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31 Jul 2010

Been MIA

Ive been away for a few days at Mommas and reunited with my peach - my Belle. She sits for god-knows-how-long on her treasured DS. And, you know, she finishes all her games; its a ritual she has to see out.
Ive been piecing together the last essentials of my Christmas Cd which airs next Monday (9th Aug) at 9am. Its full of lovely christmas ideas for home decor as well as cardmaking images and papers. In between perfecting the final touches, Ive been faffin with Macro and wide angle shots to stave off the boredom. This rose here, in Mums garden, is a variety that I had in my bridal bouquet called Nicole. Its a cream rose with a rich reddy pink outer layer and smells divine (scratch and sniff the screen to see what I mean ;) )

I also finished my tag from a tag swap that should have deadlined 16th July (erm, whoooops!) This is the second tag swap I have hosted so if you want to join in the next one, leave your name below. I only have 4 (plus me) in the group meaning that each girl (or boy!) makes 5 tags, keeps one and send 4 to me in an SAE to get 4 different ones back!.
This afternoon Belle and I went for a stroll on the beach. I practically squealed when I saw that they had painted the drab beach huts from their usual brown doors to these explosive colours. So Belle and I played - boy, she did have fun!

We took quite a walk and I purposely left Ellies wheelchair at home to get her legs some much needed exercise. She managed about half a mile, in an hour, with pit stops hither and dither. Here is one of our views on a corner, up a hill. Grey and dull yes but ooooh, you ought to have inhaled that beautiful sea air

But oh, the blue did peep a little in between the rolling grey clouds!

Then I took Belle for a Mc Heart Attacks for lunch whilst I dined heavenly on a lemon top ice cream.As we strolled down by the harbour, we passed a squillion fish and chip shops and this sign in the window made me laugh out loud
And then we came back to collapse after the bestest, purest and heady scent of fresh air. And I guess we might just do the same tomorrow, too!

Don't forget to enter the button giveaway (open til Monday) - you can find details in two posts below :)

28 Jul 2010

Bubba Juh Juh

It's JJ time! Whenever I'm in the neighbourhood of my brother, I can always find the time to squeeze in a cuddle or two with my sweet Juh-Juh.

Literally laughing out loud at his quizzical look here

His Momma, Kerry, looking especially lovely - motherhood suits her

I hope they like these relaxed piccies that I experimented with

Later this afternoon, after a delicious downfall of rain, sparkly water droplets made my momma's roses too pretty to ignore. Using a macro attachment on my 50mm lens, I had a damn good go at capturing them but think I need my tripod next time (if not to try and reduce the noise)

I'm reunited with my sweet girl for a few days so I'm off to go and squidge her to bits x

**don't forget to read the two posts below with links to some fun giveaways**

27 Jul 2010

More button love

Pretty blooms will adorn my darkest and dullest corners of my craft room - by the bunch full (when Ive made them all!). To make these is super duper easy! Thread 3 bright buttons on some green wire then feed on a paper flower to snuggle them all up.

If you want to win some buttons to make your own blooms, go get yourself over here - this giveaway closes next Monday.

Im off to get some baby JJ loving; expect pictures soon!

26 Jul 2010

Button Love

Besides ribbon, brads and thickers - I love buttons. They feel nice when you run your fingers through a pot of them. Even my Belle, who is not into crafting whatsoever, loves to play with them. So when Keith, at Fantastic Ribbons, contacted me with regards to a button giveaway I practically melted at the offer. He asked if I would like some too and asked me to pick a pack. With Christmas being the "thang" at the moment, I selected the Christmas pack and set to work on this little beauty here.
It's little vignettes like this I love to have hanging around the home. Gentle reminders that I can make stuff for my home for next to nothing but with lots of love and thought in the process.

I will have another button idea tomorrow but in the meantime, if you would like to win a bag of these delish buttons (there are two to win), nip over here and leave your details. And just for your info, I do not pick the winners and I don't have access to the names collated - so even my friends can enter (I know my friends don't enter giveaways on my blog because they think I won't pick them)

Giveaway will take place next Monday :)

Merry Jul Augmas and GIVEAWAY!

Christmas in Jul/Aug?
I know, I know but let me tell you this - I am probably the last person with a Christmas CD right now as the Christmas fest starts in early July on Create and Craft. Nevertheless, I'm sure if you are a printables crafter, you are really going to like this CD. Ive packed even more into it including Christmas projects, Santa signs, thank you letters and table and home decorations in addition to cardmaking papers, greetings and cut outs

Click on the image to enlarge

This item airs on 9th August at 9am and if I may......ahem........ dance a little happy jig that its my favourite cd to date.

