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31 May 2010

I like ice cream so much that.......

I like ice cream so much that I "om nom nom" it like a 2 year old.Of course, I was playing around and not being SERIOUS when I took this pic but on the way home from a walk on the beach tonight, I allowed myself to be a child and scare everyone we passed in the car. Im certain that people rang the police immediately and reported our number plate. For that reason I'm currently hiding under the bed on my laptop just in case we get a knock on the door from the feds. There is a toe nail under here - what??!!!!

Our beach walk was good for us tonight. Our new favourite time is to go at 4 oclock, perfect when you consider when its the time when people come the traffic is stacked up in the opposite direction. Belle had a blast on the beach playing with her bestest friend, the pooch. Her hair was especially curly today, I couldn't help but scrunch those curls in my hands.

I do love watching these two interact.
I also get to walk behind Mark surveying that awesome little peach too ;)
A v. v. rare pic of Mark and I together (I do wish I had longer arms for these kind of shots!)

And whilst we rested for a while, she took my sunglasses from me to shade her watery eyes from the sudden outburst of the sun and I caught her her from a new angle and am in love with that girl of mine again. Of course I say this everyday; she is my sweet peachy pie.

And that little sticky out vein on her neck just dying to be snuggled

Sad to see discarded buckets and spades, though :(

Ive got sneaks of the Midnight Rooster kit, about to launch their second kit from their newness. Its such a generous kit with so many personal touches. I have made a record 8 layouts, 2 cards and a wall hanging with bits left to make at least another two layouts. I'm sorry but when I'm sent a kit, I use it all until there are only Z,s, V's and X's left on the alpha sheets (let alone those pesky numbers!) plus tid bits that I can't possibly fashion into anything else from paper.

Finally - Celine Navarro?
Oh I do love this girl.
I had the greatest pleasure meeting her in Italy two months ago - she makes me howl with laughter (you know the kind of laughter that makes you hurt?) Her sense of humour is beyond explanation. She really tickles me with her bold expression and style. She is not afraid of anything in the craft world and really makes some of the cleverest projects. She has asked me to post this on my blog because she identifies with us Footy widows (well, Ok.....I will wave the flag for En-ger-land but I'm not obsessed with it). To soften the "who is my husband during this ridiculous furore" blow, she has come to the rescue of the footy widows and is offering them something to heal their pain. Come and look at this course she has planned for you - I'm definitely having a go!

30 May 2010

Erm, Ow!

Saturday afternoon I was minding my own business in the kitchen when I heard buzzing. I knew it was close so I shook my head thinking Id free whatever was tangled in my hair. The buzzing got louder and I shook head head and shimmied my body to get rid of the offending buzz. It was quiet for a moment so I shrugged my shouders and I continued faffing in the kitchen. Then the buzzing got louder so I screamed and ran around the kitchen, frightening Ellie. Still the buzzing continued so I whipped off my t shirt and shimmied my body and shook my hair quite furiously. Thinking I had got rid of the little sod, I listened and looked about the kitchen for a fallen buzzy thing.
More buzzing and louder and I manage a slow motion peek over my shoulder and there he was. A massive, fat Mr buzzing bumble bee on my shoulder blade. I screamed in panic, flicking my shoulder blade to remove him and in the process of spazzing out, I scratched my face. Much worse than a bee sting, I am sure and yes, Im on TV again on weds. Won't I look the picture of health?!Ok its only a nick and not a huge slash but still - ooooooooochy!

Ok the winner of the pack of stamps for Banana Frog is........................... drum roll, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr............ DAPHNE!!!! Hooray! Mail me using the link on the left here!

29 May 2010

Who would of thought it? *edited with BF Blog Hop**

Crepe paper is one of my new fave cheap embellies. I'm talking DIRT cheap. Ive made curly roses, twisty ties and ruffles with them and now - from a humble circle - I can make these. Using cake decorating skills for moulding the petals and using glitter instead of sugar, well I have to say I'm a tad excited. I refuse to pay £6 for 2 huge Prima flowers when this cost approx 10p to make. Simples What did your saturday consist of? (Don't bore me with your patriotism via the Eurovision - that contest is a joke. A JOKE! If it wasn't for Graham Norton I would have bludgeoned myself to death my a wooden spoon)

As this bank holiday is a washout, my sunday will consist of craft instead of bbq. Hope that I don't end up bbq'ing my craft though!

Toodle oooooo

Ok - I shoulda posted this card here last night and like a dorky loon bag, I forgot. So here is the Banana Frog blog hop ....AGAIN! If you blog hop to all the links that proceed Anna -Louise's, you will stand in good stead to win a stamp pack of YOUR choice! I used BF's fab stamps to complete this card - I absolutely love the lace edge effect stamp the mostest!You know how British and fabulous this company is .... and we all must delight in how far Bev has come with her brilliant stamp company in her 4th Year of manufacturing. So whilst you are a-hopping, visit the Banana Frog blog to enter the £100 giveaway . Last day for entries today ........go on, £100 for blankets I say ;) Brrrr, freezie weather!

