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11 Dec 2010

A lil bit of everything, really

Ive had a GREAT day cardmaking, tag making, new punch trials, photography, and a little something for me. I also managed a hardcore sesh down at the gym - spinning, x-trainer, belly busting and 40 min poochy walk. Ahem, that all didn't come without incident though as I took a few bites of carbs this evening so I have been naughty with a bit of garlic bread with cheese. Oh dear. But, its nearly Christmas and it could have been worse - it could have been pasta and creamy sauce or fish and chips. Who am I trying to convince here? You or me?

So here are a few of my "hand-mades" and projects:

Tonic Studios
Tonic sent me some gorgeous new punches to trial few weeks back. This is punch number 1 - cutesy snowman who Ive lovingly called Burt. He is GORGE. He cuts out beautifully and Im thinking threading ribbon through his side slots is a good idea too. Look out for more Tonic punches this coming week. Go here to see a list of stockists.

I really fancied faffing with food colouring and water this afternoon but could NOT be bothered to drag out the DSLR. Instead I used my little minxy Canon Ixus 80IS (it packs a punch, I dare say) and snapped this.
**a pal noticed that the splash of dripped ink looks a little like a dolphin....go on, look closely...amazeballs**
When I get a moment, Im deffo going to trial it with my DSLR to get it a little more crisp but,for a pokey little point and shoot, I dont think it did a bad job.

Tag Time.........but not Tim Holtz 12
Having only just gotten some of my Tim supplies to trial out his "12 tags of Christmas", I couldn't get into the spirit of his game today. Instead I made this tag here. BUT! **STOP THE PRESS*
Massive error alert - I forgot to attach the "never" word strip to the tag. Oh Dear!
It's been stuck on now. He heeeeeee, Im such a donut.

It now lives in this cute bag, attached to the embossed bingo card.

**the little wax sack on the bingo card? Thanks to The Ribbon Girl for sending me some. Fun little pockets they make**

Joy hanging
I dug this out from two years ago today. I made it from an acrylic album. As you may have guessed, Im not a mini book fan so using the "pages" from the book acted a perfect backing to make this christmassy hanging for our lounge mirror.
its so pwitty, even Mark likes it.

Little fancy
Me love craft. .......A little nik-nak to adorn my office shelves made from various sized cotton reels.
Its just a whim, a little fancy - something cute.

Ok, so now the mojo is back Im going to be busy doing some other bits and bobs including demoing a FAB product from Letraset that you all simply ave to own. Im being deadly serious. I begged them to send me it to trial and let me tell you - its going to blow your socks off.

PS: Check out the post below for my "new but late" digital stamp. Its been popular which means some of you are late (like me) making crimbo cards! He heeeeeee


Anonymous said...

love the ink dolphin picture thingy! Not so sure what I would do with the reels but as its all about you and now about me love ..its I I love it love it love it yes I do!

Sue said...

What fab projects.

Loving the dolphin in the water.

Fiona said...

Bert is fab, really lovely and liking the funky houses punch very much too.
Your pointing and shooting is brilliant, who needs a DSLR with results like that? (OK, I know you're more discerning than me where photography is concerned)

Fi x