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19 Jan 2011

More storage from moi

You saw from my seat, the left side of my office yesterday. Well this is the other end of my office, looking back towards my seat.

So this corner here. Don't ask me why I have a TV and DVD player. I barely even watch it. On the odd occasion when I'm seriously mojo-less, I might bang on a Friends DVD or Juno (my fave film ever) but I seriously do not watch TV as there is no aerial in it, for starters. The clock was a gift from my friend Jane, its an hour fast (I just didnt turn the clock back from October!). The blue and white drawer sets hold alphas in alpha order - chipboard and big letters for my scrapping. The wicker basket on the blue drawers? Holds all my different types of adhesives - runners, DS tape, pritt stix, 3d foam tape, tacky glues etc. The 3 tier cake basket holds my "to hand" stamps. And the unit that holds my Tv? That holds a plethora of A4 coloured card.

The built in cupboards are a god send for just "shoving things in". I tidied the top two cupboards last week (see pics in posts below) but the bottoms ones? NIGHTMARE.

And don't get me started on whats underneath the table or in the far end cupboard. I AM ASHAMED. But the doors that hide the crap behind them are a life saver. He heeeeee.

The two bare printers trays used to hold all my small stamps but Im going to take them down, paint them and make some collage art work to go in them instead. The table holds a set of drawers full off "to hand punches" and the amy butler totes hold tools in one and promarkers and aquamakers in another. The clear plastic boxes hold my tattered angels inks and paints DT stuff plus Letraset bits and pieces in another. You see those guillotine from Tonic. They ROCK. I coldnt be without them - they are my treasures.Under the tables hides a violin dying to be taken to impending lessons, posters, boxes of cards I have made over the years for commissions, postage stuff like mailers and envelopes - its a hideous mess. I think Ill tidy it just so I can take a picture for you. The curtain that hides all that garbage HAS TO GO. Im desperate for polka dot fabric in red and white (but not oil skin). Must hunt some down.

And lastly, I had a visitor today. Paul came to pick up all my photography mags that I gave away the other week. We had a tea and a real good chinwag and look what he gave me! Hot Chock Sticks that you melt in hot milk to make proper belgian "choc-hotlate". I had only made a few the day before for a couple of friends but these look far better than mine. I made mine with a crap couverture but he gave me two bags of "better" couverture so watch this space for chocky things x

He gave one for each of us and I splurged a carb marathon on one this evening. I'm shaking from a carb overload as I type! Yumzy.

Banana Frog Giveaway is still open - you can comment on this post as well as yesterdays..... they all count x


Life's Creative Moments said...

oh my goodness just looking at those chocolate things made my hips expand 3 inches but if they taste as good as they look it'd be well worth it!

scrapraffe said...

oh my goshhh, those print trays are amazing, i lust for one of those in my life so badly! do you mind me asking where you picked them up and roughly how much you paid? a lot of places sell them for huge amounts of money :( more than my little pockets have!

lovely lovely lovely workspace :) x

Rach said...

I'm looking at that hot chocolate and wishing with all my might that I could drink milk so that I could have one. I have serious work space envy that is joining the able to drink hot chocolate envy! R x

Sue said...

Wish I lived near you, as I'd happily tidy your stings. I love to tidy. I know I am a freak:)

The chocolate drink looked divine.

Sue said...

Oops! That should read things, not stings:)

Fiona said...

I'm so envious (sigh) of all your stash.
Those choc sticks are lush but have you seen the prices in Costa Lotta?
Lucky you.

Stampersue said...

OMG those chocolate sticks look delicious I gain a couple of pounds just looking at them. LOL


JustineB said...

I've got some of the printers block trays in the loft - will be digging them out for altering! Thanks for the inspiration xx

Jo E said...

Got to get some of those choc sticks - they look amazing. Talking of amazing....Banana Frog. I'm looking at my stamps in a whole new light. Using them in icing has to be the biggest revelation. However, my guilty pleasure would have to be those princess stamps - the Cinderella Carriage especially!