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28 Oct 2010

New hair (ahem, root re-touch)

It has been exactly 10 weeks since I had my roots retouched - OUCH!

Those looks and stares at the school gates were pretty much a scrutiny overload and I hung my head in shame as I took a pitiful head-down like walk into the school to collect Belles these past few weeks. So off I trot this evening for a re-touch and restyle. Its ages since I had layers which took me from the comfort of my sensible "mom bob" which Ive had for eons. Im quite confused by the shape and how Ill manage to style it myself.

Ellies verdict? "Mum, you look gorgeous but wait until Dad see's it, he is going to wonder where its all gone". Funny girl.

Im ready to face the wrath of the supermum clique on monday with my finger guns fully loaded with "check me out!". Providing I can style it after its next wash!

27 Oct 2010

Crop Night Weds

Hi crop nighters - here is this Wednesdays crop coming in from West Yorkshire as I type. By the time you all finish, though, I will be back home after picking up the Belles-meister so there will be no live stream, I'm afraid.

Just the sketch tonight but its a pretty one. Remember to substitute the flower for other objects if its for a boy.

Have fun, everyone x (don't forget to upload your finished layout to the facebook group page HERE)

26 Oct 2010

I shall be lady of the manor

Im teaching at the Scrapagogo retreat this weekend plus I have 23 photo shoots booked which means in between all of that, I shall be feigning a headache in the library on a chaise lounge in this BEAUTIFUL hotel. Have you ever seen anywhere more "Downton Abbey-ish"?
NOTE: I am obsessed with Downton Abbey right now, marvellous telly viewing.

Im hoping for a midnight free run of the hotel looking for trap/secret doors and ghost walks at 2am. Im hoping for a room in the tower to let down my golden hair for a re-enactment of Rapunzel and Im also hoping it doesn't flaming well rain!

Only 4 hours in the car on Friday - mapping the loo stops as I type ;)

25 Oct 2010

In old jeans

Two years since I wore these babies.
And yes, ok, they give me a muffin top like no other muffin top ever described (think three tier wedding cake) - they meet and close at the button without making me want to pass out. I can bend over in them without worrying they are going to cut me in two and they make me feel human again.

This exercise and weight loss regime?
Its all onwards and downwards.

24 Oct 2010

Bwah :(

Ellie has just this minute left with Granny and Granddad for a few days away leaving me on my own as Mark goes on a college residential with his students. Other than me finishing a college assignment and tying up a few ends - what to do, what to bloody well do???

Ive spied these to make up a project for Crafts Beautiful

Ive spied this to toasty up my head on a poochy stroll

and Ive spied this too, just for Eddy!

What are you spying these days.... I need new places to see!

22 Oct 2010

Stamp Kissing at Banana Frog

I was shown stamp kissing at a craft event about 4 years ago and I distinctly remembered coming home, ran screaming to my craft supplies, stamp kissed everything I owned and then subsequently forgot about it. I recently rediscovered it when I was flicking through an old Creating Keepskaes mag the other night and I thought "oooooh, Im all excited that I remembered it again!". I was more than thrilled, I even think I let out a loud shriek and scared the dog half to death.

It was my turn over at the BF blog yesterday and I made these pretties using the techniques.

Do pop over to see the video I made on how to stamp kiss the Banana Frog way xx

21 Oct 2010

Sketchy Croppy Done-ey

Here is my layout from last night scrap night :)

Ice cream colours and a vintage unlike me but Im happy with how it turned out :)

20 Oct 2010

Crop a rop a roo time

He hee, 8pms on Wednesdays come round so fast!

This week we have a sketch by Emma Joyner who won the chance to draw a sketch and she supplied this juicy number, below.

You can participate by doing either the sketch, the 5 product challenge or combine the two (see below). Upload your layout by 1030pm tonight at our dedicated facebook page here. Its on this facebook page where you will find the link to the live streaming of me putting my layout together and you can join in with the chat and other crafters taking part.

We do have some fun with visits from my crazy sausage dog and my cock ups!