Marko and I took the pooch out to the beach today. I really needed some fresh air. But when we got there it was really muggy and I started to feel a bit unwell. I tried to ignore it by taking some pictures to practice with my lens (which I LOVE!) but it was no use, I still felt yucky.

Here are some pics I took on the walk coupled with some nifty metering skills I just taught myself (breathes on nails and polishes them on my chest!)

Waiting at the level crossing:

Lush greens in the graveyard:

Proper bunting that made my heart delight a little:

I love horse chest nut leaves:

Are these Buddleja's? Not sure, love them though!

A rogue poppy, cheering up the lane:

Mark, caching as ever - He is cache made:

Me, lagging behind:

My two boys taking time out whilst I try not to faint:

Heart shaped petals? He heeeee, love them:

Dreamy country lanes with paths that lead to mystery and adventure:

More roads and more lanes, enveloped by sycamores and horse chest nuts:

What is it about the flaky texture of slate?

Fences that lead the eye to nowhere:

Couldn't you just dive into that sea of green?

And now I'm off to bed to fight off this tiredness!

Oh!!!! but before I go there is another super duper giveaway at Fantastic Ribbons. Last week they gave £25 worth of ribbon to one lucky winner. And now they are offering 2 winners a bag of Christmas buttons. All you have to do is pop over HERE and Fantastic Ribbons will pick two winners next Monday. Pop back tomorrow to see what I made with my Christmas buttons (you will like it!!). I ought to say a huge thank you to Keith at Fantastic Ribbons who asked me to do some design work for them this week - thank you, Keith :). Couple that with being asked to join the Scrapbook Magazine DT again and another DT opportunity which I can't announce just yet. I'm so glad that bird plopped on me; you know how they say it brings good luck!

24 Jul 2010


You know when things are meant to be but you dare not take the risk or the jump just in case it's a fake feeling? Oh, the amount of times I've not taken the risk and regretted it is immeasurable. But this week something happened so smoothly and swiftly that I knew it was destined to be!

For a long time I have wanted the Canon 17-40mm L lens. Like forever. I could never justify the £700 price tag for something that I just wanted. Id go on ebay checking out the prices and hoping that one day I could grab one for a bargain but alas, no. The lens would always go for a high price of about £550 second hand. That was until this week. My lucky week ever, I think. I looked on ebay for this lens, again, and saw that someone had it for sale at 500 or best offer. I clicked into the link and noticed the guy that was selling it was in the next town to me. I offered him a good price. He rejected it and I was gutted but he gave me his phone number to call him. So I called him. The reason he rejected it was because he would have preferred an off ebay sale (ie no fees). Always a risk, I figure, but I could go and handle the lens for myself and decide if I wanted the sale to continue. I told him I could only pay for the lens if I sold my prize Canon G11 first. I just didn't have the kind fo money to splash out on the lens. He said "What? Are you selling a Canon G11?" and I said yes. He told me that he was selling all his pro kit to downsize to this VERY camera. I mean, come on? NO WAY was this happening to ME!
So a trade off was put in situ and he got my prize Canon G11 and I got my dream lens. HOORAY for the fact he lived in the next town, selling my sought after lens in exchange for my prize camera. Who would have thought it?

This week has been very tough for me work wise. The wind down after the Doncaster show and the aftermath of the Create and Craft show plus finishing my 6th CD for 9th August show. I did, however, squeeze a one to one photo workshop with the lovely Helen. Oh we did have a good time, teaching, chatting and laughing. She is such a sweet soul and took to the lesson really quick. I love that she went home all fired up and at one with her DSLR.

This is one of her beauties she took from the day (the picture, not me!) and now this beautiful girl no longer uses automatic settings!

Thank you Helen and also for that random outburst that made my almost die with laughter (and Im not talking about when the bird crapped on my leg and in your bag!)

My mum had her birthday this week and I sent her this little cutie here

I also played about with my ring flash again this week. I love how dramatic the effects are. This was taken in a sunlit room but what the ring flash does is home in on the subject whilst filtering out the background, making it almost black. I just hate that Marks right eye is out of focus but still, fun fun fun effects!
And lastly a little make with a teeny canvas. I used my fab new Aquamarkers (see blog post below for links to demo's) to create that washed background

and made the simplest of designs for my hallway - to greet my visitors.
So now I must get back to the grind on my Christmas CD (eeeew, did I mention the C word?)

Have a lovely weekend, dudes x

22 Jul 2010

Video time!

