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18 Jan 2011

post 1600 and super duper giveaway

Ok, wow!
I jibber-jabber don't I?

Today has been mental. First of all, I thought I'd stuck to a commission request to the "T" when an email came back saying they needed the graphics to be bigger (ie I supplied in A5, the commission was A4). "Huh!" I thought - "EASY....I back up everything". But the smugness was soon wiped off my clock when indeed there was no back up and the whole thing had to be started from scratch again. I can't tell you how much I "wept with self pity". It was not a pretty emotion, I can tell you. And that was on top of other errands and a delicious migraine to boot. And they say that the 17th January is the most miserable day in the calendar....... they are not kidding.

Anyway - I thought I'd show you some of my storage solutions in addition to the ribbon storage yesterday. These are my whimsy shelves. Everyone who has been to Ikea will love and cherish these (which you find in the nursery department). They are a godsend to me. Ive had them about 18 months now and hold an assortment of things I need "to hand".

This is almost all the left hand side of my "converted garage" I have no natural daylight in here, but I manage to get things done without it and make use of spot lights and the strip light.The front part of this long desk is where I sit at the Mac (just out of shot, to the left).

These little shelves hold all my stationery and leads and batteries and pogo printer stuff. I always have to have tissies for tears (I cry a LOT, always blowing my nose, wiping spills etc too) and candles - I love having a smelly room. It could be better displayed but its MY mess!!! On top is my diary, my art journal and jars storing buttons, threads, stickles and all sorts of odds and ends. Polka dots are my life, by the way - that MIGHT become apparent.
This is the end shelving, below (the far end of the office). This is my most utilised storage. It holds:
Top left: Tags - im obsessed with tags
Top middle: Scissors, staplers, pokey tools and blades
Top right: I have about 30 distress inks. I didnt buy them all, I was luck to get a set of 24 for free, once. Honest....I am not super rich.
Bottom left: squirty spray inks from Dylusions. She gave me her entire collection. Must use them soon
Bottom Middle: Pastels, mini stamps, glues, sprays - all sorts
Bottom right: Dabbers and liquid pearls plus my beloved Rose Quartz Crystal. I hold it when Im feeling like poo, it calms me. I also shove it in my pocket (or even in my bra, close to my heart). Don't knock it until you try its healing properties. I swear by it.

Nothing is matchy-matchy nor is it minimalistic, in my room **sigh**. Its functional, truly functional.

This is my middle set of whimsy shelves. It holds:
Top left: Tim Holtz Alteration dies and some sizzix dies
Top middle: Sizzix and Cuttelbug dies
Top right: Stampin Up inks, I got these at a good price when I signed up with them 2 years ago. Otherwise I wouldnt have that many.
Bottom left: THE GIVEAWAY! See near the bottom for info about that
Bottom Middle: Embossing folders and cuttlebug plates etc
Bottom right: Stampin up inks again

So? The giveaway from Banana Frog. I had to step down from the team, before christmas, because my mojo just went pear shaped on the stamp front. I was not greatly happy about explaining to Bev, who was very supportive of my decision. I asked her if I could keep a few to show off at CHA next week when I demo for Letraset and asked if I could use the rest in a giveaway. Some of them have been used and some, well - not! If you fancy snapping up an absolute steal of a giveaway (I'm thinking £120 worth of stamps, here - maybe more!), please go and have a look at the BF blog and make a comment on any one of the millions of projects you LOVE and then come back here and tell me what you wrote and which post.

It truly is a very inspirational blog, honest - what people can do with stamps just fascinates me.


Nitasha said...

You were not kidding- truely is an inspirational blog! I took some time and looked through some older posts too because there were so many awesome ideas there!

I commented on 12/22/10 post about taking your stamps to the kitchen! What a great idea! If, I'm the lucy girl I'm going to buy some sugar cookies and try this fab idea with the stamps! Thanks so much for the chance and for giving me a new blog to follow!

Ali M said...

Hi...I commented on the 'take it to the kitchen..was really suprised to see that blogged!!
My comment was .."wow..I hadnt even thought of using stamps and icing together!!
What a great idea!!"

