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31 Aug 2010

A year in the making

Sometimes I have these great plans to do something gorgeous to the house and often leave it to one side whilst I concentrate bringing in some bread and butter. Like the curtains in the hallway - not done and in desperate need of doing. And then, this wall!

Last April I posted that I had plans to put photos on these canvasses that match our lounge wall. They were erected in December 2008! And for some bizarre, unexplained reason, yesterday, I magically found the time to finish it off. In fact I finished it at 11pm last night.

Each photo was selected by the three of us to go up with special memories for each one. Each photo is mounted on foam board and three key pictures have been double mounted on foam board. From the side its very angular and jutty (is that even a word???!!!!) Ive discarded the FAMILY sign and instead Im going to use a word and definition along the top of the canvasses.

I wonder how long that will take me to do? Answers on a sheet of Kraft Bazzill to my home address........

And finally - Pear meets Plum? I can't wait to share it tomorrow - for deffo. Today was "Momma is on Puke Patrol" with sicky wick Belle pants.

Hugs x

30 Aug 2010

Pear? Meets Plum?

I have a mini kit for download sometime tomorrow, from my shop. Its a stationery kit that can be just stationery or you can use it for cards etc.
Its lovely.
Really, it is.

I have more mini kits to come. Like a lot.

PS: Im holding a 2 hour cybercrop on Weds night from 8pm til 10. A few facebook friends are playing along but at 8pm tomorrow, Ill post the challenge here if you fancy having a stab.

29 Aug 2010

You like PS Brushes?

I have a set here, that I made whilst putting together some graphics for a new project.

Go and make something pretty with them, I dare you :) You can grab them HERE
NB: Not commercially free, for personal use only - sorry.

This weekend has been hard work - mainly in the exercise department. My sister-in-law and I took Aeromix class yesterday (aerobics with step and tone - ouch) and today we did a Boxercise class (Boxing style punches and jabs using weights to an aerobics style rythym - double agony; I seriously can't raise my arms tonight!). We were the donuts at the back of the class trying not to die. Looking back it was great fun and I'm glad we pulled through but sheesh kebabs, we will be in agony by tomorrow.

Our Bank Holiday Monday is a day of REST! Hope yours is what you want it to be, too :)

28 Aug 2010

She got Betty Davies eyes?

Well Betty would have Betty Davies eyes if you could actually see them!

This is Betty, one of my latest One to One photography clients and she is totally in the zone.

Hopefully Betty went home knowing how to stop shooting in automatic, although I did see her shooting in Manual before she left. Yes, she did!

Then when Betty had gone home, in walked this bundle of beauty. A little chubbier and pinker - ooooh chubby bubbahs are so squishy! He is quite the smiler, you know.............
although he has been pulling a lot of faces like this, too

Nonetheless, I shall love him forever. My sweet Baby Joshua James.


26 Aug 2010

Gym hurts

No pain, no gain - right?

My age is telling me that Im not the fun gym bunny I used to be in my RAF days. But I must soldier on as I have a frock to rock on my 40th birthday. This week Ive got 2 spin classes, 1 step class, one aeromix and one boxercise class before the bank holiday greets us with, hopefully, a sunnier climate. I feel so good even though it hurts to carry out the beastings! But I will tell you that this afternoon, I had a white bread toastie which knocked me for six. This white bread lark may be the answer to all the tiredness Ive felt before going to the gym. Im cutting it right out even though it pains me.

Im looking forward to teaching my 8th one to one digi DSLR tutorial, tomorrow, with a lovely lady called Betty Davies! Heeee, seriously - whatever happened to Baby Jane?!! Ive got 5 more booked from the past two weeks (I have advertised it locally) and space for more in September, if you need to get yourself out of automatic mode and shooting in semi automatic - look here.

Tonight Im going to finish off a serious amount of Christmas cards for various commissions (which seem only natural in August, these days). Have you got any favourite paper lines this year? Ive not seen anything that Im desperate for so I might just make more of my own. If I do, Ill have them for sale as mini kits in my shop soon :)

To round off, here are three cards I finished off tonight and one of them using a sandcastle die cut from crafts beautiful.

Off to settle down for Ultimate BB. I can't believe Josie walk today, so now its down to Chantelle to win. Her puppy dog eyes are still pining for Preston - it breaks my heart to see them like this.

**Edited to add: Creative Art and Soul retreats? They seem to sell out really fast so in light of this excitement (and to fulfill extra spaces) there are two extra dates available in May and October. Come see here**

25 Aug 2010

You float my boat

Not you, silly.
But you never know - you might actually float my boat. It takes all sorts ;)

Just a quick blog post to share this wee number I churned out this afternoon, mid mega craft session.
The diecut boat came in a bag of dies from last months Crafts Beautiful. I can take or leave cute shapes like the little boat but the entire bag is absolutely adorable and Im going to use as many as I can for emergency cards over the next few days.

