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12 Dec 2010

Its been a while

.............since I held this beauty in my arms.
I have missed him.
We all bobbed along to my bro's this weekend with my parents to go and see the boy of the moment - Little JJ. He is sitting up and eating finger foods and filling out those once scrawny legs into bite-able chunkiness. Yummy, he is delish.

Here he is, in his bouncy swing - boy, does he go like the clapper on that!

I didn't take as many pics as I'd of liked but these are a few of my faves from the weekend......

New thing for me to see - he is a finger sucker. He rests like this and sleeps like this now. Adore.
And some Santa hats shots. No family album is complete without them. I can't decide which one I like best.

he he I love this one below - he is the spit of my father in this pic.

And - oh! The light flooding in his eyes in this pic is delish.

And one of Me and he. I feel more confident in pictures these days after losing two stones. compared to this one when he was a wee baby - ugh, I was going through a total "hate myself" time in May.
And a few of my Momma and JJ - which wasn't great timing as he was NOT in the mood one bit
See what I mean?!!!! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee

And lastly, with daylight diminishing and the call for ISO 3200 (YEEEEEK!) I got this but I love it so so much despite the grain.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too xx


Fiona said...

What a gorgeous boy he is, can't believe he's grown so much. My fave photo's are the first and last.
BTW photo's of you are always flattering, have you been to Posing lessons or something? Would love to know your secret as I always look like a gurning old hag with 10 chins!

Anonymous said...

a sore finger or 2 soon then! Nightmare of the future sadly!

Sue said...

JJ is adorable. Love the ones with his Santa hat:)

You look lovely in all your photos.

hello gorgeous said...

hey gorgeous, FAB pics of JJ...he is SUCH a cutie you could just squish his cherubby looking cheeks! squiiiiiiisssssshhhh!! How he has grown tho', beautiful...and his eyes, they are delish! ;o)

Have a happy Monday sweetie...


hello gorgeous xxx

Paula Pascual said...

I am with on the deep dislike for ISO above 200, but that photo is truly scrumptious.

*reyanna klein* said...

These photos are amazing!! You do such beautiful work, Kirsty! And he is really one of the cutest babies I've EVER seen. EVER. Ever. :-)

Bettyann said...

awww you are so right Kirsty..JJ is the cutest little baby..look at those to the glad you were able to hold him..

Kate said...

He's grown so much, but he's still sooooo yummy!!

** Kate **

kathleen said...

What a cutie! Your photos are gorgeous, Kristy!!!