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30 Apr 2010

Banana Frog Blog hop

Ooooo I have never done one of these before but they look fun and where fun lies there is always a prize.

Here is a card I made for the blog hop. The point is to share inspiration and showcase Bevs fab stamps from an interpretation of Spring. Talking of which, Im loving these next to weeks as the cherry blossoms in our street are abundant with pretty pink blossom which will soon turn to pink snow!

If you leave a comment on my blog and then hop over to Anna's blog HERE and leave a comment there and hop from that blog to the next - you have several chances of winning a delish prize - the more you leave a comment on all the blogs involved, the more chance you have of winning. Simples!

Happy Friday!

29 Apr 2010

Tag swappin'

I set up a small tag swap group on Facebook a few weeks back because, quite simply put, I love them. Lovely little substrates to create a mini work of art without having to faff with huge proportions but enough to tell a story or leave an impression.

5 girls, make 5 tags and post 4 to the organiser (me) with an SAE. How simple is that? They get 4 pieces of work back to add to their collecsh. Ive loved watching them come to me and rip open the parcels to delight over everyone style of creativity.

This one is Sandies
This one is Mels
This one is Darcy's
This one is Sharons
And this one is mine
I glimmer misted mine to within an inch of its life, stamped various patterns onto it, added a petit doll and a lovely quote and have monogrammed every tag for each recipient.

Im doing another one soon, so if you want to add your name to the list, make sure I have some way of contacting you to let you know when you can play along. If you live in another country, then that's fine too.

Nite niiiiiiiiiiiite

PS: Hello to Betty ;)

27 Apr 2010


Ive done the class in pencil and I loved her so much so I thought Id give her a digi make-over too. Suzi Blu's let petit dolls are still playing on my heart strings so I thought Id whip this up for you to click one (to open a new window) and save to print out - should you so wish. She is literally petit in all sense of the word and Ive called her Mabel. Look after her, she is precious :)

That's all about I can blog pressing on with 8742367542181 things to do.

**ETA - she doesn't have 6 fingers, she just has unfeasibly large thumbs.......ok?!!! I guess she likes texting!

26 Apr 2010

Mlam - Krispy Kremes

I met up with a girl who booked me for a shoot before crimbo - Marie and she most gorgeously brought her little boy, Connor, with her. I brought the curly girl but Elli's eyes were on the prize - the Kreme-inator. My nearest KK is at the Trafford Centre and it's a drive-thru that also has a production line in store for all to see. But the machine was not working at full capacity so sadly my curly girl was not able to see it in full flow. That has been reserved for next Sunday afternoon where we shall have to pay another visit (bummer!). She likes the Krullers, Mark loves the apple and cinnamon (gag, I hate cinnamon) and my favvo is the lemon glaze - hip wideningly amazing.

Marie has kindly made a couple of cards for the show on Saturday and seeing them, live and used, was such a thrill. I'm so happy to be getting the samples for the show that come from all walks of crafters to show off the Cd to its full potential. Of course I had my camera handy to take a few pics of Connor - just look at how much he has grown!

November 2009

April 2010The light was shocking yesterday as it rained (for a change - seriously... all this sunshine has been weird but wonderful) so I couldn't take many picture that didn't involve a: blur, b: camera shake and c: drool. Connor is the king of drool! He was so cuddley kissy, poor Marie barely knows me and I was swiping him out of her arms for a squidge!

Of course, it would have been rude not to go an traipse around the trafford centre afterwards where Belle spent her pocket money on odds and sods and however she wanted. I have to be honest and say it was just such a treat to get out of the house from being confined to the Mac for the past few piggin days, tying up everything for the show on Saturday.

Thanks Marie and Connor for accompanying us on such a grand Sunday afternoon :)

And here are a few makes just returned from a few commissions with Creative Cardmaking. Id forgotten that I had done these; they were done ages and ages ago.

Toodle oooooo xx

Italy layouts

I completely forgot to post these so here they are:

You can fly using yummy spray inks. This layout is straight in real life, no idea what happened here.... and I call myself a photographer? Hmnmnmn

Off the scale doesnt translate in Italian, it but here it is anyway
These are the originals but I did have to change product when I got to Italy. The same design and techniques was used though.

My scrapbooking life starts again this week when I receive my Midnight Rooster kit from the USA. I simply CANNOT wait and I mean it.

