Ladies Camera Club

14 Jan 2011


Well, they were not lost but I came across these series of photos of my Belles. They just remind me of her lovely nature, her grace and delicacy. She is NOT a beach girl and for her to be barefoot in this picture took some coaxing. But it was sunset on a very warm Menorca evening and we encouraged her to try the textures of dry/wet sand and a warm sea.

Isn't she a dolly?

And guess what?
I scrapped.
Well, I finished these off after toying with them for 2 weeks and finally my heart applied itself full this morning to wrap them up.

Go me!


Bettyann said...

yah go Kirsty go...

Heather said...

Belle looks adorable on the beach :) & well done you for scrapping (I know the feeling lol)Thats a great family group photo of you all too. Happy scrappy xx

Fiona said...

Great photo's as ever Kirsty.

Sue said...

Fab photos of Belle and lovely LO. I especally like the last one.

Nina said...

Yay for scrapping!