Option 1 - just the sketch

Option 2 - 5 products and a layout style of your own choosing
1. 5 brads
2. crumpled paper and cardstock
3. distressed edges on EVERYTHING
4. Monotone colourway
5. hand journalling

Option 3 - the above two combined

Hope to see you on Ustream but be warned, if you suffer from insomnia - you will be cured ;)

Five finds

Sometimes I get lost on Etsy.
Its a minefield of delish.
I narrowed my fantasy objects down to five.
Its nice to window shop, isnt it?

If only I was slinky enough, I have this

hese are dirt cheap earrinhs, I think I will actually have these

If I had a little little girl, like - really little. She would have this

This is for the pattern only, but isnt it gorge?

He heeeeeeeeeeee, this is just brilliant

Can you suggest some cute ideas for gift this crimbly?

18 Oct 2010

No bloggin

No point in bloggin when you cannot accompany your post with a pic. Bloggers pic uploader no worky.
Meh :(

16 Oct 2010

Rooster kit winner

Midnight Rooster kit winners is: Christa
Well done, darl xx

And for fun? I declared today fake tash friday on facebook only SJ kindly transformed my fairly mild look into something very sexy and french (i really want an onion necklace). I prefer my SJ makeover, do you think it will catch on?
SJ is making cool things to sell plus she has freebies on her blog - go see, go see.

14 Oct 2010

Last nights crop

It was such a good night last night. Not only was there some fun in the chat rooms and live streaming but ALL of the participants turned in some pretty impressive layouts.
This is mine (taking inspiration from the sketch below) and this is my cousin, Marybeth. I shoved an ice cream in her mush a few years back only when I was distressing the matted cardstock that her photo lays on, a kind of gouged her eyes out with my blade. I'm so sorry MB! As I did the layout live, I couldn't stop and give up.

So there you go, my huge mistake is there for all to see.

See you tomorrow x

13 Oct 2010

Crop Night Sketch and Challenge

I'm really enjoying these crop nights using all my old stash, mixing in a but of new and dragging out photos that need a lovely layout to rest on.

You can join in by visiting doing either the sketch, the 5 product challenge or combine the two. Upload your layout by 1030pm tonight at our dedicated facebook page here. Its on this facebook page where you will find the link to the live streaming of me putting my layout together and you can join in with the chat and other crafters taking part.

Option 1
Be inspired to make a layout using the sketch below
Option 2
Use these 5 products plus any extra you care to use (as long as you use the 5 main products below) - you don't have to follow the sketch, you can just make your own design up
  • 2 patterned papers
  • 2 flowers or 2 stars
  • 2 coloured cardstocks
  • stickles or gems - minimum 10 blobs or 10 gems
  • a stamped image
Option 3
Options 1 and 2 combined

12 Oct 2010

A certain sweetness

It's been such a thrill today to welcome a guest for tea tonight - Ellie's guest, that is. Amy is the sweetest, most lovable creature I have ever had the honour of meeting. Hers and Ellie's souls are the same. They both talk in hushed, girly tones and have the most beautiful innocence that you don't often see in 14/12 year olds these days. I love that Ellie doesn't know that Amy has issues as much as I love that Amy doesn't know Ellie has issues. All they know is that they get along, like their DS's and love dogs. Ellie is is not fussed that she is almost 3 years older than Amy and I'm not fussed either. What made me so happy tonight was hearing them two chat about something or nothing; allowing each other to wander off to sit in a corners for a while without either of them wondering what they were doing. Ellie likes her space and Amy likes hers. Amy kept coming to see me for reassurance and I asked her if she was enjoying herself to which she replied "well, I don't think I want to go home just yet". That's fine with me, I thought - worrying that she might suddenly start to miss home with her sweet fragility.

I spoke with Amy's father about him coming to collect her on the phone. He asked for our address and he said "Oh, I know that house" and I thought nothing of it. All I know is that his name is Terry. I'd met his wife Gaynor (Amy's mum) the other day when we went to collect eggs and hold baby chicks. And when he turned up he said "Ive been here before. In fact I know your father in law". It wasn't until he mentioned my father in law that I realised he must be THE Terry that my father in law talks so fondly of. I was taken aback and absolutely delighted that Amy's dad is someone we kind of knew. I introduced Mark to him and Mark was delighted that Amy's dad is someone who came to cap our fireplace off a few years back and that he was linked to the family through business. Me? I'm just glad that not only does our daughter have a lovely new friend but that at least we have some affinity with her lovely parents. It was all quite bizarre, if not surreal.

