. My sister is much younger at 52 than my mum was, and at rapidly approaching 43 myself, I'm still young, wear jeans, have more fun, do more crazy embarrassing things (according to the kids) than possibly should. But.... I'm not ready for crimplene sunray pleated skirts, velcro shoes, pop socks or headscarves yet. I'm still young and that's the way I'm staying! Stay young with me my friend! Xxx

Sue said...
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Sue said...

I love the way you think:)

As to turning 40, it's just a number. You are you and will be till the day you pop your clogs. You decide how to live your life and that doesn't have to change because of your age.

Live, love and laugh.

hello gorgeous said...

"I LOVE MELANIE MARSHALL!" and reiterate EVERYTHING she says.....NEVER look back sweetie only forward and embrace is just toooo short!

hugs to you and yours

hello gorgeous xxx

Louise said...

This time last year i'd have been saying all the same things as you lol! In fact i was so depressed at reaching 40 that we went away for the way was I celebrating with a big knees up! Nothing changes though, everything stays the same, so enjoy all the fuss....and Happy New Year xx

Rach said...

I've been 40 for 8 months today and I've not started dressing like an old woman - yet! Well at least I hope I haven't.

Linby said...

Polyester dresses not in this century I hope. I've been in the over 40s bracket for a while now and it's fine. After all 40 is the new 30 don't you know!
I have a friend you was 95 on Boxing day - she doesn't even wear polyester and she still goes on loads of holidays and loves chocolate! Just think you aren't even half her age.

Anne Jagger said...

40 is just in your head! I'm 51, feel 18 in my head and didn't have my baby until I was 42!
Have a great big 40 and just carry on enjoying yourself!!!!! X

Colette said...

I dreaded turning 30 only to find it a way better decade than my
20's and the decade that the really important stuff happened, like getting married, buying a house and having kids. So when I was about to turn 40 I didn't dwell too much on it. Having just recently turned 41, I can say in all honesty that 40 does feel different but not in a bad way. I have finally realised what I want to do with my life! I went to art college in my 20's and did my degree in fashion and textile design, sticking with because its 'what I always wanted to do' afraid to admit even to myself that it just wasn't for me. I now realise that what I am truly passionate about(other than my family obv.) is cooking. What I will do with this passion I am not sure I am just delighted to finally know what I want to do with my life, hee, hee! Its true that 40 is just a number like 50 or 60 and it is a lot down to mental attitude but I think 40 brings with it an acceptance of who you are and I don't know about anyone else but I don't care so much what other people think of me anymore. Hope 40 brings with it good fortune and happiness,


Sandie said...

Oh Kirsty - take it from me (a newly-made 60 year old pensioner!) that "growing old is compulsory, but growing up is optional!" That's what I've lived by for years.
So much can happen to make your life a misery - but while you've got health and family - what else matters!! Enjoy life and LA!!

twinkletoe said...

Kirsty - when are you coming to LA??. I live right by the airport and would love to meet up with you.