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15 Dec 2010

A little crush

I have a list, as long as my arm, of my absolute scrapbook favourites. But there is always one blog and one girl whom I have to hunt down every month just so I can admire her creations with one of the best kit clubs in the world - Studio Calico. Her name? Nicole Samuels. She is a true a hidden treasure in a cave of scrapbooking jewels. I love that she doesn't leap and bound across so many scrapbooking mediums to proclaim her brilliance. In fact, I am loathe to share her with you because I ought to just keep her for myself.I hope she won't mind me "borrowing" her pictures from her blog. Im sure she won't. I've spent time with Nicole at CHA in 2009. Did we laugh or did we laugh during those 4 days? Honestly, my ribs still hurt from incessant laughter.

She has four adorable children. This picture of her youngest crying amongst a halloween "get together" cracks me up.

She is becoming a very special photographer. Her picture, here, of her daughter Cait is just breathtaking.
and here is the reason why I love her work. Her layouts always have something unique about them, you really ought to look at her entire back catalogue - amazeballs.

This double layout is a total and utter work of art.

Do you have a secret scrapbook crush? Go on, tell me.


Andie said...

I have to agree, Mrs Samuels is a tallented girl indeed....I also love.... Dear Lizzy...check out that litle baby

Sue said...

Fabby LOs. Can't pick just one fab scrapbooking blog.

Jessica said...

You know, I totally agree. Her unique and creative use of supplies always amazes me. Her layouts are some of the best in the gallery every month & there are some amazing layouts there!!!!

*reyanna klein* said...

Yay! I love her! I'm so glad you did this post. She so deserves the recognition. :-)

lynn bailey said...

i recognise the studio calico kits. very pretty layouts. i love the work from my friends amanda and angela(craftyangel). they both have their own styles. they are my inspiration

Mirjam said...

Thank you for the link, love love her work! Yesterday I discovered this lady through Celine's blog and eventhough I don't understand a word she writes I love her work. I am all about clean and simply these days ;-))