Its been very hard for us getting to know people in this area. We have lived here 7 years but getting to know other mums has been difficult. I wasn't stupid when I saw people giving us a wide berth because we pitched up a primary school with Ellie in a pushchair. I understood why they did it but it really did satb my aching heart. Ellie was not a sick or mentally retarded kid but she was different and still is. So I found it difficult to make friends in this town because of that. And even though Mark is initially from this area he lost touch with all his buddies when he joined the Army and now he is settled back here, they have upped sticks and moved on. You can imagine whats its been like having a real live person to talk to and chat with about ours kids lives since Ellie met Amy and I met her Mum. Its been a total and utter relief if I am honest. I can't believe its taken 7 years for that to happen but it has.

Anyway, I wanted to share this picture of Amy so you can get to meet her too. Ellie thinks the world of her and in fact, today, she took Amy outside at lunchtime (at school) for some sun. Ive drilled it into Ellie get some sun on her skin as she if vitamin d deficient. Amy is not good with crowds (neither is Ellie to a certain extent) but Ellie insisted on taking her out of the comforts of Room 23 and into Ellie's world. I was chuffed to bits that Ellie took this upon herself to take Amy outside today, albeit for just 20 minutes but still....... they are opening up new worlds for each other and boy has that been a long time coming too. I wish Amy had come along seven years ago but there is no time like the present, is there? :)

11 Oct 2010

National Geographic

I have loved this magazine since I was younger. I'd see them piled up in Doctors surgeries or in waiting rooms and I'd ogle the delicious images on the front pages - the kind that draw you in from that very, mesmerising image. Granted, I used to look at the pictures to start with but when they started to print images of Burmese girls wearing rings around their neck (thus extending it by a foot in some cases) and African Mursi women, who wear lip plates to create a loop in their lips, well I was kind of obsessed with fact finding. Throughout my adult life I've bought the odd National Geographic and Ellie has the kids version delivered to her every month. She devours every inch of that mag until there is possibly nothing left to read. And then she flicks through mine, if I have one and is engrossed with anything related to animals.

I blogged about this some time ago so my reason to blog again is because, quite recently, I got an email from a woman who lives in Kent. She wrote to ask if I would like their back catalogue of these beautiful magazines and that she would be passing by our Town on her way up to Glasgow last week. Well I certainly wasn't going to say no and felt incredibly humbled by the gesture. And when she and her lovely husband pitched up I was not prepared for the magnificence of the pile. There are at least 300 magazines ranging from 1967 to 2008 - I was stunned. And when Ellie spied the pile she was wide eyed and dumbfounded. This mags first issue came out in 1888 - can you believe it?! I'm glad I'm not that fanatical to have them all but you can buy a boxed set with every single issue on it for your DVD for only $69. I might look into that but nothing beats flicking through a mag, hey?

Today, after a hellish visit to the garage with the car (can't bore you with it but it was an unnecessary looooooong wait) I stood a few of the magazines up in front of Ellie (believe me, this is about a 5th of the pile) and in front I wedged the oldest copy (Feb, 1967 - older than me but younger then Mark - he heeeeeeee). I have no idea how we will store them but would like to offer the whole pile forward to anyone who would like them after us. They are all in MINT condition and will be lovingly thumbed by all three of us for the next few weeks.
Thank you Val xx

This leads me onto a very special event that I am taking part in, in May 2012. A couple of girls that I joined the RAF with and I are hoping to trek the Inca trail, in Peru, to the lost city of Incas at Machu Picchu. This is THE only place I have ever DREAMED of going to where I feel its my life's worth to go. Its not an easy trek and takes a lot of acclimatising and strength to carry it out but its worth it just for this view. **I could cry - really, I could.......its heaven!**I will be raising money for Alderhey Hospital (where Ellie is often treated/tested/consulted - its a childrens hospital where very many sick children are treated - so much worse off than my angel) and hope to raise as much as £5,000. I have to fund myself to go there but I don't mind because its my destiny to go there, I know it is - I will have to break my back to raise the cash........I'm a bit frightened about that bit! Mark is fully supportive of my decision to go so now I must look towards it and get raising the moolah.