You wanna see what Aquamarkers can do?
You can go right here and watch the fun unfold

If you decide you like them, you can grab the last of them here

Sorry its short and sweet... lots to do.

21 Jul 2010

Puncture me, Voodoo me - I can take it!

Look, Childbirth I can handle. Paper cuts, needles and spitting fat I can not!

Ugh, I had to go to the hozzy today in relation to some probs with my ribs/sternum and had to give blood and undergo a chest x-ray. I had to fast for 12 crappy hours and all the while I could only see Mark and Eddy as large joints of steaming meat on a plate, just dying to be nibbled. Even the remnants of the Munchies Mark bought me yesterday looked appealing (Munchies are nasty chocolates, I detest them with a passion). I practically crawled into the "walk in health centre" from starvation and dehydration and every person that walked past me looked delicious. I felt like Edward from Twilight; only I wasn't sparkling and beautiful. I looked like death. I booked in using their deli-counter system where you pull a ticket and wait. Each human in that waiting room looked like they would have tasted absolutely divine covered in brown sauce and wedged between two slices of tiger bread. Bacon sandwiches were on my mind and each of them sizzled and taunted me as I sat in agony!

Eventually I got called in and almost took a chunk out of the nurses leg, Im not kidding - I was ravenous! I told the nurse she had a cat in hells chance of finding a vein 'cos my veins like to be snug in my epidermis! She tried the first time and failed. Scream. She tried the other arm, wiggled the needle in my arm and a was hanging off the ceiling in pain. She then decided to get her colleague to have a go who has 40 years bloods experience and hey presto - 4 vials of blood taken with ease and no scream. Then I had to go for an xray. I had earlier donned my bestest bra (non underwired) so that I would be decent in the x-ray room along with one of my cheeriest summer tops only to be told to whip it off in exchange for one of those gaudy, backless gowns. UGH, where is the dignity dudes? Its a good job I had a bolero cardigan on otherwise Id have been sat in the dark and gloomy corridor like a right donut. She called me in after what felt like 45 years and x rayed me with her tingly gamma rays.

After that, Im not kidding you, I legged it out of the centre to find my nearest eatery. I drank a litre of water and ordered a chicken salad sandwich which felt like fat hitting the griddle as it hit my stomach. Anyone watching that little scene, I am sure, have been put off food for life. Im laughing at it now, but OMG......... never again am I having bloods taken at 12pm after a 12 hour fast. LOL

Im leaving you with a tag which I used Aquamarkers, Altered Originals spray ink and Banana Frog stamps along with a smidgen of ephemera. My tag and quote collection is coming on a dream and Ellie will soon have a lovely catalogue of little keepsakes which I took the greatest pleasure in creating.
Going to go and hit the sack with my new books that I got for a song today, including The Shack. I hope to wake up feeling revived and renewed from reading it.

20 Jul 2010

Day 2 - less Bananas, but still Bananas!

Day two at the Summer Crafting event was not as heavy as day one. Buts that's always the way at weekend events. We still loved it and we still had just as much as a successful day. Plus, Sunday shoppers are less frenzied but are equally as nice.

I focused on demonstrating the Aquamarkers. They are a brilliant and diverse set of pens. So much so that I am going to do a video on how to make use of their versatility. They are so juicy and bright and by bright I also mean colourfast. Great for water colours and mixing and diluting that, in the end, a pack of 12 colours can work out to be over 500 colours if you mix and dilute and tone to suit. Now that's what I call versatility alone!

Here is one of the tags I had on display to demonstrate what great backgrounds you can achieve with them.
I am selling what little I have left on my website, HERE. The RRP is £17.50 but I'm going to sell them for £15 per pack plus actual P&P costs (ie I don't get rich off the postal costs!). You might want to wait for the video or you can trust me when I say how much a difference to your crafting these will make and watch it later. I will say that they are NOT like Promarkers (same company, different pen) as these provide a more subtle tone as opposed to an intense delivery of ink like the Promarkers.

After the event and a bit of retail therapy for myself (hello? it would have been rude not to!) I went to stay in a hotel that I had booked at I never buy a hotel room direct or at the hotel itself. If you can, always go through to book a hotel; Im glad I did. I stopped at Orton Hall (Best Western at Peterborough) from a cracking price of £40 instead of £140! Its a stunning hotel, built in 1084 and had turrets and battlements too. I was a total princess for the night! I took a picture of my tee (but not at the top of the turret!) that people kept asking me about at the show. I got this for a steal at Asda for £8. Go get one quick as they are a brilliant design and fit!