Ok, off to do 1001 things that I dont' have time to do :)

24 Apr 2010

Two Cd sneaks

Only 6 more days before my next CD launch so I thought Id share samples from the CD!

Betty Follafashion for girls about town (click on the image to enlarge)

And Natty Houses for, well.....whatever you want housey things for!
A lot of the collections are for hundreds of papercraft projects and not just cardmaking. And for every coloured image, there are outline images for you to colour yourself too :)

More sneaks to follow this week.

Have a super weekend xx

22 Apr 2010

Introducing Colour me Crazy

Here is a sneak preview of next weeks CD launch on Create and Craft (1st May, 10am). the date has been brought forward by 24 hours so as you can imadge, I'm tearing my hair out making sure everything is ship shape and tickety boo.
Click on the image to enlarge :)
For every uncoloured image, there is a pre-coloured image with lots of papers and greetings to co-ordinate for your cardmaking needs. Bunting, bunnies and bears with dollies, boys, boats and a whole menagerie of imagery.

Im hyper just from the colour of the cover, let alone the whiff of alcohol based Promarkers!

20 Apr 2010

Treats, Bumps and Cards

I don't know why I am using plural because effectively we only had one of each in the last 48 hours.

Treat: Was yumbly strawberries which will soon be in season here. At Crimbo they come from Egypt, after Crimbo they come from Tunisia then Morocco and now they are from Spain........ you can see how they move closer to home nearer June where I shall eat them everyday for next to nothing!

Bumps: was this lovely girls tummy harbouring my nephew to be (HURRY UP AND BE BORN, JJ). I can't wait to have that baby in my arms for lots of Auntie cuddles, piccies, toe nibbles and and all round Auntie smothering. Oooooh, I love babies so so much. Not many friends my age are not having them anymore so I need to go and make friends with a bunch of 20 years olds and force them to have babies for me to spoil!
Cards: Oh I do love making cards these days and this one accompanied a little treat for Debbie's new addition to her lovely family. I really felt the urge to go and buy something pink for her little lady, Evie

I made the card from scratch designing the paper and little bunny (Twitch, which will feature on my new Cd as of today!) on my mac and of course added some v v v trendy bunting. Im in love with making fun things for card making.

And LOOK!!!!!!!!A plane, a PLANE! Such a rare sight in these parts for the last week!

19 Apr 2010

Make me!

Here is a yummy pot that you can fill with these flowers for all your paper projects. Its free for all you crazy hybrid crafters to download and own and treasure for absolutely diddly squat.

We like diddly squat in this house.

just download, print, cut, get sticky and make someone happy!

Spread a little Sweet Terracotta Pot loooooooooooove - HERE

Was it really fresh air?

Who knows what we are breathing in the fury of choking ash destroying our airspace right now but a trip to the coast was called for late yesterday afternoon anyway. There was a slight haze overhead but no billowing plumes of volcanic spew were to been seen. Its such a thrill to get to the beach to recharge the ole batteries. The dog goes bananas as we approach the seaside (they can sure smell it and he knows he is in for a treat when we do!). We like to treat Ellie to that sting of an onshore breeze on her cheeks to give her a glow that delights my heart.

Under the pier provided my little vampire some respite from the sun (she is photophobic, if you didn't already know)

This new bridge at Southport is gorgeous

Along the pier lay these beautiful lights in a neat row of angular delight

See what I mean? They stretch for a mile....

Two of these gorgeous sculptures sit at the foot of the suspension of the bridge, here is one close up
Of course its nice to couple the walk with a visit to the arcades. Ellie loves the "two'penny shovers" and all we spent was £2.00. She sure makes those 2p's last I couldn't resist taking these pictures of her squandering 20p on the "roulette". Just look at those kissy wissy lippies. She melts my heart, that kid. I could consume her in one breath, she is that gorgeous to me.
How rare is it for me to get a picture of her looking at me with her eyes open in a photo? I feel most smug that I got this piccy!
After that we treated ourselves to fish and chips but I couldn't eat all mine as I've been watching my diet and they were greasy. Mark soon polished mine off and we set off back to the car to walk it all off. A little side step to the carousel at £1 a throw meant Ellie got an extra treat for the evening. Carousels, Merry-go-round or cock and horses.... whatever you call them, they are such a sea-sidey speciality.

