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5 Jan 2011


Belles needs a new grown up look for her bedroom and as her carpet is fairly decent (ie too much to replace!) I have had to configure a colour scheme based around the colour of her carpet, which is Cerise. Hopefully by adding more colours in to her room will take away all the current pink overload whilst injecting a bit of teenager-dom into it. We have come up with cerise, teal and perhaps a splash of lime as a scheme. But then came the headache of finding bedding to match. Thankfully I have some eagle eyed buddies on facebook and it came down to hunting in Next.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand all in the colours we want too, plus a double quilt cover by the zany Zandra Rhodes.
Im dead chuffed.
We just need to find curtains now but I might buy in plain fabric and add some applique to give them a bit of "something". Sadly I do NOT have the time this month to start her room but come the second week in Feb, Ill be firing on all cylinders to transform this kiddo's bedroom into something of teenage acceptability. Huzzah!

I have (kind of) finally solved the dilemma of night time project picture taking. We all love a pictures taken in natch daylight but during the winter, there is bugger all light as it is. This called for desperate measures. I wanted a little area in my craft room to take pics without have to get a full set of studio lights and a great hoyking photography tent out so I devised a little lighting area using two lamps (£3 each from Asda) and a background of , well.....any of my card or patterned papers - thus providing a bit of versatility.

I am over the moon with my little invention. Hardly glamorous but for £6, I ain't complaining.

These cards were made for a Crafts Beautiful commission based on boys cards whilst using a collection kit. I love that they give me those kind of commissions - it takes the headache of choosing from a million different things. The kits just have everything you need in them bar ribbon. I got the kit from Sarahs Cards - Its fab for boys .

I have a date with the Cullens right now with a side order of Jacob xx

**pic 5/365 is up. Click the top left of the page to see!


becky said...

awesome photo of your girl!! she looks so grown up! :)

Sue said...

Fab cards.

Love the photo of Elle.

Would love to see a photo of the finished bedroom.

Kate said...

Have you put special bulbs in the lamps?

The photo of Belle looks very grown up and her face looks like it has filled out a little (if that's ok to say), hope that means she is feeling good.

** Kate **

D@nielle said...

great colors for belle's new room, very sophisticated.
she looks like such a teenager in that pic, very cute !
your mini photostudio is a great idea, tfs that and the cute cards.

Becky said...

great lamp idea! Im always getting annoyed when its too dark to photograph!

Handmade with Love said...

Love the cards, they are so colourful! The nedding looks good too! I love the mini photo studio,have you changed the bulbs on the lamps or set the camera to tungsten light? The piccys look great! Tracey x

Fiona said...

Sounds like Belle's bedroom will be lush, I thought she looked so grown-up in your pic too.
Fab boys cards and I see you have the same photo set-up as me. (except I only have one lamp with a daylight bulb and my craft room is not immaculate like yours!)

Lisa said...

The colours for Belle's room sound and look lovely.
Fab cards.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photo of Elle! She looks so grown up! Her room sounds brilliant!

The cards are, as always, fab and the lighting is great!! How clever are YOU!!!!

Debbie (can't remember my google account password, so having to come in anonymously!)

*reyanna klein* said...

The colors for Ellie's room look great! Can't wait to see the finished product! :-D Great phoTo of her too!

And love your idea for taking photos at night! Yay! I'm gonna have to set up something like that too! :-)

Est xxx said...

what a fab idea, been having the same headache with photos too :-), Elle looks so much like you in that picture, simply gorgeous and I am having the same dilema with my girlies barbie pink room...Im trying to convince them pink and lime green with a touch of turquoise too...they are not having it...yet lol