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10 Nov 2010

I Bloody knew it!

Sometimes I am the queen of predictions (except the lottery, boo!) but today I was one step to winning personal bets in millions as my fave ever model, David Gandy (you know - guy in white trunks in D&G ad - I don't have to expand any further on his description - he had me at white trunks), will be the next James Bond. You know for years that I knew that Pierce Brosnan would play a good one (not a GREAT one) before he got the Bond title and I do love Daniel Craig as of now although I'm not fond of the blond in a Bond - Bond should be brunette. Word.

When its time for Bond to mutate again like Dr Who......well, Im telling you right here and now that David Gandy will be the next. And I will be Ursula Andres emerging from the sea clad only in a white bikini and dagger attached to a leg band.

After reading about his upcoming film in Vogue (Im obsessed with that website right now) Im excited to see positive blends within the model industry that seamlessly transpose to acting (and not singing - yuck). He stars with my fave ever female model, Helena Christensentwo gorgeous creatures gracing the screens at one time? LOVES IT!

I win - you owe me big bucks!

PS: Giveaway still open in post below!


Sasha Holloway said...

haha .. he is a nice piece of ass I tell ya .. yum on that.

SDCrafts said...

I am of a certain age and young, gorgeous men no longer...make me think of my sons! Work it out.

And see this!
Google search results for latest news on 'next james bond film' - your are 4th result down"

Sue said...

I think Sean Connery was the best Bond.

Anonymous said...

he is bloody gorgeous