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19 Dec 2010

Winter Wonderland

Is it cruel to take a dog, whose belle is 3 inches from the floor, for a walk in the snow? Um, not when his parents are childlike and want to trudge through the white stuff and act like clowns.
We donned Eddy's new sweater and we wrapped up with our bestest winter warmers and trekked over to the Three Sister park (a stones throw from our house). Ellie opted to stay snugged under blankets but then we would have had a hard time pushing her chair around in this lot!

Here is what we did:
At the start of our walk, fairly light before the sun went down. Its gorgeous here.

Dark amongst the hedgerows but poppets of red sure add a christmas tinge to the whole affair.
Run to me Eddy - run, run run

Mark, Im not ready for my picture plus....I am freezing!
These are my favourite walkways at the park, all secretly hidden and not most people know they exist! It was really dark down here.

Ive always loved running my hands through these reeds when I walk past but, um, not today!
The walk back home getting darker and darker.

He heeeeeeeeeeeee - time to warm up a little!

The moon guiding our path, it was quite serene.

Its now a solid lump of ice outside and far to treacherous for dog walking (as from tomorrow, I expect.). Going to do another winter walk this afternoon before its gets too treacherous.

As for the rest of this morning? Im wrapping all our pressies - time to get the crimbo tunes on!


Anonymous said...

shame your daughter could not manage this enjoyable family walk. Seems like since we last saw or heard anything she must be poorly as she was walking around in many other pictures. Hope she improves to enjoy Christmas and NY as we celebrate our Saviours birthday and put Christ in the centre of the celebrations we have to enjoy and the overwhelming wealth most choose to display in this part of the world! not wrapping gifts this year..given money to charities supporting disabled people in Churches and health related charities related to the serious illnesses my Mother died from. Enjoy your gifts!

Sue said...

Fab photos. Hope your dogs belly and dodah have thawed out.

Bettyann said...

Oh my so beautiful..looks like you live in the in Vancouver no snow, cool and the picture with the moon rising..stay safe and warm hugs xxx bettyann

Lisa-Jane said...

Aw bless poor Eddie with his cold belly! He looked like he had fun though. Its so pretty there! I love wrapping with Christmas tunes in the background too - and smelly candles. All ours are wrapped and under the tree, except for the kids ones (obvs) as there wouldnt be room! LOVE giving pressies and making them look pretty! Enjoy yourself hun!

Lisa-Jane said...

Meant to say too that I wouldnt have wanted to try and push Bella's pushchair through the snow, let alone a wheelchair! Your Belle wouldnt have managed more than 2 steps with her condition in that depth of snow. I'm going back now to work on my Solstice meal - after all, that is why we have trees and gifts etc at Christmas. ;-) Chin chin! xx

Fiona said...

Why do dogs love the snow even when their 'undercarriage' is dragging in the freezing white stuff?
Great snowy scenes Kirsty. Sensible Belle staying in the warm!


Michelle loves ... said...

Gorgeous pictures! :)

Deb said...

I love the pics of little Eddy running! Grin-inducingly cute!