**there must be a National Geographic in my pile that has something about this place in it!**

Ps: there is still time to enter the giveaway below :)

10 Oct 2010

Chicks, Lights and giveaway

Belle simply couldn't wait for this Saturday to arrive. She tried with all her might to contain her excitement but no, it prolonged the agony of the wait. For Saturday was the day she was invited to her friends house to go and hold baby chickies and collect freshly laid eggs. Amy is Ellie's sweet friend from school or should I say room 23. Room 23 is a place where kids who have special needs get to hang out if they are not the type of child who likes to socialise. I personally beg Ellie to go out two or three times a week but she prefers the safety of room 23. All ages congregate in there and Amy, who is three years younger than Belles is such a sweet love. Her parents run ethical chicken farms for eggs, mainly. And chicks had been hatched only in the week.
To be fair I think I was a tad excited, myself, and we got to hold one a piece. Belles was too scared to hold one in her bare hands so they wrapped up a chick of her choice in a towel and she was allowed to name it. Well, this was even better than holding a chick! After a inspecting him she decided to call the little ginger chick "Patches". And my little black fluster was aptly named Henrietta, which made the kids giggle. I can't tell you what this did for Ellies soul but I know that holding that chick made her very content and very pleased with herself. Not long after we went to collect eggs. Ellie was in her element to just find eggs, freshly laid and ripe for cake making. Then she came inside of her friends house to clean them (very tentatively, I may add!) and decided to name the eggs as well. Shelly, Eggbert and Yoko were christened in the wash bowl and even though she dropped one, Amy's sister (who is also called Ellie) said "Never mind, the chickens will eat this" and this didn't affect the tears too much. Fancy that, cannibal chickens!

This was our hoard!

I loved watching Ellie carefully given them a clean up
She was ever so gentle and very careful. She took it very seriously!

If only she would actually wash the dishes at ALL, let alone lovingly clean those eggs!

We stayed for lunch and Ellie and Amy got along so famously that it was unbearable to have to part them. But we all had things planned and we invited Amy for tea on Tuesday to cushion the blow - only we promised not to make anything with eggs.

Later that afternoon we took our annual trip to Blackpool. This is our 7th consecutive year to see the illuminations. I love going in the later afternoon as we catch the soon going down, walk a little and go to the amusements. We then scoff fish and chips and delight in the illuminations. Only this time the dog was very timid with all the day trippers and wasn't best pleased in the throng of the crowds. So we took him down the beach and along the new promenade. Only the new promenade got cut off at one point which prevented us from visiting the North pier (my fave out of all three). Ellie loved the penny arcades so Mark took her in whilst I tried to console our pooch from the rush of human traffic. Not long after, we went for Fish and Chips but instead of going to walk through the illuminations, Ellie suggested we go home for the sake of the dog. Bless our girl for her sweet heart and grown up approach to the dilemma. She forfeited the lights for the sake of our best boy. **sigh, I just love her more every day.... my beautiful angel girl**.

I love this pic of Ellie! In 3 hours, had she been rooted to the spot, she would be 15 feet under water!

The lights are barely visible here but you can't appreciate them until its pitch black anyway

I had to skinnyfy this picture (ie crop it heavily) as Mark got all sorts of annoying blank beach space in the shot.

Im thinking I should have thought this out and got that sun central but it reminds of me of a shot I took in 2006 (below)

2006, Blackpool
My lovely, toothy grinned angel x

We made our way back to the car and as we did we bumped into a fair few fellows who had been having a few scoops when one of the spied Ellie. I knew what was coming next but thought I'd see how Ellie would handle it. He bent down and said "Here you go love, her is some money for you. Its not charity but its for you". Now, as northerners, you kind of get used to this kind of scene and could treat it two ways. One as condescending and degrading or Two as an act of kindness but tinged with pity. Well, Belle was like "Too right, Mr......I'll have that. Thank you". Seriously, if you don't know northern gestures, you would baulk at such an act. But me? I don't know.....I took it pretty well considering I am fiercely protective of her. She spent the money on a light up gimmicky thing, as you do when one is in Blackpool. It did make me half laugh and half shake my head at the debacle. We drove home for a night of X Factor and snuggles on the sofa which was more fragrant than the usual aroma of Blackpool's sea front (you know the scent, don't you?! - and Im not talking lovely sea air)

I have a giveaway from Midnight Rooster. Its the last one I shall be hosting on this blog as I resigned from the team due to time constraints. I will miss working with them and enjoying a lovely free kit to make lovely pages for my albums.

