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20 Nov 2010

Went shoppin'

Today I took a train to Birmingham to meet up with a slimming buddy of mine, Kes, whom I have met online through a slimming club forum. She and I get along really well and between us have lost lots of weight (although my journey continues up until my 40th in Feb). I haven't been girly clothes shopping for YEARS without hubby in tow or Ellie being bored to tears with my faffing through the racks.

She is LOVELY and has lost almost 6 stones in weight. She inspires me!

I bought a dress three times smaller than what I would have bought in August but believe me, I still have two more dress sizes to get through before I get to my ideal size. I bought this for my freind Zoe's party next week (Hi Zoe!) and I couldnt be happier with it. Although the bow on the collar has GOT to GO ...Im too old for bows.
Even earrings to match - check me out, miss co-ordination!
Maybe these shoes (if I can get over the fear of crippling myself in them)

The plan I am following isnt exactly sunshine and lollipops and at times I think "Jeez, eat something with a bit of friggin flavour will you?" but I persevere for the sake of my health more than being slimmer. The reason being was that I had horrendous wheezing fits and a pain in my sternum for the longest time and now its just not there anymore. My skin looks so much better and Im wearing clothes from yesteryear that don't make me feel like the bag lady anymore.

Onwards and downwards, I say.


Bettyann said...

wow the dress is glad you had a great time girlie shopping...looking goood and healthy..let us in on the secret of your healthy eating..

Dawny P said...

Jeez Kirsty I can see in your face how much you've lost. Well done and keep going cos you look amazing girl. My 16lb loss is now down to 12lbs - boo hissss. - so I am back on the slog soon. But hugest congrats to you xxx

D@nielle said...

wow you look so different in this pic, can totally see the weight loss working there ! I LOVE that dress, KEEP te bow we are never to old for cute girly things me thinks !

Keep this up and I won't recognize you next time we meet ;)

Sue said...

You are going to look fabby. Maybe we could see a photo of you in your outfit.

Craftyangel said...

congratulations on weightloss, isnt great shopping for smaller clothes

gorgeous dress kirsty, where is it from???

Lisa Hemmings said...

Oh Kirsty, you look so good!
The dress is beautiful, and you MUST get the shoes!!
Note to sell - I need to get back on my diet
Love Lisa

Miss Natz said...

Ooh, I lovelovelove that dress Kirsty!

After Christmas I'm going on a diet for 4 months before our wedding, eek!

At the Getaway I saw how much you have lost, it's been almost a month now and you look even fabber! Well done x

Lynz said...

You really can see in your face the weight loss! Way to go!!

That dress is gorgeous but, excuse me, WHY are we debating those exquisite shooz? Really. Sometimes pain free tootsies and non wobbly walking are over-rated and should be gladly exchanged for ridiculously beautiful footwear. Buy. The. Shoes.

Keep it up, girl!!!

Karen@CCC said...

You are looking FABULOUS girl!! I could *almost* fancy ya myself!

I can really see the weight loss in your face, it's taken years of you! Well done! xx

Debsg said...

I love that dress. Where is it from? I need to know! Adore the shoes too.

Heather said...

wow. you're looking fab K xx

Cazzy said...

Well done Kirsty, and keep it up. I could do with losing a few dress sizes too, and for my health.

Fabo dress, wouldn't look good on me and I couldn't do those shoes!

Cazzy x

Lisa said...

You look great Kirsty, the shopping trip sounds lively. That dress is gorgeous, where is it from?

sandysewin said...

I know EXACTLY what you're talking about. I've lost 40 lbs since March and have had way too much fun clothes shopping.

Like your shoes, I had to have a pair of boots that I'm certain I will kill myself in, but I don't care, they are too sexy and cool. :-)

So, keep up the good work. It is hard work, but very, very worth it. Congrats!

P.S. I also have another 35 to lose. So we persevere!

Sasha Holloway said...

we could shoe shop together any day of the week. I am trying to lose 2 more stone and I will be a hot ass. LOL .. you should try Jillian Michaels Shred it w/weights and if you cannot get a copy of it .. I have it and will send it to you .. you will get there for SURE. Or P90X that will sure get your body in shape.

pmk said...

The dress, shoes and earrings are gorgeous! You're looking fantastic - well done on the weight loss!!

KimS said...

Wow - you're looking so much slimmer around the face already (not that you looked fat before, of course, but you know what I mean!). I've got a fair few stones of chunk to lose myself - what is the plan you're on, if you don't mind me asking? It seems to be working well for both of you!