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30 Mar 2010

Easter Wreath winners

Yeeks, Italia prevented the monitoring of the giveaway from last week but, alas, congrats goes out to these 5 lucky girlies


Please email me asap so I can tell Dotcomgiftshop and then they can send you your prize.

Have not sorted my supplies out yet since returning and nor have I emptied my camera. Im dying to share my pics as well. The pics I have taken that include me have filled me with complete horror. My hair, mainly. Ugh - I totally needed a re-style so off today I went. And this is the result
My girl loves it and Mark actually complimented it with a shiny twinkle in his eye.....down boy (he roar-eth like a tiger!). As for the dog, he loves me all the same .... lol

I have some lovely projects to share too tomorrow - it will be a bonanza post so if you are suffering with insomnia, please come and find your cure!

Going to snuggle with my little lady who is in awe of how many Italians claimed that she was "bella". I love it when people fall in love with her because they feel in one moment what I feel in every single second of the day.

Ciao Ciao xx

28 Mar 2010

Last teaching day in Italia

If Jane hadn't of made it out with me to Italy, I wouldnt have laughed half as hard as I have. My chest and belly(s) hurt so much from laughing so hard and so much. Ive practically lost my voice from talking to students too. Couple that with my current chesty cough and I sound worse than man. Worse.

I taught photography yesterday and I was awfully worried about the language barrier. I thought the students were under theimpression that I was going to teach them all about how to use their camera. With various dslr's and point and shoots ....... its impossible to know all the ins and outs of every piece. So my class was centred around design principals and how to take a more pleasing photo. The students absolutely embraced it and I was so relieved. My translator and the event organizer, Lory, is very photogenic. I can't tell you how well organised this event is and all the little touches and comforts that you don't often see at events. The colours, the vibrancy and the atomosphere is second to none and we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The classes have been so inspiring with lots of sewing classes too - how cool is that? When a flight to Italy is so cheap from easyjet, the event works out to be on par with any Uk event so if you fancy some beautiful Italia next year, do book :)

Lastly, whilst I am here, I took photos fo Simona's daughters at the event. I can't tell you how perfect the light is in Italy. Why is the light here so perfect when the light at home is so gloomy and dull? But still, here they are in all their bella bella bella presence

Isn't Camila a little cutie?

And sweet Ele, who spoke to me in a quiet voice, in broken english and asked for a non smiley picture and black and white. I almost broke my heart when she exclaimed how much she loved this picture. And what better gift, to such sweetness, than to give these photos from a crazy english woman.
I am coming home tomorrow to see my lovely girl and lovely boy (and grumpy wumpy Marko) and shall share some more photos in depth of this beautiful part of Italy.

I think I will be quite sad to leave, though.

PS: I have to tell you this. Really have to tell you. Like, REALLY have to tell you, ok?
Jane, Stu and I went for a Pizza in a proper restaurant with no "speakio englisho" waiters. We all chose our pizzas trying to translate the menu the best we could. Stu and I were adventurous with Proscetti and Funghi and Jane asked for a Pepperoni pizza. We waited a while for our orders and when Jane had hers delivered, we were that hungry that we tucked in right away. Halfway through her pizza she looked and said "I dont have any Pepperoni on my pizza". All she had was cheese, toms and peppers. Then we all bust out laughing becuase we then realised that the waiter must have though she said Pepper Only! I could cry laughing about how funny it was and always will be in my memory.

26 Mar 2010

Gelata make-a me wide-a

Im here, Im safe and eating icecream (which means I am well).

I arrived on Weds to the chimes and deights of Lori and Simona, our hosts. I was caught up in a bit of a pickle at the airport so Stu and Jane walked through customs leaving me waiting around as they tried to find our bus. Next thing they hear is my name being announced over the tannoy in Italian and unbeknowing to them, I had 4 polizia practically rugby tackling me over the fact I had left my purse on the plane. Jane thought I was being had for drug smuggling but no, my purse had been located and it took 4 cops to fill out the paperwork and almost manhandling me over the shame of such a crime!

The rest of the day I helped the Italian girls pack kits and prepare for the show which started an hour ago. Im not kidding you, I have never seen a retreat like this (amazing) and the kits are all exceptional. Its buzzing here with students from Denmark, Norway, Isreal and Italy - plus Jane from the UK. I went to bed at 8 that night and woke up at 8 the next mroning - i was well and truly knackered (putting it mildly).

Thursday took Jane, Stu and I to Sorrento and Positano. I have a million pictures to share of these two stunning places (if you cant wait, google the images of Positano to see just what I mean). It was here we had a beautiful lunch by the sea (garlic mussels - hello?) and finished with these beauties.
We walked for miles and had a wonderful day. I was in awe of Positano, truly mesmerised. We finished our day with Spumante al fresco in Sorrento and a bit of emergency scrapping in the hotel. I eventually got to meet Wendy Senger of Tattered Angels and the best dressed hair in the business, Heidi Swapp of whom both are completely charming.