Jillibean Soup - Egg Drop Soup, egg yolk
Pink Paislee - Imagine
American Crafts - Letterbox
American Crafts - Botanique

Purple Onion Stamp
Maya Road - brown ric rac ribbon
American Crafts - Brown Alphabets
Milk Caps
Chiffon Flower - handmade

To be in with a chance, please leave your name below and Ill pick a winner on Tuesday xx

9 Oct 2010

So Im back to drawing I did when I was a young girl. I drew all the time and doodled and faffed. I especially loved to draw figures and dresses. I used to dream that I would create clothes for the Oscars. I'd make clothes out of tissues, napkins and loo roll for my Sindy because my mum couldn't afford to buy our dolls new clothes. My sister and I got inventive with sellotape and handkerchiefs - we were fabulous! I imagined myself wearing my own creations but didn't think I would ever go down that route, really. They were just dreams and little follies.

When I was 14/15/16 my mum didn't much encourage us to go to college. Basically, she wanted all three of us to leave school and go and get a job after our final exams. I didn't really want to, I just wanted to go to college and study the Art that I had to drop in my options. I ended up joining the RAF to get away from the island where I lived because the job prospects were poor and so I left home in June 1987 (aged 16 years, 4 months exactly) and never went back home to live again. I went about my work for 9 years until I met Mark, got preggo and married in that order. We had Ellie and we were cosy in our sweet life. I had no aspirations or dreams of restarting a career as Ellie spent a lot of time in and out of hospital - it was hellish and I just thought further education was a non entity. I did eventually go to work when she was one year old but that was more out of respite - but not because I didn't like her. Emotionally, it was a very sad time for us and going to work and having Ellie in a nursery with a state nurse to care for her was the best thing I did for my sanity. But I got fed up with that after a short while and took part time jobs here and there to help with bills. Life rolled by and we got on with it, as you do.

Then in 2004, after Ellie had developed into a stronger being than in her toddler years, I started my own small business supplying the craft industry with a small shop, working from home and ensuring I was there for Ellie at home time and school holidays. It was fun and crafting will always be fun. I love it....its kind of art but not the art I used to love. Its one of my favourite things to do in my spare time and of course, I sometimes get paid to do it (the best part!). Id still draw and doodle over the course of a working day and in fact, have always drawn and doodled since I can remember. Going to college still didn't come into mind because of the care I provide for Ellie plus I still needed to contribute towards the running of the house. I thought about it but I couldn't afford to do it and plus the fact Ellie had up to 15 appointments at hospitals in a year at that point.

Its not been until recent that I have had to shuffle a few priorities about and think about our future. Belle will be in her last year of school next year and aside from attending a special needs college, we do not think she will be healthy or fit enough to go out and get work or indeed leave home. So our priorities have shifted and we have to plan and strengthen our future. We will have to support her and that means I will have to try and get a better paid job; one where I'm salaried instead of taking payments here and payments there. Being self employed does have its perks but it also has its pitfalls. And I'm going to need better qualifications if I am to go back to full time work soon.

This prompted me to look at further education albeit distance learning. Ellie's hospital visits are sparse due to cut backs so it has afforded me the time to sit down and write a list of courses I wouldn't get bored with (that's Maths out the window). Would History get me a great job? Or maybe floristry? Did I want to business studies or other admin related stuff? God no, I did/do not! And then I thought about what I'm really good at and what Id find truly enjoyable and fun and that's when the course jumped out at me from the page - Fashion Design. Sure, Id love to be a designer in the ranks of Marc Jacob and Mary Quant but realistically that's not essentially Id like to do. Id like to be able to design the concept of my own patterns, of course and make clothes for myself and Ellie (as she is hard to get clothes to fit her as she is so tiny) but over the last few days I have cogitated a little and researched the life of a fashion designer and it doesn't just stop at illustration and cutting patterns. Its mathematics (yuk!), its merchandising, its visually gorgeous, its marketing and its buying. And even though I know the industry is hellish and the course work is going to get harder, I am psyched up to take all that on board and make a shift from my current line of employment. Perhaps increase my creativity and branch out with my knowledge on photography and design and combine it somehow - maybe even with the BBC interview that is coming up in the new year (its all go here, I tell you!). I still have no idea where it will lead me but once this diploma is over, I'm considering taking a BA Hons in the subject which should help me pin point just exactly what I need to do.