Ellie chose to go on one of the two roostery chickens because, as she put it "Im different, I wanted to be different too". I think she was referring to the fact that most of us choose the horses to ride on. **blub**
We waited patiently as she spun around in the fading light. I couldn't help myself capture this on a slow shutter speed.

And he waited patiently too - my gorgeous little boy

We got back to the car and it was almost twilight - I so wanted to observe "the phenomenal sunset" that can be achieved when "ash" is smouldering the heavens. But it didn't really give off any spectacular solar sinkage.
We got back home to watch Britains Got Talent and enjoyed the highs and lows of the the preliminaries. Ellie and I love this programme so much, its a real cosy affair just curling up together after a slight windswept afternoon on the coast. Plus we both have a soft spot for Simon who, underneath that tough exterior, is as soft as muck.

How was your weekend?

18 Apr 2010

Starry Toe'd

These plimmies cost me £5

I couldn't resist sharing them even though they are 18 months old and have been worn twice. I see a summer staple in my wardrobe re-merging from the depths of shoes that only Imelda Marco would appreciate.

**sigh, I love shoes**

16 Apr 2010

Girl in the park

Our council has revamped a lot of our parks in our town and Ellie spies a particular one every time we go to the post office. It poses a problem in some respects as kids her age (14 and 15 year olds) go there to "hang out" but what she wants to do is play. I agonise over how other kids perceive her because Ive heard them and seen them being mean in the past. But I do enjoy watching her select her course of action as she negotiates each activity without a care in the world. Im sure she doesn't give the damn that I do but its hard, I think.

Fortunately I knew some of the boys in the park as they attended the same primary as Ellie. I used to observe how they were with her then and I was pleasantly surprised to see how much they fawned over her last night. They budged over on the swings to let her by and they chatted with her asking how she was. Even the tough looking boys nudged each other when they were speaking out of line in earshot of me. I finally spoke to the boys and made small talk over how tall they had gotten and did they enjoy secondary school. Ellie swung over the top of the swing with her elbows resting on the seat and quite uninterested in what was going on around her.
I needn't have worried about going to this new park at all but I'd love for her to be able to go to the park on her own and perhaps if we do it enough, I could just watch from the car and let her do her own thing and find her own way to wait politely for her turn on a ride and deal with situations as they arise.

Here she is being her usual happy self - she makes me sigh a heave of love every time I witness her enjoying herself.
As we left to go home, I took this picture but due to the sun coming from behind a cloud so fast, my settings made this picture over exposed. But I still love it. Its kind of arty and you can see her cheek bone under her right left shade which makes her look 18 not 14!

On to today. Ive been playing with a bunch of AquaMarkers from Promarker by Letraset. I was fortunate to be sent the whole Promarker Line and Aquamarker line to test. Promarkers are big news in the UK craft market and supersede the quantity/quality stakes over Copic, which is was my initial venture into colouring. As my next CD is based on coluring images and papers, I thought it would be good to team up with Promarker to give crafters another excuse to flip off those big, fat chunky lids to set the colour free!!!
But the Aquamarkers are something else.

They are just so perfect for scrapbooking as they are of archival quality and wont fade as fast as with most marker pens. You can wash them down to graduate the colour to achieve stunning effects too. Im waiting for my canvas to be stretched a little before I show you today's project but I must simply covey how much of a grand job they have done. Graphic artists and cartoonists have used these pens forever and with them suddenly being catapulted into the craft market, I can see a million uses for them; if not becoming a staple tool in our craft boxes.

I must get back to finishing off my 3rd Cd which has taken almost 430 hours to create. Its all so new and completely different from the last. If you like colouring in, shading and faffing with your promarkers, you are going to love this one. Here is a sample of one of the boy lines from the CD for you to see. He comes coloured and ready for you to colour in your own style.

There will be lots of girls and boys with matching papers for you to enjoy. I can't tell you how much fun that I have had making them and equally I can't stress how much time I have to put into them (meaning late nights and sore hands!) - so forgive the dark circles next time you see me on air!

