Ladies Camera Club

26 Nov 2010

Perfectly imperfect

You know Belles and her photophobia.....I can never seem to get a good pic with her eyes open and this picture typifies that. I took this picture after school tonight and she wasn't up for a mini shoot. So in stepped Amy to tickle her and this is what I got and most of all, what I LOVE!

Thank you Amy, you little star and Ellie? - you are too cute for words even though at 15, Id hope to have stopped calling you cute.....but hey, its what you are x


Bettyann said...

So what some of us are still "cute" past middle-age...what'syou gonna do... Ellie is cute lol...what did she get for pressies ??

Sue said...

What a fab photo.

Angela Weimer said...

Great shot. Love the little chuckle. Hope she has a good Bday. Angela