I wanted to share a tiny sample of my first assignment with you and I loves it. I really do but it still needs fine tuning. As much as an illustrator has free reign on clothes design, I stop at heads! But that's OK, here I am just trying to get a feel for movement and style. Ive already explained to my tutor that I'm not the kind of FD student that wants to create outlandish fashion with plumage here and barbed wire there. Its just not me although I do actually think its a fun aspect of the industry. For me I just want to get by creating "ready to wear" and "off the peg". I'm going to document some of my work from time to time but rest assured I will still be crafting because I'm still desperately in love with it and always will be.

By the way, the above skirt? Its yours for £295, OK?

8 Oct 2010

These things I love

The every day things that I take for granted are documented here. Just two simple weekday visions that are of comfort to me.

Ellie curled up with a Choc Hotlate. You can't see it here but she is sat on her massage cushion. Its her "go to" object these days when she gets home from school. That and her moon boot slippers. I love this kid so so much.

And this.
The welcoming committee. Mark comes home around 5.20 to 5.45. And the boy waits eagerly on his Pulpit. I don't know how he knows when its time to sit and wait for him but when he sits there, all twitchy and excited.....Ellie joins him to greet the hunter gatherer.

And as soon as Mark is through the door, the house erupts into a chorus of whimpers, giggles and "Hi Honey".

And here is my layout from last nights sketch. I kind of shuffled things around a little but its still of the same ilk. I really like it.
I think I love the title more.

So I started the first day of my Diploma in Fashion Design today. I went with a company that works with your rather than you following a set path. The assessment assignment is right up my street and I hope the modules that follow are equally as exciting. I couldn't wait to get sketching this evening and I'm almost done .........This next year is going to be challenging, to say the least.

Ok, it's beeeeeeeeeed time.
See you soon.

6 Oct 2010

Crop Night - again!

Between 8 and 10 tonight I will be holding an online crop night plus a live streaming using both the sketch and 5 product minimum challenge. You can choose just the sketch or the 5 products but if you like, you can also do the two combined.

Option 1
just the sketch:

Option 2
just the 5 product minimum, in a layout design of your choice
1: at least 2 patterned pieces of paper
2: Bunting or heart bunting
3. swoosh of paint
4. Title in mixed fonts/alphas/colours
5. 4 staples

Option 3
both! lol

Be sure to upload your page to the Facebook gallery here (you can request to join, Ill always add you!). You can also grab the link of the live stream from the facebook group which will start about 8pm. Join in to chat with others and watch me scrap a page live with the added bonus of visits from the pooch and my Belles.

5 Oct 2010

This is plain old weird

but I haven't had a blow out about the frustration behind diagnosing Ellie for a loooooong while because, quite frankly, I'm sick of hearing myself going mad. Its a relief not to have to write about it but often I find it helps when I'm feeling sucker punched.

Things have been ticking along with Specialists visits and recent tests for vitamin d deficiency, bladder and kidney dysfunction. Ellie thought the bladder and kidney scan was cool but the Vit D test? She hated having her bloods done with a passion. The hospital insist on drawing it twice a year, much to her disdain. And every time the results are finalised, we get a letter back from the doctors with new information on it that hasn't even been discussed with us. Namely Osteoporosis and more recently Myokymia - with a slight mention that her scoliosis is progressive and currently angles at 20%. First off, I didn't know she had Osteoporosis and although I do know she suffers with muscle twitches (termed as Myokymia) it was all news to me on the diagnosis! I could scream, I really could.