28 May 2010

two things I must have

Im not greedy, I only want two things right now.
And rich I ain't so Im praying for a lottery win on Saturday.

One is a Dashoodle - a mini dachshund crossed with a toy poodle. It has to be a girl and she will still be called Tilly Tallulah Tinkerbell (thats all my "t's" and "l's" from my alphas gone, then!) I keep shouting Tilly in the house so that Eddy will get used to the call. I don't think we will end up buying one but a girl can dream, right?

An iPad. I have to have one. They is supersleek and great for portfolio's on the go, internetting where wi-fi-ingly possible, frisby-ing across the room to slice off that annoying colleagues head etc. I don't like that they are being dubbbed the "jesus" tablet although with it being God-like is about as Jesus as it gets.

A facebook friend of mine thinks I should just get a dog and call it iPad. LOL, I almost spat my double skinny latte frappa chappa mocha locha chicky cino over my keyboard when I read that. Which reminds me, another facebook friend of mine wound me into a blog award. I have been given a lot on the past and never really delved into them due to the amount I have had but this one tickled me soemthing rotten so here goes

These are the rules...

1 Express gratitude to the blogger who bestowed the award unto you... Copious,grovelling …I am not worthy… big loves to Darcy

2 Display the picture on your blog proudly.

3 Be nice and provide a link to the person who gave it to you.

Art and Sole

4 Tell up to six outrageous lies about yourself, and at least one outrageous truth, or switch it around and tell six outrageous truths and one outrageous lie. I'm not telling which is which :)

5 Nominate seven creative writers who might be into doing this. The ladies I'm nominating have the most amazing way of telling their stories.

6 Post links to the seven blogs you nominate and let the owners of those blogs know, the way Blogger is behaving this may take a while.
So here are my Lies & Truths....

1.I wear big knickers (right up to my armpit style) just so that I can give an ambulance man something to laugh about if Im in an accident.
2. I used to be a pole dancer in a working mens club in Leeds.
I went by the name of Ooooh La la
3. I can quite easily shove a entire packet of jaffas cakes in my mouth (including the box)
4.When I run or jump on a trampoline, I have to make sure my industrial strength bra has extra strapping holding everything in place to prevent black eyes.
5. I used to spit in my bosses tea every now and again and he would compliment me on my excellent tea making skills. Stifling evil laughter is my forte
6. My mum starred in Porky's as an extra

I am nominating each of the following, for being either really creative, really funny or really both!


Have a great Bank holiday, dudes xx

27 May 2010

Product testing/playing

Before I did freelance craft work, before I ran my own craft shop and before I moved to Wigan - I used to work for an employer who told me what to do and I did it. I pretty much spent 20 years of my life doing that and getting by; sometimes hating it but could never pluck up the courage to start being self employed.

When the craft industry went stellar around 2003/2004 I started a die cutting business that proved to be a "good 'un". I nurtured it and sold my products both retail and trade. I simultaneously crafted and ran the business to such a point where I had to choose between crafting to live or living to craft. In 2007 I sold my die cutting business which is still a going concern today. I then started doing photography full time supplementing that with freelance design for a logo design company and still having a good hand in UK craft magazine work. The best part of this option is that its so much more easy going just being able to "pick and choose" what I want to do. The down side is that there is no regular salary and you can only get paid for work you physically do. So in sum, you have to weigh your options up. And with Mark having a bad run of redundancies last year, its got to the point where I almost went back to full time employment. I mean I was within an inch of doing it.
So these days Im tied up with my CD-Roms for Create and Craft, Magazine work for Crafts Beautiful and Aceville Publications, photography work, teaching and product testing (a-ha, save the best for last!). Recently I have been product testing a different sort of Promarker by Letratset. As the product is still being modified I can't share that work with you - but its been great fun. And more recently I have been testing and using Tonic products. I honestly don't sit here and think I am the guru of crafting but what I do enjoy doing is pushing the boundaries a little and bringing something different from the product. Take the snowflake and heart punch. I did something similar the other week using an oval punch but I loved that the heart punch can replicate a petal with the stroke of a craft knife.

**Ribbon ruffle video demo coming soon!**

I then thought about using an accent punch on the heart which I think makes it look lacy and romantical!
Darned acetate cards - they are so static and pick up a ton of fluff!!

