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29 Dec 2010

Snippets of the season

We spent a few days at my parents this Christmas - just a getaway and a refresher from these four walls. Plus my mum makes the best Christmas dinner ever. Here are some little odds that I took of the day with no reason other than "I just liked them".

I quite like taking incidental pics at the moment. Nothing particularly pretty; just - well, incidental. We love party poppers in our house, almost ballistic they are, when fired into the light fittings.
Mateus Rose now comes in fizz.....yahoooooo!
Mark and I in the colander. I love how round we look!
Just about to tuck in to our starters. Mark was met with the realisation of "thinning" when he saw this picture. He is convinced its his own personal solar panel. Hmmmmmm.
Starters - always prawn cocktail, always amazing.

Little Belles. Loves tiger prawns with a passion.

Looking up to Mark, waiting for him to steal a morsel from her treasured meal....ready to stab with a fork! We happen to love this picture very much. As ever, Belle's is peering over her spectacles.

No stealing occurred but instead, a playful nose squishing ensued.
On Boxing day, we took a stroll on the cliff tops with my Dad too and then down on to the beach on the walk back. Mark and I took the pooch for plenty of beach walks this season. He loved it.
We marvelled over the rocks and pebbles (Bridlington bay has chalky white cliffs, providing an abundance of smooth white rocks that have been tumbled a million times by the sea). Mark was adamant that he would find some fossils whilst I searched for pwitties.

Ive always wondered who came down to the beach at night to drill holes in the stones. I mean, how the hell do they just appear. I asked out loud thinking it would fall on deaf ears but Mark explained to me just how they happen. Well, blow me down with a feather...... I was truly surprised.
They start off with a small dent in the rock. Another small rock will nestle in the dent and as the ride washes over the pebble, it spins into the dent, making a divot.
we took one pebble out to show you its progress
Before long, the pebble will swill through the rock to eventually escape on the other side. I mean - how did Mark even now this ???? (girly swat that he is). I just find this stuff fascinating. We named this collection the Holey Trinity. Apt, of sorts. I'm going to find some old rope and thread these as a display in the bathroom. They are as large as Marko's fist.
And sure as eggs is eggs, Marko found his prized fossils. And to think, these are millions of years old. Yeeeeps! This one must have petrified a leaf of sorts.
And this one - perhaps a shell?
And then he posed for me with is winnings even though he looks 8 months gone with my finds hidden in his front pocket!

And so home to our Boxing day buffet where the pooch snuggled under warm blankets. Its such a shame he has such a large snout - I can never get both his eyes and nose in focus. Its either or!
And here is the stupendous buffet - cold meats, pickles, junk.....the kind that fills you up for months and sticks to your ribs FOREVER!

Just got to work it all off now............groan!


Fiona said...

Sounds like a perfect xmas to me.
Loved seeing your photo's Kirsty.

Bettyann said...

looks like the whole family enjoyed getting away to mom', love fossils..good job mark...happy new year !!!!!

Sue Ramsay said...

Picture of Elle looking over her glasses - STUNNING. Even that doesnt do it justice, wow.
Glad you have had a lovely time, you always seem to do such nice things!! Love and light.xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos !Enjoy reading your blog here in Cyprus. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Sue said...

What a fab time you all had. Your mum knows how to lay on a good spread.

Fab photos as always.

Anonymous said...

great to see your daughter looking so well and enjoying her food too!

Jo said...

what do you mean you can't get both in focus? I can with mine with differential focusing (that's what I think it's called.. ) you focus on the eyes, lock the focus, focus on the nose, lock the focus and then take the picture..

I'll peek in my Eos manual to see how to do it in more detail.

Lovely elles... beautiful photos.. and Mark? What a swot! But very informative.. made me wonder too!

Happy new year babe!

Amelie said...

oh we love fossil hunting. i mean like love it. we did it alot in portugal when we lived in spain, but sadly gave all the fossils away! the biggest ammonites i've ever seen! too big to carry home. always wanted to find a fish or a leaf though!
and i just found that bit about the holey stones fascinating... i had no idea. thank you mark!!

Sasha Holloway said...

Awesome post .. Happy New Year to you ..

mustavcoffee said...

Hello there Kirsty, Looks as if you had the very best time, great photos. Isn't Nature amazing!
Wishing you and your family the healthiest, most prosperous and Happy New Year:0) xxx

Andrea said...

Your Christmas sounds perfect to me Kirsty!!! I love seeing all your great pics!
Happy New Year to you all too and I hope that 2011 brings lots of joy your way and that your creative world carries on so successfully.
Andrea Willis x