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15 Nov 2010

Whats Cookin'?

My hubs is a fab cook and has been since we got married. Me? I like to experiment and play but I don't have the knack like he does. Yesterday we invited the outlaws around for dinner and Mark looked through our Wagamama's recipe book (thoroughly recommended). He chose Seared Beef Sashimi for starters and Cha Han (chickens and prawns) for main. I made homemade mincemeat in filo pastry twists for pud but that was small fry compared to his accomplishment.
As I am strictly on high proteins, I had erm, a piece of cod and an egg - LA dwellers would love my will power on this diet. But that didn't stop me frothing at the mouth with the brilliant scent of fresh ginger and spices dancing around the kitchen. However, I'm sticking to my guns with my abstinence from carbs because, as you know, I'm **cough** 40 in Feb and I want to be nice and slim(mer) for the occasion.

I did have a taste of the fillet steak that was seared 15 seconds on each side, plunged into freezing cold water and placed int he freezer for an hour - I thought I was going to "chuck" up eating raw fillet but it was divine. I skipped the salad tasting but did dip my pinky in the amazing dressing he made for this stunning little starter.
I made this yesterday afternoon to build my quote and tag collection. I even decorated a teensy brown kraft bag for it to live in. The two quote counter act each other and is more of a fun play on the word match the cutie cake die cut. Just thought Id share it with you.
And finally, if you look to the left of my blog you will notice a new little add. I will post more about that tomorrow.....been sobbing my heart out this evening with the beautiful donations already pledged so far. **sigh, people are so so generous**


Sue said...

All sounded very yummy.

Fab creations.

Highland Monkey's said...

Wish my hubs was into cooking. Your card is lovely

Patricia said...

You got me all motivated with this protein diet! More details? Recipes? Pleeease!