I took delivery of a lovely gift today - A tassimo machine. Would love to know if you use one and what pods you like the best. I know the pods ain't cheap but if you know where is best to get a good deal - I'd love to know :)

Toodle ooooooo - ultimate BB is calling!

24 Aug 2010

Sugar and spice - its all nice

Ive just rolled in from a few days away. Essex, no less. 200 miles each way listening to my audio book lightens the toll of such a long trip. And with fruit instead of sweeties and water instead of coffees too! I think my halo might slip and choke me some time, soon!

Ive been to stay with Marion of Sugar and Spice crafts. Have you visited her store? Its at a beautiful craft village in Billericay and boy, does she sell some lovely stash. I have given her website a makeover although it doesn't go live until every last brad/eyelet/button has been added to it. One of her staff, the lovely Nina bug, is so excited to see the changes which made me excited that she was excited. I love girly squeals and excitement. And last night, after the last piece of html was registered, I went out for a meal. I know! Its crazy. I rarely go out with my family let alone a girly night out. And strange things happen when you go for a girly night out with not just girls but scrapbookers too. Geeksville! Thank you Marion, for your A1 hospitality and your oh-so-tempting shop that practically crippled my bank!

And now I am home with a long list of things to do including scrapbooking plus rounding off some projects which I will photograph and share too.

PS: If you fancy a really special retreat next May with lovely teachers, go and take a look here. This is a new experience which encourages you to celebrate being you whilst enjoying luxury surroundings and a peaceful environment. Im bobbing along to take portrait photos and snaps of the whole weekend; it would be lovely to meet and chat with you there :)

21 Aug 2010


Im far from religious.

That's not to say it doesn't exist but its just not my bag. I think that, with religion, you are born into it. If your parents are Jewish then you shall be Jewish. If your parents are Catholic then you shall be Catholic. Personally? I think we should choose religion for ourselves rather than have our parents encourage or force it upon us. There is so much world and choice and freedom beyond the confinements of religion for children to explore, before they are wrapped up something that prevents them from making an informed choice. Although my parents had me christened under Church of England, I only used to go to church because either someone took me or Brownies/Guides told me to. It was never the law and I didn't fear burning in hell if I didnt. I even took confirmation because it was something my friend did. I feel bad that I did it because looking back, I didn't have a scooby doo about its real meaning. I suppose it makes me a hypocrite that I also chose to be married in a church and have Ellie christened. Im so embarrassed about it, if the truth be told :(

I've attended weddings, christening and funerals because of the act itself rather than celebrate the religious part of it. But when I am sat there, on a wooden pew with a bible in my hand, I wonder about the meaning of it all and turn my head to the stained glass, the guy in a frock and wooden crosses. It just doesn't resonate with me. And Ive really tried. Even at my lowest ebb, Ive tried. I want to bore into the heads of those that "follow" and try to see what makes them feel the vibe and why that vibe inst in my head too. Then I go deeper and think that had my parents drummed it into me as a kid, would I be sat here, as an adult, questioning it? I just give up and realise that it's just not for me.

I am very grateful to my parents that they never forced it upon me, though and allowed me to be the free spirit that I obviously am. And yes, it hasn't stopped me "praying" and sat wondering for hours about it but even then, Ive only touched on Christianity because that's what I grew up surrounded with.........and I can't help think "what if I was suppose to be Hindu or Muslim or Mormon? And how do I choose which is the right one for me anyway?" Its crazy. Well, for me it is.

So, at the ripe age of 39, I finally choose spiritualism. Its not about preaching nor is it damnation and hell bound. Its lovely. Its happy and you don't have to go anywhere to celebrate it. You don't have to pray or be bound by its laws. You can pick it up and put it down and nobody would bat an eyelid about the gaps in between. Its calming effect and feelings of enlightenment takes away all the negative thoughts I have from time to time so that must mean it is my chosen faith. The books I have read recently don't tell me what to do either. Books as uplifting as The Power of Now and The Power, including The Secret are not strictly spiritualism but they have melodic tones pointing to spiritualism. And let me tell you, those books make you feel fantastic. I urge you to read them anyway as they don't interfere with religion as a whole. They just provide you with an upsurge of happiness and we all could do with a bit of that, now and then.

And that's my thought about it all. Me, a small cog in a massive wheel of various faiths and religions............believing in something and taking comfort from it.


20 Aug 2010

More 5 hand crafted flowers - 11-15 of 101

As promised, here are the stills from the 5 flowers I made in last nights live webshow. Thanks to Bev at Banana Frog for sending me lovely stamps to compliment these cards. So here goes:

These flowers I saw once on Cosmo Crickets blog last year. Not entirely suitable to post in an envelope but nice enough to be creative in other projects too:

And the same style applied to felt...... lol, if you read the text, the bottom line reads "sausage sandwich". I shrieked with laughter when I read that whilst photographing this card!

Ribbon pieces, smouldered into looking like realistic petals:

Sacrilege! Cath Kidston tissues cut up into cute floral petals.

A rosette flower made from book print and other cute additions.

