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2 Jan 2011

The mysterious case of the vacant crafter

I know, I know, I know - I'm a fraud. Where the hell are the abundance of projects you may have become accustomed to? Well, they are piled up waiting to be photographed. My excuse is that I hate winter with a passion. With only 6 hours of decent light a day (4, if I am perfectly honest), its hard to fit the time in to photograph them during these days when all I want to do is vegetate. However, I have planned some time tomorrow to photograph some lovely layouts that I made in OCTOBER for you to have a goosy gander at.

I'm not sure if I feel that guilty about the lack of constant crafting, to be honest. But I aim to get as much done as I can this month as my mojo has sensationally re-appeared! Up until now, my life has been intense , especially over last few months. Honestly, I thought I was going to choke from it all. From concentrating on losing weight for starters - I'm only half way there but by god, I can see a marked difference (October to December of being carb free)

Wow, that picture of me on the left is DEPRESSING.

And then I started a time-chomping diploma in Fashion Design

with the addition of concentrating on new ventures and getting to grips with time management - a major headache for me, as a homeworker.... you know, where does work stop and home life start etc etc It's horrific.

If I managed to allow myself time to think about it properly, Id say bugger it all and go and work on the check outs at Sainsbury's (let me tell you, I'd love that kind of job - scanning, chatting and packing bags properly - ie Bread at the top of the bag, tins at the know?). But you have to work where you heart is, don't you? For me that's computerised work in design and photography, making things, creating things, inventing things in your head, organising, list making, checking stuff off the list (my fave part of my day to day life!). I'm a fiddler and a doodler. I'm always thinking of ways to improve my personal development and when I'm not working, I'm researching and finding inspiration. I think its why I don't get a good nights head is constantly whizzing and whirring. But its not a complaint, its just how I function.

Ive been making new additions to my blog tonight - check the top left of the page. Ive started a 365 challenge of taking pics of me in my 40th year. Enjoying the thinner me and riding through the monthly stress of keeping my roots in check! Its for fun and I'm not sure if I will manage a piccy a day but still. We shall see.

Earlier today, though, we went to Southport to blow off all the stink of cabin fever. Its been a mild few days after the snow all melted away but when we got there, the wind was blowing off Snowdonia and it was bloody freezing. Ellie was frozen to the core (here she is trying to keep warm with a mc-heart attacks 6 nugget treat). It was good to get her out as she has been housebound since she broke up from school. Poor kid, my heart aches for her so so much.
Before we set sail home, I nipped into Dunhelm Mills to look for Cerise and Teal bedding for Ellies bedroom. Pooey! Not one item suitable in that colour range but I did swipe these little lovelies for the house so all was not lost.

Frames reduce from £6 to £3 each ........ luscious
And a new sewing box with drawers and pully-outty bits. Ive got some curtains to whip up this week and I am in need of a more organisational set up.
Here endeth day two of 2011.


Fabrizio said...

Lovely picture of your new you Kirsty ! I love it !

As you know I've lost some weight too, I probably gained it back during Xmas but I'm back unto the wii-fit tomorrow. And no more wheat (or grains) again until my b'day ! LOL

I've done the same with my blogs, I had a sabbatical but you gave me the yearning to write into them after this comment I'll be off posting some samples I've made recently.

Just keep being the fabulous you ! You're fun and totally refreshing !


Bettyann said...

Kirsty, you have been so bloody busy, it is a mracle you have time to blow your is my year of change, plus I have a big birthday coming up in May, and our 35th wedding anniversary in April..take care xxxxbettyann

Melanie Marshall said...

Have you ever heard of pasta face before? I saw on a diet program that celebs stick well away from carbs such as pasta because it causes instant bloating to the face. You look amazing, no high angle camera trickery or editing (although, don't think i'm letting you off them full body shots just yet haha) Even better then that, you look happy. It makes my heart melt like a Disney film :D

Great to see the gorgeous Belles out and about eating nuggets and enjoying being a kid.

Hate you for them frames though.. I want!!

Fashion designing is crafting! You should share some of your pics sometime.. I mean, like, how creative is that!!


mrich2500 said...

Hi Kristy...just wanted to leave you a note...I love the honesty of your warmed the cockles of my heart.

See you around on the TA DT ;)
Martha Richardson

Hazel (Didos) said...

WOW Love the new you. What a difference already!!!! You Go Girl xoxox
Poor Ellie looks freezing in the pic. Brrr chilly day. Mind you its great to blow the cobwebs away!!!
Wishing you all a Happy Healthy 2011. Hazelxoxo

Kate said... look fantastic!! I can't wait to see your pic a day.

Jaki said...

I love the sewing box I need one as I started making stuff last year. This month I will mainly be making draught excluders!
Carry on blogging!

*reyanna klein* said...

You look amazing! YAY!

I love this "update" post. Too cool. Love your new frames and sewing box! Very cute. :-)

And aww... poor Belles! My heart aches for her too. :-(

Hope she keeps her chin up... and you too! This will be a great year for her! I just know it! :-D

Sue said...

You are a lovely lady, but you are shining in the second photo. Your skin is bright, as are your eyes. Carbs definitely make me sluggish.

Hope your studying is going well.

Looking forward to seeing your pics of your projects.

Nice photo of you to at Southport.

Nice frames and I love the sewing box.

Anonymous said...

I feel really guilty taking that photo of you!! Sowwy.

Anne x