Scrapping4fun said...

I commented on the 'Hiya Chick' blog, what a great idea on using one of the stamps.

Kate said...

Got excited when I saw the 1st post! I wrote:

Masking, spraying and stamping, the thought of it just gives me a warm glow. Thanks for the inspiration.

** Kate **

Sue said...

LOL without looking at your other comments..i also commented Here:

will be keeping an eye on all the fab ideas thanks.

Michelle said...

Thats one lovely tidy office - bet you know where everything is now. Mine is a tip but I have PLANS!!!

22nd December on BF Blog
Comment 4
This has made me think of stamps in a whole different way! OMG!!!!

Bumblebee said...

I posted this
I really wanted to find a project I spotted in the gallery, the Masked Heart Card by Annalouise Rispling, but I couldn't find it anywhere, but I am definately going to use that technique too!

I can't believe I've never been on Banana frog before, I'm converted and it's probably going to cost me a fortune!!!!
B x

greyparrot said...

Hey you, the studio is looking great, way tidier than mine! Anyhoodle, something really jumped out at me in this post...the rose quartz...I am a qualified crystal healer now, and wanted to say that if you wanted an additional boost you could make some crystal essence; ensure your quartz is clean, then pop it is a jug of spring water on the windowsill for a few hours (or longer) then sip the resulting water throughout the day. You can't use any old crystal to do it as some can't tolerate the water, but quartz is fine :)

Sue said...

WOW! I so love your crafting space. I just love all the things and the colours.

I went over to BF and left a comment on the post for 25th Novembeer, 2010 Festive Funky Bags. This is what I said: Just popped over from Kirsty Wisemans blog.

I really love this project. I love the way the bags can be themed for any occassion.

Sharon said...

I commented on the 25th November project about decorating the present bags (commented twice as i made a spelling mistake in the first one!). Love your storage.

Kiki said...

Hi Kristy. Funny to see most people have commented on the stamps and icing post ! I did too.

"I have used embossing folders, but it never ocurred to me to use stamps on icing, great idea ! thanks for sharing !"

Fiona said...

What do you mean 'it's MY mess' What mess ?? It's mega tidy, now you should see my craft room!

Great BF blog, I loved the take it to the kitchen post too, but commented on the Gift bag with Candy post - 6/12/10. My comment was something like this, " Have been looking for an idea like this, quick easy and adaptable and makes the gift look more expensive."

DGgirl said...

Kirsty - thank you soooo much for directing us to this blog, certanly those of us who haven't visited before. I especially loved and left the comment "How fab is this card - and fab tips into the bargain...."

Anonymous said...

Left a comment on the brilliant black LO dated Dec 19th. Must use my stamps more. Great site.
Sue L

Angela Weimer said...

What a great space you have to create in. Love how organised everything is. Love the Rose Quartz too!
I checked out the BF blog and wow such great projects. I had to comment on multiple but here is one of my favourites:Jan 8 Once upon a Time wedding invitations and flavors.
Congratulations to your brother. What lovely invites. I like the last card better too. the box behind just makes it pop. The jar is great too! Thanks for the inspiration and have a wonderful day. Angela
Posted by: Angela | January 18, 2011 at 11:42 AM
I really enjoyed looking through their blog and intend to visit often now that I found it. Thanks for pointing me over to it. Have a great day. Angela

Pat said...

Hi Kirsty, I commented on the Love Graffitti post. Fab card, great idea.
Oh, and I must get some shelves from Ikea! x

Katy said...

Wow i lubs your craft room, im moving in :)

BF blog is lush, and now ive sat here looking for over an hour but man alive it sure was worth it :) I commented on Anna-louise's bird canvas and i wrote

OMG Anna-Louise i simply LOVE your canvas its stunning and i have such a love for birds in the crafting world. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring others

Much Love Katy xxxx

Thanks for sharing and inspiring me so often.

Much Love Katy xxxxxx

Lynne said...

I wish I could drive.......I'd be straight off to IKEA!! Love your blog and I'm already a fan of Banana Frog everything! Just commented on the Valentine Cards. I'm going to be super organised and make some today ready for next month. Thanks for the chance to win some fab stamps Lynne xx

Yvonne Russell said...