Remember you can watch the video of how these are made up over HERE

And oooooh, Mazzer sent me a link to her blog to share with you a lovely stationery box (and more stuff) that she made with images and papers from my Call of the Wild CD.

And finally..... Meet Ruth. Isn't she lovely?Ruth took a One to One photo course with me today. These are proving to be popular with people who want to get to grips with their DSLR. Only Ruth was pretty nifty with her camera as it was. She did, however, come away shooting 90% manual instead of semi automatic. Now that is impressive, Ruth!

I have plenty of dates for One to Ones between now and dark winter days (boo hoo - I hate dark evenings). In 6 hours I can assist DSLR users to truly get a feel for their cameras, get out of automatic mode and understand the functions, exposure, composure and basic photo edit techniques. Go here to see more.

Signing off for an early night. I did a spin class earlier and its making me sleepy. I have my eye on an Aeromix class tomorrow morning but I'll test my acheyness at sunrise to gauge how that might turn out!

19 Aug 2010

A farce - part 3756352923509845906831

I wish I had my own professional tv studio and lighting and best boy and key grip and runner and catering gaffer (and all other types of people you see at the end of film credits). But I don't. No. So I soldier on and make my crazy webshows in hope that I don't end up swearing or burn the house down whilst I try to impart wisdom into the bargain. I really can't stop laughing at how funny it is when I make mistakes or when I get overly excited.

I can't believe, firstly, how flushed I was (STILL!!!!) two hours after I'd got home from the gym tonight. Ive been going to the gym solid for 3 weeks now but have upped my game by doing classes every night since Monday. Spin, Step and workouts have given me a new zest and energy but it leaves me with a such a glowing face that you could melt stone with. I ain't pretty after a gym session and yet there are girls at my gym who don't even break out into a sweat and look as neat as when they came in. Its not FAIR!

Warning - do not adjust your contrast! This is me straight after a Step class. Woooo! It was a toughie!
Ahem, I digressed.

The webshow tonight features 5 pretty flowers using different mediums and techniques that ANYONE can enjoy. Besides lighting and camera issues (again) and sound issues with the dog barking...... i think it went really well. LOL. Im going to add photos of the flowers on my blog tomorrow so you can see them in all their neatness. You can view the video HERE.

I'll sign off with this lovely layout I made today. Im not a clean and simple scrapper but this layout makes me feel so happy. I made three ribbon embellishments (flower, leaves and bow) and pretty much left the layout cleaner than my usual style.

Going for a lovely and relaxing sleep. I can't believe how much of a restful nights sleep that I am getting since gymming it.

18 Aug 2010

JJ Prints

He heeeee, I stole a visit to see my sweet baby JJ this weekend and whilst there, Kerry and I inked up his feet and hands. The waterbased ink took some getting off, I will tell you but it was worth it to get these little treasures as keepsakes for the family...ready for frames and walls.

Ive got some sneaks for my Scrapbook Magazine layout to share too. I loved the assignment, like LOOOOOOOOOVED it so much that I wanted to marry it.

And finally - I have a live webshow tomorrow night at 8. Here is the link - Ill see you there!

17 Aug 2010

Looks familiar?

My jaw literally smacked the pavement when I saw Ellie again yesterday. Not my Ellie, but Jaime's Ellie.

This was Ellie three years ago

and now - at the tender age of 11 (although she looks 15!) she has growed up to be spectacularly beautiful. With a look of Jodie Foster with Pixie Lott hair, this girl is heading for great heights, especially as she flew through her 11 plus without so much as a scratch-on-the head.
I met up with Jaime and Ellie at New Brighton, on the Wirral. Ive never been before but I'm deffo going again. Perch Rock fort nestles on the tip of the beach and is nice enough to enjoy a whole day out. And whole day out we spent! I loved it, Ellie loved it and Jaime had to put up with Ellie and I screaming like kids!

So here are some of the 256 pictures I took - bear with me!

The glasto festival look is so cute....wellies and floral dresses!

I love the difference in this and the next picture

Poor Ellie was fighting off mosquito's here and creating mayhem with peels of laughter
I particularly love this picture even though her face has some white-out. Just in the patch where she sat was the most beautiful sunlight. I couldn't resist - so golden and pretty

And then to Pizza Hut for a total lard out. Ive never had a cheesy bite pizza before - slurp!

Stringy cheese is the best, no?
If you want to make use of my special offer - be quick! Go to my website here to book a photoshoot with me before all the slots get eaten up :)

15 Aug 2010

takin' photos

Helen, who took a one to one photo course with me a few weeks back, invited me to take pictures of her fantastic kids. She also invited her friend along with her son and even another extra body clambered aboard on Thursday. Strewth, my work was sure to be cut out but I didn't mind at all; not when every participant played the game.

Here are a handful of my favourites:

I was at another shoot today and Im desperately in love with how they turned out. I shall share you some of those tomorrow. I also have a tutorial coming too.

Gosh, its all happening here!

PS: Poochy is home - hooray! Ellie not home, boo!