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4 Dec 2010

A funny old week

Im not kidding, it really has been a funny old week.

Firstly, I won a surprise package from Studio Calico (en route to me as we speak). This came out of the blue and of course I am overjoyed. We all know scrappy crafty parcels are the best........even better than shoes and dare I say cake?

Secondly, I wont tickets to the Clothes show (worth £30 a ticket, I may add). Now as a Fashion Design student this is something that came in handy. As a treat I booked myself onto a beautiful guest house the night before only 2 miles from the NEC. Travelling on a Friday on the M6 is a flaming nightmare at the best of times and I wanted to be first in (or thereabouts). As the win was short notice, I couldn't even give the ticket away and plus as the country is pretty much snowed in, most of my friends that could have used the ticket wouldn't have got here anyway. So I went on my jack jones. It was OVERWHELMING. Ive been to the NEC a billion times for millions of events but I have never EVER been to a show as MASSIVE as this. Its even bigger than CHA - and CHA is enormous. I was exasperated. I didn't know where to start. Shop upon shop upon exhibit upon catwalk upon fashion shows - seriously, it made me a bit edgy. But there were some extremely beautiful displays and supplies all at my disposal.

I didn't see Gok but could have had the opportunity to meet Jeff Brazier (um, Hardly a fashionista but there you go. My bloody luck. I did see Lee Stafford cutting the locks off a young girl plucked from the crowd only for me truly wishing I would be picked. Instead, I'm off to the hairdressers this afternoon to have another haircut as mine is getting on my proverbial wick. This is what I have planned. I hope I don't regret it in the morning. But I have to be sensible here, Im a momma first, designer second and sadly mature fashion student third and this should fit in all three categories. **nervous** The more I lose weight, the more I suit a pixie cut because fortunately I do have a very small head (ie small brains too, I guess!)

Thirdly, OMG, THIRDLY? Jesus, I didn't know where to start. Finally the go ahead for belles changes in school have materialised. Whilst over the years, my frustration has clouded my judgement of the schools co-operation, I am in fact in debt to their "behind the scenes" problem solving. I can't help but feel pissed off as a momma because being the tiger to my little cub, it means I have to roar more than your average momma. But anyway, the school have been more than forthcoming in Ellies favour and have given her the go ahead to attend a special unit on Tuesday for Personal Development and Life Skills and a Special College to take Floristry on a Wednesday. This means she will be ab attending three different units a week (including her mainstream school). I wept with joy at the meeting which was held with her SENCO and Deputy Head. This is life changing for Ellie in terms of socialisation and education. I can't help myself thinking its too little too late but hopefully these final years in school may forge an extension in education as I know children with needs like Ellies often means she can stay in Education until the age of 23 (fingers crossed). To say I am the happiest Momma on this planet is an understatement. **eyes filled with tears as I type**

Oh damn, I have a fourth bit of news. Bums, I forgot, well not actually because Mark and I are still fresh in the knowledge of this bit of news. Well anyway, about 5 weeks back Ellie went for Ultrasound testing on her muscles. It's never been done before and to be honest, SHOULD have been done in the early stages of her problems some 9 years ago. But still. The appointment to discuss the results wasn't scheduled until NEXT JUNE!!! Well, I couldn't wait that long, and tiger mode set in. I rang Ellie's consultants secretary to ask if we could have a telephone appointment to discuss the results and I even had to wait a month for that. Last night we got the call. I held my breath thinking "Just another lot of blarney" until he revealed that the results were what we secretly feared. The results showed an abnormality on her bi-laterals on both her calves and thighs. Whilst we are not shocked that there is abnormalities, it still stung. We have KNOWN for years, you know. I mean, you only have to see Ellie walking to know that something is not right. I didn't know whether to laugh, cry or freak out when he told us. The next course of action is another biopsy on the abnormal tissue in her muscles. She did have one when she was 6 but its apparent they took good muscle on that occasion and not the bad muscle on her bi-laterals. But then they didn't do an ultrasound for that, which would have been USEFUL back then. God! **breathe breathe**

My Doctor was AMAZING last night when he said that Neurology had advanced so much since Ellie was 6 and that I had to trust him. And I kind of do, actually. He said he would like to nominate Ellie for special research of which he is only allowed two out of this thousands of patients to do so. WE are honoured that he has appointed Ellie, we truly are and we will relish this new journey with much gratefulness. The biopsy takes 8 weeks to organise and will mean Ellie going under a general but we have been warned this is the LAST evasive operation that she will have.

I am in a right state if I am truthful - all these weird and wonderful things happening in one week. I like to enjoy one thing at a time and appreciate them fully with a clear mind but bloody hell, I am here, right now, bemuse and puzzled and feeling pretty bloody weirded out by it all. I just didn't think it would be possible to cram as much in my week as this one. And Im that freaked out I literally have come out in hives......I'm all itchy and blotchy. Hope my hair doesn't fall out from shock but then it might save me from a trip to the hairdressers, saving me £60!

Of course, I would like to thank my regular readers who will fully empathise with all this news. I hope you can identify just exactly how I am feeling because I sure as shit cannot convey it words effectively. Maybe give me a week and Ill give you a proper update.

Happy Saturday, people.
PS: The tree is going up this weekend - HOORAY!