Will of course upload some lovely pics on my return.

PS: Miss you Ellie and Mark....oh and that scratty little pooch of mine, Eddy xx

24 Mar 2010

Hmmm, scrapbooking... whats that?

I feel such a fake.
I haven't scrapped properly for weeks and then, tonight, when I had time to kill between getting home from the shops and before Shameless started - I made this.

Not overly embellished and nothing too fancy. Just a page about my pooch and my shoe! Rivetting stuff, hey? The point I wanted to document was his fascination with my silver shoes when he was a pup. My beloved boy is always at my feet but he would pay closer attention to me when those lil blingers bedecked my tootsies. The Dear Lizzie line is an irresistible collection which I ordered from Gotta Craft. I eagerly anticipate the new Paper Doll collection by Crate paper from Sarahs Cards - both shops stocking just what I need to kick start my scrapping again.

There is another reason why my scrapbooking needs a kick start and other than teaching in Italia in less than 9 hours time, I may have some news to share about future scrapbooking commitments.

Ive sharpened by trimmer blades and my scissors are poised.............bring on the herma.

23 Mar 2010

Bella Bella Bella

How was my Italian, good no?

On Weds am I am leaving for Italia for 5 days. To this luscious hotel on the edge of paradise and where a glass of soothing Chianti awaits my grasp only to be spilled down my white tee shirt (without a doubt). Im going to Naples or Napoli (as the song goes..... you know - Amore! Pizza pie and the moon punches you in the face). For weeks I have been corresponding with the hyperactive yet lovely Lory. One of my jokey questions to her (the other week) went like this....

Kirsty: How will I get to the venue from the Airport and will I get killed by the Mafia?
Lory: No, don't be silly. The Mafia are in Sicily. In Napoli, we have the Camorra.
Kirsty: WTF?

I was kidding with her initially; I knew the Mafia were in Sicily but I didn't think they had insurgent mobsters elsewhere and to add insult to injury I just Wiki'd it.......... Don't read it, espesh if you are visiting Naples in the near future! My friend Sharon has even recommended I take my violin case with me to hide my blat gun. Thank god Ive bought holiday insurance so they can fly back my blown-to-pieces body in a 500g bag, normally filled with fusilli pasta.

Joking aside (I hope) I am thrilled to be teaching alongside Wendy Senger of Tattered Angels, Celine Navarro, Heidi Swapp, Lory Bucaria and the Italian contingency at the Paper and Co Show. Im desperate to find out how much fun Celine is, as my friend Corinne in Holland says she is a blast. With French and Italian speakers in my vicinity, I am certain there is going to be a language problem because I can't even speak proper England as it is. Luckily for me, my lovely friend Jane is accompanying me and when us two get together, language has no barriers when all you can do is laugh.

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22 Mar 2010

Sweet, pretty projects

As promised I am sharing the additional makes to the Create and Craft airing that I had on the 3rd March. You can see the initial line of projects HERE but below are the new and exciting paper projects to compliment the cards.

These were created using the papers from the CD. I wanted to bring paper projects to the show in addition to cards to stretch the use of your CD Rom. The average cardmaker makes 20 cards a year for their family (discounting christmas). Once they have made that many cards, they might make a few for recreational or design team purposes. So when you end up with a rack of CD Roms you are going to be wanting to find new things to make with your papers - not just cards! Its time to be a paper engineer as well as a cardmaker...........hmmmm, well, I hope so.

Now, the templates for some of these are awaiting a commercial licence to go on my next CD so you will have to wait a teeny wee while to lay your mitts on them. The templates are not on The Colour Burst of Fanciful Things CD and we stipulated that on air. But because the papers have a designer feel, I wanted to showcase just what you can do with the papers to maximise their use and show them off in the best light. And due to the response to the projects that were made, it has given me food for thought for the next CD - lots of exciting templates to suit many an occasion.

Terrie Bailey also provided some fresh projects for the show - loves, love, love them.....

Mini mini card and mini mini envelope
I have made a video but Ill be bummed if I know how to join them still working on that. Its a lovely project based on pop-outs which is a new love of mine for cardmaking right now. Please bare with me, I know I promised that yest.

So on to today.
We really needed to get out as a family. Work commitments, family visits and weather has prevented us from venturing to the coast. At 4pm we set off later than usual but to beat the "coming home traffic" and crowded streets was a really good idea. The promenade was all but ours and the roads were congestion free. We have decided to come to the coast more often at this time! Here are some pics from our afternoon which resulted in a pizza Hut takeaway by the sea - mlam!

Modern, curvy railings

Me and my girl. Ive hardly any pics of us together so Im glad when Mark gets behind the camera. Isnt she a little doll?

Hmmm, still obsessed with those curvy railings!