Hi Kirsty
Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. Your storage area is just fabulous.

Over at Banana Frog, I commented on and said
"Great tips on masking, thanks and a gorgeous card."

I've been wanting to know how to do this masking technique, so it was fun exploring the blog and then coming across exactly what I needed right there. Now I'm more confident to try it msyelf. Thanks for letting us know about Banana Frog.

Thanks also for your generosity with this amazing, dream giveaway of so many wonderful stamps.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your craft room! And it looks tidy to me - tidy 'enough' and enough is all we need! (had an email about that once and it stuck with me!)

Love Banana Frog! Wonderful blog! here's the comment I left:

'What a brilliant idea!!

I've just hopped over form Kirsty Wiseman's blog, following Bee's comment I wanted to see how you'd 'shrunk the jewellery''


vicky davis said...

i've posted here -

saying - "these are lovely! what a nice idea to put them onto bags - i might give this a try with birthday themed things :)

i often struggle with using stamps imaginatively but there is a whole world of ideas and imagination in that blog! x

Stampersue said...

Hi Kirsty - I use Ikea storage in my craft room and it is brill - none of my stuff matches but then who cares. lol.

I popped over to BF and was blown away by their amazing work - what a great selection of projects to try. I was spoilt for choice but eventually posted on 16/01/11 Jo's Project of the day: 'Loving' Graffiti. I love the simple lines of these great cards.


Lisanna said...

I posted this: "this card is fantastic: simple and clean but very very beatiful!!!"

great scraproom!

2Angels said...

Oh wow, I love those shelves!!! I may have to get me some :) :) :) I love your scrap space, I am sure these people who have these beautiful perfectly neat spaces never actually use them because it is not possible to keep them that neat! ;)

Lisa-Jane said...

Posted on the "make a poseable fashion paper doll" post - it reminded me of you, paper and fashion!

This is too cool! Going to try and make these with the children, might even use their own photos and they can stamp their own clothing designs. Thanks Kirsty for reminding me what a fab blog this is xx

Jaki said...

I commented on 01/12/10 the scribble flower decorations I said:
"I love the way you have combined stamping, papercrafting and sewing into one project. I'm going to make some of these to decorate my spare room

jaki said...

I posted on 01/12/10 the scribble flowers decoration and said

"I love the wat you have combined stamping, papercrafting and sewing into one project. I'm so making these flowers to decorate my spare room.
Thanks Kirsty

Craftilicious said...

thanks for pointing me in the direction of the BF blog - definately going to keep popping by for new ideas. I commented on the stamping on icing
"OMG what a brilliant idea! Can't believe with a combined food and craft blog (Craftilicious...) that I've never thought to stamp on icing - Doh!!!! I have loads of unused food colouring pens too - thanks for the inspiration :-)"

Craftilicious said...

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the BF blog - will definately be going back for more inspiration. I commented on the brilliant idea of stamping on icing.

"OMG what a brilliant idea! Can't believe with a combined food and craft blog (Craftilicious...) that I've never thought to stamp on icing - Doh!!!! I have loads of unused food colouring pens too - thanks for the inspiration :-)"

katey said...

i love the beautiful mess in your space!

i went over to the frog blog and posted about the valentines stamps..need to get motivated to make some val cards!


Salamanda's Scrappy Adventures said...

Hi I commented on the lilypadlesson - canvas on canvas "Wonderful technique and clear instructions."
Your craft space looks super organised and a creative place to be

Dale Anne Potter said...

Would LOVE my garage to look like this...LOVE it Kristy!

Crafty Helen said...

Hi Kirsty - thank you for the BF blog link. I've left a message on the project for 16th Jan 'Loving' graffiti: Love these cards - they are refreshing and classy! I think they would be appreciated by men and women x

Your workspace looks great - what a good use of those lovely shelves!

Sally said...

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of the BF blog. Love it! I commented on the 16 Jan post...I get so bored of seeing girlie Valentine cards...was great to see one that would be good for a guy :)

mckinkle said...

Talking of inspirational, I love your storage shelves, they are FAB! And I want them too! lol!

