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19 Nov 2010

Two quilting Sarahs

Im a serial blog hopper. I sail in disguise and drink in beautiful imagery and inspiration but Im guilty of not always commenting. One thing about blog commenting is the rigmarole of the word verifications - grrrr, I hate that. But still.
My recent inspirations have come by the way of Sarah and Sarah. Their quilts have made me dig out some donated Riley Blake (AMAZING WEBSITE!) fat quarters I have had from Practical Publishing for months on end. I have enough to make 2 quilts!

Ive also order this little lot here, from The Cotton Patch. Amy Butler Fabrics, kindly inspired by my friend Sue Nicholson :). Some for a quilt, some for a frilly apron.

And Tilda Fabrics, for a little bag I want to make for my sewing bits and bats

Plus a little pretty book to probably look at for ten years before I venture into anything other than square edges!

I mean, I can actually sew. Im not to tailoring standard but squared edges are my speciality. Im hoping I can find a nice 5x5 die for cutting out perfect squares - does anyone do that for the cuttle bug? I mean - come on......they ought to, right?

So come back here in 45 years, I might just have made a start on it! He heeeeeeee


Candace said...

I've got an absolute ton of fabric already to quilt, I can sew, but just need to find the time! Its a bit like scrapping, forever buying but never using

Love the fabrics you have chosen(stops oneself from finding online shops that sell said fabric)

hello gorgeous said...

ooo, love ALL the colours and designs on these fab pieces of scrumptious-ness! can't wait for the big reveal (not in 45 years time hopefully!). The book looks A-MAZ-ING, just by the cover alone!! ;o)

If you eva blog hop to mine...then blinkin' well leave a comment missus....always happy to "see" who's been by to say hi....can't say hi back if it's a silent stop-over! THAT'S AN ORDER! lol!

Have a fab sunny walk with the pooch today ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

cannycrafter said...

You need a cutting wheel and a quilters straight edge from the Cotton Patch Kirsty. Mine is still in it's packet from about two years, since I bought my Anna Griffin fabrics! You see we are all just the same!! C x

Sue said...

I wish I could sew, but I am rubbish at it.

Hope you get your quilt done sooner, rather than later:)

EWhyley said...

i have an acrylic 5x5 template, bought from cotton patch, and also a rotary cutter. If you are getting into quilting then i would also suggest a basting gun (i got the mini stich, again from the cotton patch), as it is much easier and quicker than tacking!
I *heart* the cotton patch, get most of my fabric there. I have the tilda FQ pack that you ordered and the heather bailey and tanya whelan fabrics are beautiful. enjoy! xx

Bettythebaglady said...

Oh Kirsty-I promised myself I would not go down the sewing road and start accumulating a fabric stash again but it is sooooo difficult esp with people like you putting me in the way of temptation!Hugs Betty (and one for Eds and Rosie)XXX

Constantina said...

Have a look around this site, it might be helpful. I have a lot of other links if you are interested.


Little Musings said...

Eeeeeep = thanks for the link <3 I can't wait to see what you make - gorgeous fabrics!

jaki41 said...

Kirsty if you want an amazing place for materials, fat quarters(love that expression) try!) it's based in Chichester and it's A May Zing

Sarah said...

Oh wow thank you <3 xxx