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2 Dec 2010

Catch up

Ive been such a lazy blogger. Sometimes I just get fed up with it but I remind myself that its such a good thing to look back on. I am so tied up with coursework and keeping fit that everything else just falls by the wayside.

So in sum:
Ellies Birthday
Oh yes, Frankie and Bennies again. This girl loves to come here as, you may know, they halt the restaurant and dim the lights when they bring you your cake - the whole restaurant sings happy birthday too. She thinks this is magic. My mum and Aunty came for the proceedings as well as my in-laws plus Amy (Belles new bezzy bud). Ellie loves the streamers I bought for the table and thought that Amy might like to sample having curly hair for a change.

It was a lovely night out and Ellie thought it was magic.

B'day Party
I went along to my friends 40th down in Salisbury with Marko and Belles. I should have been glad that I was looking a lot better than in recent months but to be honest, the dress did nothing for my figure and I hate every single picture of me in it. It serves as a reminder that I still have a long way to go to get rid of my hideously over sized chest that is refusing to melt away like other parts of me.
Zoe had invited some of the girls I had joined up with and one of the girls I had not seen since 1987. I swear to go she has not changed one bit. One of my other friends, Jeanie have been on and off "in touch" for all those years and it was lovely to see her again. Belle tried to enjoy herself and amused away the time by exploring the Officer Mess (where the party was held) and daydreaming the night away in her usual imaginative way.

Girls from my past: Cath, Jeanie and Zoe
Me and Marko - as taken by the brilliant photographer, Ellie!
Bloody false eyelashes - ripped the buggers off and created the look of the season!
The thing that topped it off for her was staying in the Travellodge - a home from home and a bit of excitement which included a slap up breakfast the next morning with her dad at the Little Thief (Chef). Im always tempted to ask the waitress if the chef is little in those establishments. Me? I just had a tall coffee to buzz me up for a day in London.

Natch Hist Museum
Aaaaw, Belles has wanted to come here for, like, EVER! As we were down in Wiltshire (an hour from London) we seized the opportunity to nip across to spend the day here. I personally found it dated and staid but Ellie, of course, thought it was amazeballs. I liked a few of the exhibits including going inside the Cocoon but other than that it was chilly and slightly dull. I feel mean saying that but its just not my bag.

What kind of a face is she pulling here? Little minx!

At the bottom of the Cocoon.....tres impressive structure that you wind yourself from the top to the bottom going through lots of fun play and discover exhibits. Ellie isn't half pulling the most ridiculous faces in these pics!

Me and Belles, in the main atrium

Ellies sole purpose was to see this boney thing here - I mean...they are JUST bones!!!! lol, but she was so excited!

The main thing is that Ellie enjoyed every single second of the day and then slept all the way home - she really was worn out.

Ive been doing a little bit of fun things with my phone of late. My friend, Ladybug, uses Instagram for her iPhone and I thought Id play along too. The camera on an iPhone is pretty crap but the filters create great results! Here are some of my recent pics:

Me walking in the minuscule amount of snow with the dog. And I mean less than a centimetre of the stuff (pretty chuffed, actually....means we have safer roads!)

Me so fancy at the gym - polished nails and jewels. I mean, after slaughtering myself for hours on end, I gotta feel good somehow!

Another freezing cold walk with the dog and my fancy hat adornments.

Me and my wedge wellies - the tres fashionable heels on a welly.

And finally - go me! I won tickets to the Clothes show this weekend.....I NEVER win anything! This will be great for my studies and hopef I get to meet Aunty Gok and bag myself a free makeover!


Fiona said...

Great to catch up with you Kirsty. You are looking great, girl and made me laugh with your comment about your 'hideously oversized chest'. speaking as one who has always been lacking in that area! (think fried eggs)
Think you always look v. stylish, wish I had your knack of accessorising-loving the wedge wellies btw. Enjoy the Clothes Show and hope you get to see Aunty Gok, his shows are ace.

Sue said...

Glad you've all been hving fun.

Enjoy the Clothes Show.

Bettyann said...

Well I think you look great..glad you had fun with Ellie out and about...have a great time at the Clothes Show

Lisa-Jane said...

OMG Kirsty! Where did you go? Your face is looking particularly slim and gorgeous if I might say so. Glad you had fun and especially Elles too. Aunty Gok was in Southampton last weekend when you were down this way, doing a book signing. Next time come and see us luvvie! Take care xx

Sue Ramsay said...

Had to look twice, thought you had included a picture of Kara Tointon (Dawn from Eastenders!) - I always thought you were gorgeous anyhow but even more so now! (In a non-lesbian way you understand lol ) xxx

greyparrot said...

ahhh hun if you happen to see any of 'Coady Crew' dancing at the clothes show would you snap a few pics for me please? Three of our troops from the dance school are performing (I've seen the dances already and they are fab)
Cheers and enjoy, we were going to go but the tickets were just too pricey (bout time they did them on clubcard deals!) x

Keilly said...

Wow Kirsty, as Lisa-Jane said, where have you gone? You are looking fabulous hun. x