Its always great to have somewhere to go to for such useful ideas and the one post that drew me in the most was by AnnLouise on 6th December.
We shared some of the same bits of kit so its reassuring when choosing a project to try myself.
At least that way I stand a much greater chance to achieving success!

Thanks for the chance to win your mega candy!
Keryn x

Layla said...

I liked this project and made the following comment:

Life's Creative Moments said...

Hi Kirsty, Your 1600 blog yesterday and yesterday was the day that I lost my blog virginity! How difficult is that to do with a blank canvas!
Anyway, love your blog and Banana Frog, both are very inspirational.

I commented on 27/05/10, the scrabble pendant. Going to have to route around my parent's house for their discarded scrabble set after they got a shiny new one for xmas.

MissyG said...

I left a message on this fab projest - a set of Christmas cards
Here's what I wrote
Wow these are gorgeous I love flowers of any description and these are great Wonderful card

Thanks for the chance to win these ace stamps

Jayne W said...

Great room Kirsty

I MUST tidy my space up I can barely see my desk at the moment.

I posted:

I love the christmas bunting so trendy must give this a go.



twannywun said...

I commented on december's Colour Focus. I loved the difference in the cards that were inspired by one piece and the tips were really handy and inspired me to try them...

"Oooh I really like the tip of mixing sets to create a unique font - the card looks really good. I also love those birdies! The decoration and the card are so pretty!"

karen s
twannywun at hotmail dot com

Kathy said...

oooh I'm all inspired now I've visited the BF blog. This was the one I commented on
My comment was
this little project has inspired me to have a go at canvases.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsty.
Never been to Banana Frog before - love the site. Not sure Pete will though - can feel the pull on the M&S card already!!!

Lotsa love to you (Looking fab by the way!)


Commented on the 'Loving' Grafitti post;

Never visited your blog before but came over from the lovely Kirsty Wiseman. You are now added to my favourites - loving your style of work and writing!

Posted by: Ali Hallam | January 19, 2011 at 05:44 PM

Trish said...

Hi Kirsty, left this message under the wrong post LOL

your space and storage idea look great, I aslo went over to BF and left a comment on your project - Stamp Kissing and thought it was brilliant. Lots and lots of inspiration over there. Hope you rejoin the design team.

January 19, 2011

JustineB said...

Hi - I commented on 22/12/10 Project of the Day - Take it to the kitchen.
What a great way to use stamps off the page. Will be trying this on Valentines.

Have fun tidying!

Louise said...

i commented on the 30/12 post, Christmas photo...i'm really into bunting and love the stamp that helps create it. Great giveaway, Banana frog stamps are fantastic thanks :)

Belinda said...

Hi Kirsty I love Banana Frog stamps they always stamp so nicely, but I don't have nearly enough of them (hint, hint!!)
I left a comment on the blog entry from Katy Fox who was guest designer for April 2010. I loved her bright coloured butterfly cover on her 'Little black book' , very pretty. I'm a big butterfly fan!
Here's what I said:
I love this 'Little Black Book' design the colours are stunning and I am truly inspired to have a go as I seem to hoard blank items that would really benefit from this kind of facelift!
Thanks again Kirsty
Belinda x

Sarah said...

I commented on "Project of the Day - Loving Grafitti" My comment was "Oh soooo pretty, I've had those stamps for an age and not done anything quite so lovely with them!! Thanks for the inspiration."

I love your craft room, wish I had a space like that allllll to myself!!

kate said...

Hi Ive been to bf and left a comment on sharmaines heart card post.I wrote I like this sending of heart cards to people in trouble and i think a charm or badge would make the card a gift.I like the clean fresh look of bananafrog stamps and am glad ive taken a look thankyou

This post reminded me about flooding in auss Kirsty and i put the burst waterpipe in my kitchen in perspective!!!its not so bad unlike your workroom which is way too tidy... go and mess it up ;} Kate

susan garvie said...

Hi i commented on lillypad lesson - framecard posted on 13/08/10 and wrote beautiful card with easy to follow instructions, i will be trying this tonight lol. fantastic projects i love them all lol x sue x