Sophie-Lou-J said...
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Sophie-Lou-J said...

What an eventful week you have had! x great news on ellie being chosen , hope everything goes ok, and great news with her schooling plans x
Sophie-Lou x

Anice said...

My goodness Kirsty you have had a week to remember. I'm not sure to say about Ellie, I'm pleased that you have an answer, sad that it's not good news but then pleased again that she is getting to be treated out of all the other patients. If that's how I feel reading your post then I can't imagine what you are going through. I just want to sent you all my very best wishes, love and hugs. Enjoy the good bits and ride out the rest that's what I try to do with my MS.
Anice xxxx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Wonderful, just wonderful news! xxx

hello gorgeous said...

hey sweet cheeks! I am exhausted just reading about your week! ;oO

I understand where overwhelming comes from...I get this just trying to get OUT through the front door! :o( But I bet you're glad you went....and has probably given you SO much inspiration for your course! :o)

It's absolutely FAB news about ellie's education and whilst you have gone through hell in trying to get this help earlier in her's not REALLY too late at this stage as this is where she is MOST influenced by what she does and which direction she could go in.....and if she gets to stay in ed until 23 {approx} then it's probably the BEST time for this to happen ;o) {but at the same time no less frustrating for what you have been trying to achieve for her}

Her op is another "wow" moment and another step closer to can be SO maddening when you are in "no-man's land" as far as knowledge is concerned.....although you may feel LOTS of apprehension you MUST stay positive sweetie....

And so to the haircut....this is a time, I feel, where you can actually sit in the chair and let all the information of this week just sink in, be digested and placed in little compartments in your brain.....a chance for you to get mentally organised with it ;o)

You will look usual!

hugs and snogs

hello gorgeous xxx

Julia said...

Wow Kirsty what a week you've had, some good some not so good. Great news on Ellie's schooling and that she has been nominated for special research and fingers crossed that some good comes from this as you all sure as hell seserve it.

Kay said...

So many things this regular reader (who is a a very bad commenter) wants to say about your news but no words to adequately express them. When will they invent the mind meld? I hope you can feel all the good thoughts I am sending your way!

Anne Jagger said...

Good luck with everything.

patriziawithaz said...

I don't have the words to express how I feel about your struggles regarding Ellie's well-being but know that you and she are in my thoughts xxx

Sam said...

all I can say is Good Luck with everything. xx

Rita Hutcheson-Cobbs said...

Kirsty, you are so very inspiring...I just appreciate you so much...Hugs...

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Thank you girls. Your comments makes our tough journey so much more bearablexx

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Thank you girls. Your comments makes our tough journey so much more bearablexx

Fiona said...

Hi Kirsty,
Wow, what a week. So pleased that Ellie's schooling is going in a new direction and hope she will love it. Also good news that she has been chosen for this research and having another biopsy. Sure you will be worried sick as any mum would be, but hope you will at last begin to get some answers.
Can't even begin to imagine what you all must have been through, but sending you oodles of positive thoughts.
Fi x
PS Shame you missed Gok and can't wait to see the new barnet.

Sharon S. said...

Oh sweetie you have had a funny old week. Thinking of you all and hope you have at least enjoyed the clothes show treat. Take care and sending you all our love, Sharon S x x x

Sue said...

From another growly Mum :)
I am off to the clothes show on Weds with the school :)

Anonymous said...

Blimey! WOT A WEEK! What a lot to take in!

So many people I speak to have had a wierd year this year.

I'm sure that being on this research programme will be a big benefit to Ellie. It must also mean that you'll be able to sae some of your roaring for other purposes!

(I think your hair is going to look fab! Also, it must be a compliment to NOT be picked out of the audience at the Clothes Show!!)

good luck in everything!


Bettyann said...

Wow, it's more than one can takae in !!!The planets were aligned just right...Hugs and lots of love going out to you and your family...Ellie is just beginning on a fab are the best Mom in the world..the tiger, who roars, with a smile in her voice..Thank you dear friend for including us, your blog friends, in your blessed news !!!! Long live queen Kirsty..champion girl..

Sue said...

Sure you will enjoy your crafting package when it arrives.

Glad you made it to the clothes Show, but a shame you didn't meet Gok.

Your new hair style looks good, although I'd be driven mad by having any in front of my eyes.

So glad finally Ellie's school have got things sorted. I am sre she will relish every minute.

Also glad you have heard from the specialist. Hope afgter the next biopsy they can come up with something to help her.

Have fun putting the decs up.

sue said...

Good things DO come to those who wait.........and boy have you waited angel. love and light - Sue xxxxx

Lisa-Jane said...

Crikey missus! I think hives is a pretty good outcome after such an eventuful week, I think I'd be flat on me back needing resus! Great news about Ellie's schooling and the tests. I really hope they can help her and hopefully she can be part of something that can help other people too. Blessings to you all xx

D@nielle said...

If there's anyone who deserves a week full of funny like this it's you ! More good things are sure to come and I'm so proud you're keeping up with the healthy streak, I'm hanging on by a thread in that area but trying my best.

Dylan said...

Mwahhhhhhhhhhh xxxx

Anonymous said...

glad yuor daughter is Ok and well enough for school etc . Fantastic news to be thankful for and celebrate.