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6 Dec 2010

A smorgasbord of happenings **plus giveaway*

Beaverbrooks? Watch out!
You know what its like if you are a crafter - you wanna make just about anything, for the thrill of accomplishing something. I love all crafts (well, knitting aside as I am RUBBISH at it) and jewellery making is something I can do on my lap, watching X factor. He heeeeeeeee. On Saturday night I made this little lot here. If I hadn't of been on a jewellery course (courtesy of Crafts Beautiful) I wouldn't have known where to start.

I was going to put them on my etsy but by the time you pay etsy fees and paypal fees, I might as well have made them for nothing. That's how tough the market is and I really do think that handmade gifts should be appreciated a little more. Nevertheless, here are my wares and handy work. I'm pretty chuffed with myself. They are for sale if you know anyone who likes little pwitties for their lobes:

Delicate pinks with a swarovski-style bead at the top

Cobalt blue glass hearts with swarovski style bead

Pink glass squares with swarovski style bead and pewter effect spacer

My fave - red glass hearts and apple green pearlies and floral spacer

Cobalt blue drop glass beads with swarovski style beads and pewter effect spacers

Lush olive beads, pewters spacer and clear beads

You see this charm bracelet? Well, Ive been collecting beads for a while now and also really pwitty charms. I made this for me including that ultra sparkly glass crystal heart which is TO DIE FOR. I love this so so much. If I had to sell this, it would cost a fortch as those charms were NOT cheap!

Gorge keyring with a pricey charm!
Hand made keyring with cutie little tiddly bits ans bobs
The tree is up!
iPod/iPhone selected my all time fave crimbo songs and we shoved it on the Bose system and blasted the street (let alone the house) with Dean Martin, Jim Reeves, nat King Cole and other classic tunes to decorate the tree with. 3 hours to decorate the house is no mean feat but Ellie and I sang our little hearts out.

I even dug out my Rocket Dogs to feel especially festive with

And of course, every responsible dog owner should dress their dogs accordingly
You can see he totally approves!
In a week I will be tearing my hair out from the glitz and bling of all this decor.......Im turning into a grumpy old woman!

House of Love
Most of my house is speckled with pwitty hearts as part of the normal decor. I wanted to share a few of the vignettes that soothe my soul. I really do love little wooden hearts, they feel lovely and fill a boring little corner when it seems to be missing something, yo know?

This twig heart sits in the hall on my prize butterfly project I made in the summer. And the winged heart canvas says "love lives here" and greets all our guests, just so they know!

This buttoned heart is one of my faves and sits on the picture of Mark and I on our mantle. The mantle is crammed with pics of us 4

This cute button heart has been previously chewed by the dog, the little toad

This heart was sent to me by my friend Louise Burton and I love it. It resides on my chair in the hall that also displays my fab typewriter.

My fascination with unusual elephants ornaments also has a heart tucked into the scene. I love my little hearts.
There are even hearts on my chicken wired frame....i LOVE that primitive heart button - wish I could find more like it

and finally my new heart which I bought for a cheapo £6 from the Clothes Show last week. Its solid wood and feels so lovely.

If you know of any stores carrying a good range of hearts, please let me know
**also, I need 4 people to join in with me for a heart swap - make a handmade heart with any material you like and small enough to hang in the home** You wanna play??

New Hair

My hairdresser talked me out of lobbing all my hair off on saturday. There are only so many ways to style a bobbed haircut but she is clearly the pro when it comes to giving me a different style this past year. Here is my new shorter bob with a sweeping fringe

See how much my hair has changed in 12 months - I am a funny old thing with my hair, thats for sure:

Finally - a giveaway.
My adorable sponsor, Natalie, has changed blog location and want to invite you to win a stamp set of YOUR choice for leaving a comment. Natalie is a leading Stampin Up demonstrator who has a superb team of girls working actively around the country to bring you GORGE stamps and delish ink colours (Cherry Cobbler? HELLO??!!).
Go and leave a comment HERE to be in with a chance of winning xx


Fiona said...

Fabaroony earrings Kirsty, love the pink square ones and the olive green best of all.
Eddie absolutely rocks in his Father Christmas outfit, what a hoot!
Bargain Clothes Show heart, I want one too!

Paula Pascual said...

Love the hair. You look gorgeous.

Lisa-Jane said...

Eddie looks fabby, as do you my dear. B&Q have some hearts in their Xams decs. xx

Rae said...

jamie at home do a REALLY cute wooden heart trivet that you can put hot pans or just cupcakes on! I'ce just ordered one :D

Lynz said...

I can't recommend anywhere to buy hearts but I'd love to swap with some peeps if there's room? I'm good at deadlines and have a spotless quilting bee record!

Colette said...

I love hearts too, there is something very reassuring about them. For rusty tin hearts to alter or just leave as they are I like 'Calico Crafts' and for just a fab shop generally but great for hearts 'Olde Glory'.

Rae said...

oh! and I would love to heart swap, although I have swapped recently so if other people are dying to do it I'm happy to stand aside!! ;)

Little Musings said...

If you have a little drill (like a dremel) You could get these:
and make two holes :-)

They also sell them in tag form with a hole already drilled for string.


Little Musings said...

Ok - that was a fail of a link...

but if you go here:

and look under hearts - they are half way down on the right called PRIMATIVE HEARTS.

Little Musings said...

I just noticed they will drill holes for 10p. Whoop :)

Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs said...

OMGosh, WOW!!! Kirsty, all of this is totally amazing...I love the earrings especially but wow...just wow...

Gemma said...

I'm up for a heart swap Kirsty...I have various ones hanging up around my home, and I'd always welcome more.

Bettyann said...

you are truly an all round your pretty precious earrings..I collect hearts also..funny me, even rocks..

Sue said...

Fab jewellery.

Eddie is just so cute in his Santas outfit.

Love all the hearts.

mariegoodwyn said...

Those are great earrings Kirsty - I used to make jewellery as a teenager but all my lovely beads have ended up with my niece somehow - sisters eh!!!
If you need another heart swapper - I'm game!!

Kirsty said...

Pretty, pretty displays - I especially love that they're all quite different, but still connected by the heart shapes.

As for more, have you tried NOTHS? There are pages and pages-worth here: Happy shopping!

If still space (and even though am very new to your blog) I'd also love to join in with the swapping.


D@nielle said...

fun earrings, love making those myself tooo. The the new do is fab, and eddie is just tooo cute !

Denise said...

Love your new 'do!
The earrings are gorgeous! And Eddie looks very sweet!

kerenbaker said...

If you're heart swap is well and truly over- ( as I'm sure it may be) then thats fine, but if you've still a heart-shaped place let me know ( from another heart-addict )