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7 Nov 2010

Life without Downton Abbey?

I can't believe it was the last episode of Downton Abbey tonight and to add insult to injury, at the end credits, I heard that the next series starts next YEAR?
**eyes bulge, I let out a scream and wiped my eyes - I almost quite fainted and needed to lay on my chaise lounge with Ellie wafting a white handkerchief to rouse me**

This is the best TV programme I have ever watched and if it wasn't for I'm a celeb and Dancing on Ice coming in the next few weeks - well, I might have gone into hibernation this winter.

PS: I hope Miss O'Brien is happy with herself - huh, I could almost chin her myself.


littlemisspip said...

My mother and I text all the way through the programme. Some examples from tonight:

"stupid woman"
"evil woman"
"hate her"
"Oh my god"
"why doesn't he just kiss her"

It makes us feel less alone :)

I missed the first couple of weeks so didn't see all the scandal of the carrying of the turkish man but am now totally addicted! Mum and I spoke voice-to-voice afterwards and agreed that its most likely that the war will be over when the series returns. Not much fun otherwise - it will just be a load of women trying to cope with all the men off at war! Where's the romance? We think the next series will be life in the aftermath, more drama and tears and what not.

"Oh my goodness I am going to have to sit in your presence"

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

And the look on Edith's face when wotsisname walked out without proposing!!! Jude.x

Lynda said...

Loved it too Kirsty and didn't want it to finish either. I'm going to get the DVD set for my Mum as she's missed it all!

Love Lynda xxx

Cheryl said...

Oh I know what you mean Kirst it is a fantastic series what will we do now ?

Mandi said...

Isnt it totally fantastic!
The actors are all just fabulous

Awful pair Miss O'Brien and 'Liam' [ he was so nice in Corrie!!]

Gonna buy the DVD for now!

Julia said...

Another one here that is devastated that the series has finished. Loved every second of it.

JJ Sobey said...

That's pretty much my reaction every time a series of Doctor Who finishes...

I hadn't heard of this series - I'll have to check it out!

Andrea said...

Hi Kirsty,
I know how you feel! I am so going to miss watching it!!
Andrea x

Sue said...

What goes around.....she'll get her cumuppence (sp?).

I'll look forward to the next series.