15 Apr 2010

I am mad as a box of frogs

Well, I cannot believe I got up at 3.45 to drive all the way down to Peterborough (which, using the route I do - is so boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring). I arrived in good time to a studio buzzing with another show about to air at 8am. I was met by Steve, one of the floor managers, and he is such a hoot. I really like him; a real cheeky chappy. I also couldn't wait to meet Nigel, the presenter. He is such a scream - really flamboyant and into craft. After the first show, came my hour. I was not nervous at all and for the 7th time being on TV it was about time. The thing I struggle with is questions that come out of the blue. You think you are ready for anything but trying to come out with a coherant answer (and one that isn't full of "erm's, aaaaah's, exactly's and absolutely's" is very difficult). Most of the time Im trying to mind my accent and manners and not use profanity if something goes wrong!

Now Nigel, as Im sure (if you watch the program) is very good at using double entendres. So yesterday he made a reference to Steves recent engagement and asked if the viewers would like to see Steves ring. I didn't mean to stifle my outburst and go purple in the process, but I couldn't help it. I recommend, by the way, you watch this you tube video of Steves birthday surprise because its brilliant (and if you are a Glee and Love Actually fan - you will totally feel part of the action)

The rest of the show went sailingly and afterwards, as I slouched in the green room trying not to fall asleep from knackeredness, in pops my friend Jo, who had just finished demoing on air for Buzzcrafts. We went for coffee together and spent an absolute age talking and laughing. That sure woke me up so that I felt safe driving the 3 boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring hours home. Then, when I did get home, I went to bed for 14 hours of yummy and long overdue sleep.
I shall be back later with new projects that were aired and some dimensions for the pizza box that I made.

13 Apr 2010

No hot dog buns

So whadaya do?
You grab two slices of bread, de-crust them and roll up your dogs and scoff.

This is how Ellie likes her dogs. Its how I like them but without the carbs right now!

I can't blog much today as I have to go to bed early (meh!) as Im up at 4am to make my way down to Peterborough for a 9am airing on Create and Craft tomorrow (or Ideal World - I never know which channel they are going to bung me on!). I shall be holding my eyes open with sellotape but having fun with Nigel all the same!

12 Apr 2010

Those in peril on the sea

My Dad took part in a naming ceremony for the new inshore lifeboat at Bridlington on Saturday. I went along to take the official photos for the RNLI. I was really chuffed to get to see my parents dressed up to the nines for such a prestigious event and witness how a service provided purely by volunteers (and for free) can be such a priceless honour.
A local pub raised over 30,000 pounds to pay for a new inshore lifeboat. £30,000 for a super hi tech equipped dinghy with all the lifesaving dood-dahs you could need to save those in peril (and idiots, like the nigth before, who went wading in the sea under the influence and whom were stranded) is a lot of money for what is, in sum, a rubber dinghy!

My Dad is an executive on the Bridlington RNLI board and is responsible for authorising every launch. Having previously served over 24 years as a coastguard, he pretty much knows the ins and outs of emergencies at sea, so it was a fluid transition into his new role. Im dead proud of him, he makes me smile on the inside when I see him being relied upon in such a marvellous organisation. I think it suits him and its such a honour for him at the start of his full retirement from work - look....... !!

My lubbly momma
The naming ceremony included a brass band and fishermans choir plus the Vicar from the Priory Church blessed the boat to the hymm "Eternal Father, Strong to Save" known to all as "Those in peril on the sea" which had me in tears, its such am emotional song.

Did you know that all UK sea faring vehicles are supplied from the same company with a complimentary bottle of champagne to "christen" them? You just don't buy any champagne, its has to come from this particular company and forgot the name. However, as the boast is made of rubber, the champagne had to be poured on it rather than "smashed against"!

Inside the rescue centre

The crew - all of whom are volunteers and don't get paid a single penny for their heroism and bravery. The RNLI do not get funded by the government (can you believe that?) and so rely heavily on public funding. So the next time there is a ship in difficulty or someone has been swept out to sea; the recovery and life saving (costing thousands) comes from you and I!

The RNLI stems from the heroism of Grace Darling, whom hailed from Bamburgh, Co Durham in the mid 1800's. When I was a girl our school had a 4 day field trip to Bamburgh and we went to the Grace Darling museum. I distinctly remember the story because of the fact that she was a woman of whom was decorated for such bravery. When I was at school, it was always about the men being the heroes. Except Joan of Arc who got a 2 line mention and perhaps a small snippet of Boadicea. Oh and Amy Johnson put in an appearance (Ha! And she was born near Bridlington too!).

OK, Im done!
Oh and as you can see, it was a beautiful day which - given Bridlington's past naming ceremonies....was a first!