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22 Nov 2010

How much is that doggy, in the window?

The one with the wag waggy tail?
How much is that doggy, in the window?
I don't think that doggy's for sale - at all, ever!
(he is not a dog, he is a sausage - ok?!)

You have seen pics like this before, my boy - sat on his favourite spot

Its the perfect place to get warm from the radiator but also stand guard to bolt upright at the slightest movement on the street

He peers though the slatted blinds, surveying his kingdom and with a potential bark rumbling in his gut
After no movement, he flops down but still keeping a watchful eye on proceedings

I open the blinds for him to get a good view on the street - I piqued his interest with a wide angle view because of this **note: I love where the seams of where his hairs meet on the side of his neck here**
One more scan across the street for foreign objects

aaaaah bugger it, looks like no prey for the kill this afternoon.
Tomorrow he shall repeat this process a thousand times.
And the next day and the next.

He heeeeee xx


Bettyann said...

oh so cute..he is the king of all he surveys..and of your heart..

Paper Paradise said...

Do you know, he must be one of the luckiest dogs can just see how much he means to you all. Mind, you he is a little darling! x

Sue said...


Julia said...

oh Kirsty what fab photos. Eddy is just gorgeous.

Carrie said...

Ahhhhh. Thanks for that...made me smile - what a sweetie!

mustavcoffee said...

Hi Kirsty, you take the best shots, he is a beauty :0) xx

Sophie-Lou-J said...

love this post he is adorable!

Sarah xx said...

Awwww bless Eddy - he's a such a star! My mum's dachsy used to do this too, ahhhhh happy memory! xx

Linby said...

so sweet.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Just LOL! x

cannycrafter said...

This soooooooooooooo made me smile! Just like Barney! (By the way he has not forgiven Eddy for biting a hole in his squeaky parrot you know!! Lol!)