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4 Jan 2011

Back on it

The gym that is.
I needed to - I, erm, piled a little weight on over the new year. I stepped on the scales this morning and my eyes pinged from their sockets. I mean, I don't feel different and my clothes fit me just like they did before (even ooooooold clothes from yesteryear - that I can get back into!). But it will soon be gone because its not fat weight, its glycogen and water retention weight. The beauty of doing a carb free/hi protein diet (but not atkins) is that if you blip, the weight you do put on is just water. But Im talking temporarily. If you go back to carbs full time then you will fill out, eventually. So there you go - an admission. Ive been a goooooood girl today and kept to plan and then tonight I went to the gym to do a spin class and a 30 minute interval training session on the cross trainer. It hurt.

Belle and I were on our own today as Marko is back at work. I had a ton of work to catch up on and Belles just vegetated. She doesn't go back to school until Thursday. She is excited about starting her new special needs school next Tuesday and the new special needs college next Wednesday. We have been informed that she can go to college in normal clothes - she is BEYOND excited about this notion. Poor kid, school is just not something she is grasping at the moment. I hurt for her.

I took delivery of my Sizzix order today and let me tell you - that was a fast delivery considering the fiasco on last years sale. I bought bits and bats from their sale. Stuff that will come in handy for this and that. My booty should have cost around £140 but I got it for £30 including delivery. I thought my sizzix buying days were over but who can resist a bargain.

If anything, they will do for visiting kids and youth group projects. I love the aeroplane on this one:

Hello Kitty flowery thingiesI don't know why I bought this girly die, but having been reduced fro £6 to something like 90p.... I wasn't going to leave it going rotten on the shelves.

Its funny what an 85% off sale can do to you!

I bought these fab jewelly thingies but I need a cheaper version of the dremel to be able to drill holes in these - who does one? anyone?
I got this from Artistic Stamper. Its dying to be adorned with all my little treasures but its most likely to be a rainy day project.

I got these stamps too - I cannot wait to use them

I bought this for £1 from the Next sales. It had two large faux jewels missing but I intend to make something with this - watch this space.
And these?
You need 12 of these for a free class I'm going to share with you at the weekend.
Don't tell me you don't have any After Eight envelopes..... I simply wont believe you, unless you are not from the UK. After Eights, for my overseas readers are thin mints that come in these super cool envelopes. Pwitty.

All pretty random purchases, really and crazy ideas to salvage things (that are rendered almost useless) has been the order of the day.

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Heather said...

oh Kirsty that means I just HAVE to go & buy some After Eights now!!! lol I cant imagine what you can do with the envelopes so Im waiting eagerly :))

Fiona said...

Oh no! I stuffed all of my After Eights over Xmas and all the wrappers are in the recycling bin.
Not buying more otherwise I will need to do a spin class or cross trainer torture! I do admire you, I managed 5 minutes once and thought I was going to expire! Can't bear it.

You got some great bargains there.

Kate said...

Love the new goods. Great bargains!!

Jenna Upson said...

thanks for the excuse to go and eat more chocolate. Love that lace effect stamp and can't wait for you to use all your new things. I also have been on a bargain hunt at TK MAXX! i bought 4 packs of glitter Thickers for £6! And a AC scrapbooking kit with 12x12 album for £7!

Sue said...

Well done you for getting back on your eating and exercise plan.

Love your various purchases. always good to get a bargain.

I adore After Eights, but didn't buy any this year:(

Michelle said...

Doh! Gonna have to go and buy some After Eights :)

Toni said...

now that box of after eight mints has sat lonely no more and I knew I bought it for a purpose hehehe just have to empty them 12 now cant see it being a chore
fab buys Kirsty Ive been goood and saved my pennies so far this year good on you with the gym class I cant get that motivated yet lol

Mirjam said...

Love the lace stamp and your bracelet! And those little black envelopes smell better than Hambly LOL, we have them to in the Netherlands.

Nicola said...

Thanks for telling us all about the 85% sizzix sale, now the proud owner of another £20 worth of sizzlit dies! Great bargains though! :-)

Kate said...

We finished all our 8's, i'm just going to have to force myself to buy more!

** Kate **

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm....have been fancying some After Eights! And I always leave the envelopes in the box!

And a Sizzix sale? Will have to go and look!

A cheap Dremel thingy would be excellent but notice no answer to that one yet. Hope you'll let us know if you find out!

Very impressed with your dedication! I know that carbs bloat me but i LOVE bread/pasta/rice! As much as I know I shouldn't eat them, I just can't give them up!!

Jennie said...

ate 2 boxes of after eights!!! now just to dig the empty box out from the rubbish!!! lol
So glad the goodies turned up safe :))

cathcrops said...

Hi Kirsty, are you following a particular carb free programme or doing a diy job ?

TracieB xx said...

Ooooh I doo lurve After Eights. Thank you for posting about your little photo studio. I am having majot problems taking good pics of my cards (I know u have a super duper camera tho lol) May try your idea out (never thought of using two lamps) and at £3 a bargain too lol