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11 Jan 2011

Don't Forget Wallet

Ok, first of all you need to download this file here

Then you need to grab
3 x A4 pieces of white card
12 after eight envelopes
2 brads
Bakers twine or embroidery thread
DS tape
Pokey Tool
Bone folder for scoring and creasing

Once your files have downloaded, print each page (there are two) onto A4 white card.
Trim all the pieces, ensuring you cut out the "Don't forget" quote with either a punch or a steady hand!
Cut one piece of white card down to 6cmx22cm and score down the width using the measurements on the printed sheet.
Take the scored sheet and manipulate the creases - this will form your wallet.
Take a pokey tool and in the section that measure 4cmx6cm, poke a hole where indicated, like below (roughly in the centre, 1cm from crease).
Then take the section measuring 7cmx6cm and poke a hole where indicated below (roughly in the centre, 1cm from edge).
Using double sided tape, cover the backs of the patterned pieces then adhere each piece to the sections of the wallet that match. Always ensure the when your wallet is closed that the pattern is not upside down. Leave the inside 6cmx7cm piece for now.
Now poke the holes from the reverse of the wallet again.
Insert brads from the front, not so tight but not so loose.
Cover the 6cmx7cm brad "back: with the patterned paper that fits this inside section.
Gather up all your envies. You want the clock on the envelope to be face up. Take a 4cm strip of DS tape and adhere it in line with the clock. Do this with every envelope. Using DS tape in the centre will allow the envelopes to fan when they open. DO NOT be tempted to put DS tape either edge of the envelopes. Just once piece, down the centre - thats all.
Now remove the peel and stack the envelopes, clock face DOWN on top of each other.
When stacked, add a small strip to the centre of the top envelope, running down and remove the peel.
Insert all your cards into the envelopes as this will help you place the stack in the wallet more rigidly.
Carefully slot your envelopes into the wallet so that the 4cmx6cm short edge is the bottom flap pointing up.
Nestle the envelopes into the wallet and when happy, squeeze the wallet around the envelopes to secure them.
Take your bakers twine or embroidery thread, cute into two equal lengths and wrap it around the brads. Then tie to close and open.
Adhere the quote onto the front,
Ink the edges of the card if desired - I used a teal colour ink.



Max said...

Great wee project. Thanks Kirsty =)

Max's Craft Creations
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the wallet - going to make it for my BFF. Jude.x

Michelle said...

So gorgeous Kirsty! Thanks :)

emma said...

the download wont open for me :(

Craftilicious said...

what a BRILLIANT idea. Thanks so much for doing all the hard work for us - you are very generous to give it away for free :-)

Jenna Upson said...

love this! thanks Kirsty. Just counted my wrappers and only have 11. Arh!

Vicky said...

Wonderful, you're a star! Off to buy some after eights to scoff, any excuse! Hope your Belle enjoyed her new school. Love Vicky :) xx

Mandy said...

Awesome project! SO cute!xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this - it's lovely!
Caroline xx said...

What a brilliant excuse to go and buy some After Eights - haven't had them in years :-)
Caron xxx

manicstamper said...

Thanks Kirsty I am dying to have a go at this.

Louise said...

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tutorial Kirsty, it's a fab project x