My fave pic of the day - Ellie set against a stormy sky

Don't like the look of those cumulus nimbus (or whatever!)

My crew

Lovely driftwood

Me, waving in the rippled sand puddle reflection

Sandcastles, sadly trodden on my Eddy the crazy sausage dog, about 3 seconds later

Doesn't Southport have a v v v trendy pier?

My love and my life

Its rare to get open eye and giggling shots at the same time. She was laughing at Eddy chasing mark on the sand.

Perfect day. Now need perfect sleep.
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21 Mar 2010

Lucky girl plus giveaway

i don't always think we have the best luck in our house but today I thanked my lucky stars because not only was Leonie so up for helping me promote my CD on air today, the producer was also really geared up for the show too- so thank you to them for playing such an instrumental part of the success.

Of course it would be ridiculous to not thank the girls who contributed so many beautiful cards on the show too - so a massive thank you to Lynda Morland, Sarah Youde, Rose Guthrie, Janey Pye, Carol Bacon, My mum, Jo Jill, Terrie Bailey, Justine Burgess and Louisa Maclean.

Tomorrow I have a lovely video project of a pop up card that I didn't quite have the time to make plus pictures of those super cute baby shoes, bag, high heel and storage caddy that was shown on air today.

Thank you to those that watched and supported me, The amount of work and tears that go into those CD's is immeasurable.

**Meant to add from the previous post that dotcom gift shop are offering FIVE of these Easter presents as a give away - put your name below and ill draw a winner on Monday. Im such a dork for not reading my emails from them properly**
So cute, really wish I could eat it... looks like a doughnut

18 Mar 2010

The Bunny Cometh

He do, you know............ bringing lots of thigh busting chocs and goodness to all. Check out this little lot from my all time fave gift shop at dotcom gift shop:

Want to eat this

Make this

Store not just eggs but craft tools etc in this

Totes for you and the kids like this

Pretty garlands like this

Oh I love spots so much, want these pretty badly

Am v. v. v. v. v. not well today and neither was Belle. We both lay ick for eternity in our stinky pits. At lunchtime she snapped her fingers and demanded chicken because she thinks chicken cures sickness. I have this book called Chicken soup for the Soul and I think she started it from that title and she made her mind up that its a cure. So I made soup and chicken dippers and bread with orange and lime juice and she set to work on making herself feel better by eating every last drop/crumb. I don't think she will be going to school tomorrow because I think the chicken has to work its magic for a few days. Hmmmm.

Whereas I have to soldier on no matter what, getting projects made for the show on Saturday... you going to watch? I have some very chic projects to share plus an amazing pop up card. I have designer shoes, bags, stationary folders, favours, hats and all sorts as well as cards....oooh and a printed t shirt - get me! Even if CD Roms are not your thang, there will be pretties to look at and hopefully get your creativeness in full swing. Create and Craft, noon with Leonie (thankfully, she is brill!)

Gotta go and wipe my nose - now, where is that dog?

17 Mar 2010

Mon Petit Dolls

Those who know Suzi Blu will appreciate my little song......."Art class love, Art class love, Art class love". Hear Suzi sing it to you here (scroll to video half way down the page). I can't stop singing it; it really does make me laugh.

Learning with Suzi has been one of the best art classes I have taken. She allowed me to draw myself. I did award myself some spectacularly golden wings and beautiful crown from German Scraps at Paper Artsy here ->
and Ive gone out of my way to do a grown up one here (with a very roman nose..... which I am not a fan of, but still.....) I love how, by painting her eyes and highlights white, that you can change her piercing stare. I think by the time Ive finished with her, her buns will be smaller and her dress will be peacock blue on a collaged canvas.

And I have drawn all these babies ready to colour in.
Got to do an Alice themed one, right?

This ones quote will be "she wishes for hair quite unlike a bear cub"

This angel might lose her mickey ears (buns, I know but Ellie thinks they are bear-cub ears!)! Who knows.

They will look a million times better painted and cut out of course....but these are the "before" so that in a few weeks I can show you the "after".

Alongside Suzi Blu comes Kelly Rae Roberts. Dyan introduced me to her and she is magic. Dy bought all the girls one of these, this weekend.... (thanks Dy, I love her. Ive called her Serendipity)I am in love with this style of doll but I'm also drawn to Kelly Rae's overall melancholy style. One that I ought to try and smush up with Suzi Blu's style and inject a bit of Kirsty Wiseman into too. Hmmmm, tricky.
I have to say, Im on a real roll with colour and collage right now. I feel a couple of canvasses calling my name........ "Yoohoo, Kirsty, come and throw yourself covered in paint on me" I hear them say. And I say "Whoa, slow down you creepy talking canvas varmints, for I have to get ready for a show this weekend and its sucking creative mojo from anything else" Well, it is - kind of. Just energy left for anything else except tidy my dump of a craft room up and chase Eddy "the bazzill stealing" fiend from my space.