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6 Jan 2011

Dumpsville stuff for sale/going FREE

I have been having a sort out, trying to make room for the crafty stuff I bought in the sales. Its not been easy. Oh my, its a proper dump.What I will have to do is cull the amount of magazines I have for starters. You prob think this is a bit anal, but I have kept every single magazine I have been commissioned work for since 2005. Not sure if its for a legacy or for the fact I was a bit chuffed about the prospect of appearing in a magazine or two. I think, in essence, I shall have to cut out my pages and throw the rest of the mags away or perhaps give away FREE TO A GOOD HOME - there are scores of them ...... 3 piles like you see below (I will still cut my commissions out though, OK?).

You can come and take them with pleasure plus whatever else I sort out this next 24 hours. Ranging from Crafts Beautiful, Quick Cards Made Easy, Quick and Crafty, The Scrapbook Magazine, Creative Cardmaking, Papercraft Essentials, Simply cards and Papercraft and countless others.
Also up for collection and FREE TO A GOOD HOME is this little lot of photography magazines. Ive worked out that there is roughly £300 worth of magazines here - all on DSLR photog with tutorials, hints and tips in them. PLEASE will somebody come and grab them from me? First commenter to ask can have. (I live in Ashton, J23/24 of the M6). Again, come and take them with pleasure.

The bit below is about stuff for sale, so you might want to skip this bit x

Stuff for sale: 50MM Macro lens ring attachments
THESE ARE FAB. I don't have a 50mm lens anymore as I swapped it for an 85mm jobber, so they don't fit :( Please email me if you want them - they are in perfect condition. I bought them for £10 with postage on top at £4.50. Ill sell for £10 incl P&P (uk only, obv....overseas sales can be sent at actual cost, I wont rip you off)

I did a post about them back here and will fit a canon 50mm 1.8 lens and effectively turns the lens into a macro. You can make your 50mm take close ups as lush as this:

Indoor studio lighting:
I also have two sets of indoor lighting for sale (photography). As my office is now what used to be my photography room, I seriously do not have the room for indoor photography anymore and never will, sadly. You can achieve high key imagery with them using a plain white sheet as a backdrop, like this one:
One lamp comes with a foldable softbox and the other comes with an umbrella (think the bulb has gone but easy to replace) - all with tripodic stands. PERFECT lighting for those starting out - please please come and grab this bargain.....I need the room. The outfit initially cost me £300 but I am happy to take £130 for the lot....just to get me some space back. You can have a look at the system here, here, here and here.

Display Stand
I don't do exhibitions using these stands anymore. They are those fuzzy ones that you Velcro your projects to royal blue one side, grey the other. They come in a portable carry case (free of charge on this deal) and the best thing about these is that you can fold your boards up with your projects still attached to them for ease and time saving between setting up and setting down at shows. These cost me £250 inc vat plus £25 P&P but Im happy to sell for £150. Postage is NOT an option - they is massive for my pokey little post office. They do not come with lights.

Please come back tomorrow to see pictures of a newly organised room that should set me up for finishing off samples for CHA and getting my groove on with various DT work and commissions for Crafts Beautiful.


Paul said...

If they're still going I'd happily take the DSLR magazines from you! Pxx

humel said...

Dang, too slow for the photography mags!

If the Macro lens ring attachments are still available I may be interested, but I just got a new dSLR and I'm still figuring it out! I have a Nikon D3000 with 18-55mm lens; would the attachments be suitable for that please?

(Sorry to contact you via the comments, I can't seem to find your email address! Mine should be attached to this comment, or you can get it from my profile, hope that's OK)

Many thanks x

Lisa said...

If the macro rings are still avaliable I'd love them. I'm on my iPhone and couldn't work out how to email you.

Sue said...

Hope you get rid of/sell your stuff.

Looking forward to seeing your craft room.

Sue said...

Couldn't find your email, so hope you don't mind me contactin you here.

Just wanted to thank you for putting the Blog Candy theribbonreel had up for grabs onto you blog. It arrived today - yummy:) I've put a photo up on my blog, if you want a look (