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8 Oct 2010

These things I love

The every day things that I take for granted are documented here. Just two simple weekday visions that are of comfort to me.

Ellie curled up with a Choc Hotlate. You can't see it here but she is sat on her massage cushion. Its her "go to" object these days when she gets home from school. That and her moon boot slippers. I love this kid so so much.

And this.
The welcoming committee. Mark comes home around 5.20 to 5.45. And the boy waits eagerly on his Pulpit. I don't know how he knows when its time to sit and wait for him but when he sits there, all twitchy and excited.....Ellie joins him to greet the hunter gatherer.

And as soon as Mark is through the door, the house erupts into a chorus of whimpers, giggles and "Hi Honey".

And here is my layout from last nights sketch. I kind of shuffled things around a little but its still of the same ilk. I really like it.
I think I love the title more.

So I started the first day of my Diploma in Fashion Design today. I went with a company that works with your rather than you following a set path. The assessment assignment is right up my street and I hope the modules that follow are equally as exciting. I couldn't wait to get sketching this evening and I'm almost done .........This next year is going to be challenging, to say the least.

Ok, it's beeeeeeeeeed time.
See you soon.


SDCrafts said...

HI Kirsty - I am so pleased you are following your heart and what is quite clearly right up your street! Any design curse has to be the right way for you to go now. Fashion? Even better - if you went for a straight art course I'd think: why? She should be teaching it!

My time-stealing tips - keep Twitter and Facebook on for auto blog posting only. Unless promoting a cash-fetching project, these facilities can steal time. Other tip - use Firefox and download the LeechBlock add-on. I did all these things ten days ago and wow, has my cardmaking productivity blossomed!

Then you get up at 6 to write...

Anonymous said...

Awwww! That photograph is so sweet; I do miss that in my house - one of the dogs welcomes DH home, but the kids are now faaaaaar to big for all that! :-)
Well done on the start of the course. You'll be making and altering clothes for you and Ellie before you know it. Jude.x

Julia said...

Love that photo of Eddy and Ellie. Dogs do have a wonderful sense of time, I know my Jack Russell Basil does anyway. Glad things are working out for you with your course. Sending lots of luck your way for the next year with it all. I know you will do well! x

Fiona said...

LOVE your photographs, just gorgeous!
Good luck with your fashion design course, I have a feeling you won't be needing it tho' with your flair for creativity.
PS My cat knows when I am due home from work and sits and waits at the end of the road for me. aaaaah.

Sue said...

Hope the design course goes well.

Love the photos of Ellie and Eddy.

patriziawithaz said...

I am so happy for you and wish you every success on your new venture Kirsty xox

Maz said...

Amy always goes to the top of the stairs to wait for Tim coming home from work when he's on nights.
Looking forward to seeing some of the work from your assignments! Hugs M x

Mandy said...

So happy for you!!Love that your starting your course its so cool!! Sweet Belles is so cute!!Lovely photos!Hugs from across the pond xxx

Annette said...

Enjoy every minute of the course - I'm sure you will. It may be hard work at times but the achievement you will feel at the end will more than make up for the 'no time' feeling you might have during the course.

Love the LO - Belle just looks so cozy - it makes me feel warm just looking at her.