We have also been waiting for physiotherapy for 30 months now and the other week we got an appointment through. But the head physio at the session suggested that Ellie take up Pilates. No, they did not offer her NHS physio but suggested a "paid for by me" regime that doesn't necessarily cater for under 16's as it is. Can you see why Im all zombie eyed and a little crazy like?!!!!

weight is slowly but surely going on between growth spurts and she currently weighs 45lbs and stands at 134cm. She is on supplements to bulk her out but they seem to being going straight through her, just like her food does. And she does pack it away, that little mite. Eats like a King and can't bulk out. Unlike her mother!

There has also been a breakthrough with her mental abilities and we are waiting for an appointment with CAHMS. There are signs that indicate that Ellie has Aspergers Syndrome but Im leaning on the thought that she has a mild form of Autism. Either way, we shall find out soon enough.

She still needs the use of her wheelchair which is a great comfort to her. Although I must point out that the other week, when we went to New Brighton and my blog photos of Ellie did not show that she was in her chair?? An anonymous comment was left on my blog from a rather sarcastic meany individual who exclaimed how wonderful it was that she no longer needed it. Let me remind some individuals that just because a child does not need a wheelchair on a beach (which is impossible to propel) doesn't mean she is indeed cured of her walking issues. My husband and I have great use of our arms and shoulders to carry her in/on. Its bad enough she gets judged when she is in it let alone out of it, thank you very much.

So now I have to wait until next June to discuss the Osteo and Myokymia and also talk about any solutions for the scoliosis. NEXT JUNE? Good grief, that's such a long time to have ten minutes with the man you put your trust in :(

Rant over until at least June 2011 :)
Thanks for listening x

4 Oct 2010

Its been a funny old week

I can't describe the range of highs and lows I've gone through in the past 7 days but I'm doing ok right now. Its funny, you know, but I was only relaying emails to a freind of mine this evening about the power of positivity and it being a wonderful thing. Not only that but after Ellie had bathed this evening, she came to my room to have her hair brushed. She noticed my angel cards on my desk and asked if she could pick one for luck. I love my angel cards, for me they are such a lovely bit of fun and hope. I don't shuffle them often but when I do, they provide me with a ton of inspiration. Ellie chose Archangel Uriel and she begged me to read the passage on the card. She asked if she could take the card to her bedside so she could have his guidance overnight (even Im not THAT precious about them!). Then she asked me to pick on for me. And I kid you not but I pulled out the positivity card from the fan of cards before me. My face beamed and Ellie said "Lucky card?" and I said "you bet your scrawny little butt, now get to bed!".

Today I was sat thinking that I needed to change a few things and seek out, for myself, some new ways to expand my horizons. I must have gone through hundreds of Fashion Design prospectus's and trying to find out whether I'd be wasting a lot of money about nothing, when, an email appeared in my inbox. The course tutor had sent a personal reply to one of my hundreds of queries to various party's and not a standard reply you would normally expect. He asked to see some of my illustrations. From what he saw, he told me instantly that I could take a diploma in fashion design which, if I pass would then lead me on to a Degree. This is me, with barely any qualifications from school (in my defence, I did join the RAF during my school exams where I only took 2 and passed them both before giving my life to the queen and country!). He said he would be excited to have me aboard.

Then, my fave pen company EVER (Letraset) offered to sponsor me with pens for my diploma course using the ever so nifty Tria pens (like Promarkers but have a trio of nibs as opposed to dual nibbage). Ive heard of Tria before as they have been used for years by artists and illustrators. There are 300 colours in the range and have the same ink in them as Promarkers. Not that I'll be getting all 300 (sheeesh!) but enough to start off illustrating is style. I, along with Jak Heath, have encouraged Letraset to release more colours to the crafting market and I think they are going to release some subtle tones to up the current set of 148 to goodness knows how many! So all you Promarker fans, psyche yourselves!

By being positive today, I made myself some luck. And when you get suprise emails on your facebook from equally positive people, well - the happiness expands and expands and explodes! Hopefully exploding sprinklings of positivity to those who are open to it. Try it, it actually does work.

**sigh** And there is me thinking it was all mumbo jumbo poppycock. Pah, what an ex naysayer I was.

Any old how, Ive got some layouts to share using the October GoGo kit.

And here is the lovely MJ and I from Saturday. Please go and visit her fabulous sale. Bargains to be had people; bargacious and needful bargains.