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26 Dec 2010

Michaelmas Walks

Ive never ever been to the coast and walked on the beach in winter. The light is gorgeous for starters and what helps most is the crisp air that fills your lungs to clear out the cobwebs. Having a pooch has pushed me to get out more over the last two years instead of festering on a sofa over the Christmas period and chomping on food. simply "because".

The route to the beach was so pwitty

And the light was dramatic
And we went looking for love. Well, pebbles in the shape of hearts
Even mussels - but Ellie thinks this is more like a butterfly.

And this is she, on Christmas day...opening some of many many parcels.

Its been a lovely christmas so far - how about you?


Jo E said...

Love, love, love that picture of the beach. Not having a dog, we didn't make it out for our Boxing Day walk but yours looks fabulous. Love the idea of looking for heart shaped pebbles. xx

Bettyann said...

lovely christmas for us..relaxing today..Ellies looks so cute opening all her goodies...

Anonymous said...

wonderful! Your little one looks excited and hope she had some great toys to play with over her little break from school

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas!

The photos are beautiful!
We are going for our christmas walk today!

Fiona said...

I love to see all the fab photography you post Kirsty, please don't ever stop! Ellie looks so happy opening all her pressies.
Glad you had a happy time.

Sue said...

Fab photos. Love the heart shaped stones.

Ellie sure looks happy with her presents.