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23 Nov 2010

Lanvin sell out at H&M

If only I was a total skel-bag to be able to get my frame into some of the new Lanvin collection at H&M. I would have been up at the crack of dawn, like every other skeletal fashionista to bag the likes of one of these
- check out the colour on those teal trimmed red shoes ...**sigh**

or one of these.

Or this busty barmaid-esque animal print ensemble - the skirt is gorgeous
BUMS! They're all sold out a matter of hours.

Only a few more months of exercise and diet to go and then Lanvin will be ringing me direct to make me a frock of my dreams to make up for it. Or maybe Valentino, for that matter - he is my fave. Then Mario Testino can shoot me, literally if he has to.


mustavcoffee said...

We share your dreams Kirsty although I'm not sure about those shoes, I'm getting so old fashioned LOL :0) xxx

DGgirl said...

**Sigh** - I wish!!!!!!!!!!!! On the bright side - Arpege remains my most fave ever perfume - try it if you can find it!