Use the accent punch on a piece of card

Then punch a heart shape over it

To create this beauty
and then you can stuff them on a snowflake to make a lacy flower as well - swit love!
I then played with the border system and punches to create this gorgeous border here, which is already strong in the craft market at large.

Run brown cardstock through the border punch system - remember, the punch can be used in both the border punch and as a stand alone product

So you run the bordered card through again but this time switch punches and replace it with an accent punch

I feel that the throw away scallop is too nice and used the "throw away"shape on top of the pink card (see above).

These border systems from Tonic are such a brilliant way of creating borders or single punches to your projects and they have lots of different border edges to choose from and even more accent punch to compliment them - giving you a TON of different possibilities. And there are even more to come. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Ive also been making other things today - just "because"

A post-it note holder with ribbon pen holder

Cheap supermarket note books (10p each) covered to give as a sweet gift

Another cheapy notepad (15p) covered for a quick gift

And a card using the very last of my favvo cosmo cricket paper

And that, my friends, is the sum of my very busy day (aside of scoffing lemon drizzle cake with my friend, Mazza)

Ooooh let me finish with this. My lovely girl was laying with the dog tonight and she came out with this piece of Ellie philosophy:
Belle: Mum, I know that love makes you feel better.
Me: Oh, how?
Ellie: Cos when you are loved you fall asleep and when you sleep, you heal.

Loves ya xx


I've been sorting photos today and came across this little pearl. Seeing as I have zero time to blog (have been entertaining Louisa Maclean - fab Editor of Creative Cardmaking tonight) I thought Id share it with you.
Taken 5 years ago - wow, that little imp has sure grown a LOT since then. I love how she still curls her toes to this day.

Back tomorrow with a lovely punch based card, if I can prize the flaming thing off my desk (excess glue - wooops!)

25 May 2010

So, anyway

Blimey - yesterday was mad. It really was. Without going into too much detail I had to cancel the video shoot with my fave magazine EVER and get back to Wigan as fast as speed limits would allow (ok, my foot slipped on the accelerator on occasions.......felt like the car might break up as if entering the earths atmosphere at times) Needless to say all is well but I will be going back to Colchester for that crazy video shoot with a very understanding Kate Hemmings (my fave sub editor in the world - mwah!). Also want to add that this months issue features some motifs that I have designed for them and there is a competition for you to name the characters - buy the mag and read more :)

So, anyway, I'm home now :) Its Tuesday and I'm not unpacked properly. Ive abandoned all my craft supplies in the utility room and I am catching up with orders from the show on Friday (which was a great giggle with Leonie - as ever). I'm taking it easy as this week is pretty much more sedate than last week. I do have photos to process from photo shoots at Scrapamia (possible the best retreat I have ever taken part in) and I also have my 5th CD to get cracking with but other than that, this week is pretty calm even though Mark has left us to fend for ourselves **cry, cry**

Talking of Scrapamia, Claire (the organiser) sent all the teachers a Donna Downey apron to makeover. Well my first one was a disaster sending me into a blind panic to decorate the second one at the eleventh hour at my friends, Rosie's, on Friday night (kisses to you Rosie xx). Rosie helped me stitch on the flowers and she actually dragged her sewing machine down the stairs at midnight to sew on my frill. I loved the result which, when you look close, seems like my Eddy is cut in half and that his blood and guts is spelling my name! BwahahahahahaOooh meant to add, I went over to one of my dearest crafting freinds over at Clever Cut on friday to see Ali and Pauls AMAZING new warehouse/shop/workshop - you HAVE to go and see how gorgeous it is. I hate that they live so far away for me to go and drool over it daily.

So back to the present..........
Today I spoke with one of the co-owners at Tonic Studios, Simon. Its such an honour to be able to discuss product design with them which, if you can hang fire, you will see something on shop shelves that Im involved in **insert scream here** Im not sure if you know but Tonic Studios (of whom Tim Holtz in the US endorses a line of their products) is a British company. They do the design work and product testing here although they do have their products made in the far east. Ive been sent a wide range of products to trial and work with and they do sponsor me with product for demos and events too. Its a very fortunate position and one I am delighted to be involved in **insert another scream here**. All I can say is that there are some excruciatingly craft tingling products about to hit the craft market so bear with them!

Which leads me to this card I made using one of their amazing border punches. I love their border systems (see pic below) which are fantastic to use as borders or stand alone punches giving you double the option as opposed to standard border punches from their competitors. Their edger punches also co-ordinate with accent punches giving you a thousand different looks (truly, its so inspiring).

Im going to be hard pushed to use that card - may keep it in my clutches forever.
**ps: the hello stamp is from Banana Frog - I love those circle greetings, Bev**

Ok, Ive got a film to watch, Precious, and I believe tissues are needed (might have to use the dog's tail if I run out!)

Loves xx