As one does in a hotel room, you abuse the free note book and pen. I can't resist writing on clean, fresh pages. I even left a note for the cleaners saying thanks a lot!

Anyway, I have to get off as I have one hundred bazillion Cd's to mail after the welcomed arrival of "Call of the Wild" on Create and Craft yesterday. Nigel May is, by far, one of the most craft attuned presenters at Ideal World (aside from Leonie) and he made the show an absolute delight. If you watched it, you will have heard the sound department having a ball with the CD which was totally unplanned but such a great addition to the show. Suffice to say they whole lot sold out on Create and Craft yesterday which is a great compliment to the entire production of the show. So thanks for watching, especially Kate, Barbara and Boo who sent in emails :)

PS: The winner of the Ribbon Stash from Fantastic Ribbons is Collette Hopkin. Fantastic Ribbons selected the winner at random so well done, Collette :)

17 Jul 2010

Day One - Bananas

If you are:
a: a craft exhibitor
b: a crafting crafter
you ought to get yourself to Doncaster Racecourse for any Summer Crafting event.
I have never, ever see an event so busy and packed and fun in all my crafting life. And let me tell you, I've been to a LOT of crafting events in the UK, including the NEC.

I didn't take one picture of the event as I truly did not have the time but I did take this on the way home. A picture of my handmade flowers for my hairband. It sure got a lot of love at the event and I'll show you how to make a no-sew organza/satin rose for your hair in my next 101 hand made flowers webcast.

And so to round off some bits and bats as its another long day at the lovey Donny races :)

PS: Special hello's go to Cat, Lesley, Sally, Angie and Maureen. Big huge thanks to Belle for being patient as she waited fro Granny and Grandad to pick her up for her two weeks summer hollies at my mums x Huge thanks to my hubby for entertaining the troops and manned the stall whilst I beavered away on the Aquamarkers. A big thanks to me for not keeling over in the heat and the rush ;)

2 more days of the ribbon giveaway over here - you really should enter......£25 worth of ribbon? HELLO?

15 Jul 2010

Summer Crafting Event - Doncaster

Hey, whatcha doin?
This weekend, I mean?
Are you in or near Doncaster racecourse?
If so, you REALLY need to come to the Summer Crafting event because there is a serious crafting splurge alert going on where you can top up all your supplies with yummy things your hubby need ever know about.

I'm on stand 43d with the ever so delectible Mark (hubby, grumpy pants, staple remover) as my slave. I'm demonstrating my new cd and Aquamarkers along with a plethora of other yummable scrummables. I promise you that Mark will not be demonstrating but he can talk the craft talk, you know. I'd pay you to talk about paper weights and cardstock with him, just to see him keel over and perhaps spontaneously combust.

This weekend, though is mad for me. Not only am I doing the craft event but I'm on Create and Craft at 9am on Monday morning too. oooooh, I can feel my eyes bleeding now. But, to cushion the blow, I'm on with Nigel and Nigel makes me want to die laughing (which you are not allowed to do as being professional at all times is paramount - ahem!). Do keep me company, its nerve wracking when you are live on air (well the first 5 minutes are, anyway).

Gotta go, Ive 43827631049873249178865 things to do before Saturday morning.

Hugs x

PS: You can still enter HERE to win a enormous ribbon booty. Go on, I know you can here that ribbon tempting you

JJ and Dy **giveaway still open**

JJ......... Because I love and miss him so much:
A bit of a grouch today as he had all his immunisations. Poor kid slept on my chest all afternoon sleeping off the grog. I secretly loved the cuddlies and I got to inhale that pure baby scent in abundance. I love his smell, babies smell the best (But not after a hefty poopy download. Obv)

A few hours later, he was back to his old self
Ooooh couldn't you just eat him?

He so looks like my dad in this picture. Kerry is so cruel giving him a side parting at a mere 9 weeks old!

Dyan.......... because she is the weirdest forty something I ever met and I wouldn't want to change a thing about her:
Spending very little precious time with a good friend is food for the soul. Wish I could spend more time with her........... :(

Black and White art steals my heart. Every. Time.

Dy is so cool, even on her granddaughters swing. Do you see the dress? Well she bought that last night, took the hem off to shorten in and made the head scarf out of the spare fabric. Inspired!!!

For fun

My fave shot - purely because she is wearing uber tall Cavalli shoes
And then dockers in the next

**Ribbon Giveaway still open - check out this link here for a very special ribbon giveaway hosted by Fantastic Ribbons; a truly fab British ribbon shop
. If you don't enter, you won't have the chance to win**