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16 Nov 2010

Just Giving

**hmmmmm - where do I start?**

OK. The other week I wrote about a dream of mine to walk the Inca trail to discover the lost city of the Incas. For years and years I have always wanted to do this. I know its not a gentle walk in the park because I've read about the stories of other people who have hiked it and their reviews ain't always inspiring. First off, its a 41km trek from Cusco, Peru, through excruciating temperatures, peeks and jungle (full of yucky yakies I refuse to even think about right now). It takes 4 days and three nights to complete so that's three nights sleeping with god-knows-what crawling all over me **shivers** Im funding myself to get there, that isn't too much of a problem but I think the reward will be to reach the summit of Machu Picchu and just, well.....simply cry. Hopefully I won't roll off the top or lose my footing and mega hopefully it won't be a cloudy day with a mist encircling the summit so I cant see it (my luck!).

Im going to do this in May 2012 with my friend Zoe and hopefully Jeanie - two girls I joined the RAF with in 1987. Zoe has a chronic athritis condition and is on track to build herself up for the event and Jeanie? Jeanie cycled from London to Paris in the summer just gone!

These pics are July 1987 (gulp!)If anyone else is thinking of doing it and wants to participate, please contact me (the more the merrier) but like I say - you have to fund yourself to go; it no package holiday that's for sure (and I ain't even going to contemplate eating the country's delicacy of roast guinea pig - blech) but it will be worthwhile, exhilarating and humbling.

Of course the whole point of this blog post isn't to show off at such a feat. No way. The whole point is about raising money for a well deserved charity. Initially I was going to donate all sponsorship to Alderhey Hospital but they are a cash rich charity which doesn't really need yours and my money. After hearing about the National Gulf Veterans and Family Association last week, my heart is set on raising as much money as I can for this little known charity. One that I am still reeling about and one that doesn't get a single penny from the Government **blows raspberries at that last bit**
Ive donated my own money to Help for Heroes in the past two years thinking my money will help all heroes, all wars. NOPE! WRONG! Help for Heroes is for all post 911 operations so that makes Gulf War 1 veterans null and void. Don't get me wrong, Help for Heroes is a magnificent charity whose profile went interstellar via Simon Cowell and X Factor when it was first launched. I believe if you can get a good rally behind your charity then it will prosper significantly. But little is known and done for the NGVFA that it beggars belief that its still managing to continue. However, it does mange to get by as many ex vets (like Zoe, Jeanie and I) care very much about our ex colleagues and the work that servicemen did in any war. I also, very much, support the British Legion too; a grand charity whose loyal supporters give so much and eases the burdens of the suffering.

The NGVFA provide help for soldiers, families and children affected by ANY war be it post traumatic stress, advising spouses on care for their husbands and children affected by any by-product of war. They have all the relevant and CRUCIAL information regarding the HORRORS of what the servicemen were subjected to including the injections and NAPS tablets that were FORCED upon the soldiers and given in such wicked combinations that suddenly "no record of the injections were ever recorded on peoples medical records". WE KNOW this information first hand as my husband has seen with his own eyes that in Dec 1990, there is not one declaration on his notes as to the "stuff" he was injected with. And its only just coming to light, 20 years later, of horrendous illnesses and diseases these servicemen are suffering from and in our case, what our children are suffering from as a result of the injections, NAPS, phosphates, burning oil wells and close proximity to warheads and bomb sites coated in depleted uranium. **did you know that if you ever came into contact with depleted uranium that even one speck will half its depletion on your body in 15 days and the rest stays on your body and erode, slowly, you forever and ever? And also the radiation from depleted uranium in a bombed out shell lasts 4 billion years?**

I don't want this post to be political but I can't help but give my two pennyworth's. If if have to be the Erin Brokovich of getting to the bottom of Ellies problems, then I will. And the NGVFA have lots of answers to my potential questions and so therefore I will support them in any which way I can. And hopefully, you might like to too.

My Just Giving page is here (pleased don't forget to tick gift aid as the treasury give the charity £2.62 on top of each £10 you donate). So many of my facebook friends have spared what they can already and every time I get an email saying that XXXXX made a donation, I just burst into tears. The enormity of it just pulls the waterworks string and I sit with my hand over my mouth and eyes dripping. People are amazing, YOU are amazing.

Thank you x


Sue said...

What a fabulous thing to do. I hope you exceed your target.

Debo said...

I can't think of the words to describe how I feel about the despicable way war veterans are treated after they have been prepared to lay their lives on the line for their country!!

After reading you post last week, I googled NAPS tablets and found this website: I read every single page. Wow! We 'civvies' have absolutely NO IDEA what life is like as a)a soldier, and b) a war vet. He says that although he 'survived',he is a living dead! How horrendous! And although the government sent him there, they will not help him now!

I don't know what else to say. I don't know what to do. But I do know I want this to be rectified. This whole state of affairs is unforgiveable.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and good luck on your challenge - I know you'll do it because it means so much.