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7 Nov 2010

Couture, Darling

Anna Wintour would hardly stir in her throne over a few sketches carefully drawn by an almost middle aged nobody from middle England, would she? Especially one that cannot illustrate so beautifully that the sketches themselves are worth more than the finished garment. But one lives in hope and will settle for featuring in an article about being a "Mature Fashion Student". I received an email from my tutor and diploma course designer with regards to featuring in their forthcoming newsletter. I suspect its to encourage mature students to look into further education and not the emerging fashion designer I could be. I just couldn't take that too seriously even though my Husband and Momma think I am **I love back seat support from family - they truly make you BELIEVE**.

I wanted to show you one of the 5 sketches I made for the article. Its a fancy whim of a dress, nothing you could go clubbing in at Mr Craigs in Warrington - its more Ascot, darling! If I were to be a fashion designer at the end of my diploma/Degree, I would like to think I could fall in with couture as opposed high street. Its such a romantical dream. And having poured over the only Vogue issue that matters (Septembers, darling - its their biggest annual issue) I just find myself comfortably in tune with Valentino and Karl Lagerfeld with a touch of Marc Jacobs. I am, however rather fond of Mary Quant from her hey-day - clean cuts are just simply my favourite. Other than that, I could not begin to think how you would create a garment made from barbed wire and egg boxes and still make it look fabulous.

Im just working on Basic Grey on sponsoring me some fabric - now that would be a catwalk to watch out for ;)


Sue said...

Fab sketches. Now when are you going to make them up?

lanniesmum said...

Hi Kirsty

Love your illustrations-you have a great sense of style in your drawings.Glad you are being noticed on your course-it's not because you are mature, it's because you are TALENTED!!! Believe in yourself as much as others do.

Gail T said...

The sketches look great!

Julia said...

Love your sketches Kirsty.

Mandi said...

LOVE your sketches, very Coiture!
I'd do them like that as I can;t draw faces hehe

mandi xx

Bettyann said...

Kirsty love your sketches...recognition due to talent not mature and even if it was what the h... take it all in hunney, it's your time to shine and we are all cheering you on !!!!

Anonymous said...

They're fab Kirsty. Wish I could draw. Am so jealous. Jude.x

Lisa Hemmings said...

Errr.... middle aged no body from middle England?
Well, you might be middle aged, but nobody? i don't think so.....some of us actually adore you! you are amazing Kirsty, we follow ou because we love what you do (and say!!)
good luck with the rest of the course.
I know you will do well
Love Lisa xx