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22 Oct 2010

Stamp Kissing at Banana Frog

I was shown stamp kissing at a craft event about 4 years ago and I distinctly remembered coming home, ran screaming to my craft supplies, stamp kissed everything I owned and then subsequently forgot about it. I recently rediscovered it when I was flicking through an old Creating Keepskaes mag the other night and I thought "oooooh, Im all excited that I remembered it again!". I was more than thrilled, I even think I let out a loud shriek and scared the dog half to death.

It was my turn over at the BF blog yesterday and I made these pretties using the techniques.

Do pop over to see the video I made on how to stamp kiss the Banana Frog way xx


Sue said...

All lovely. I particularly like the colours of the second and last one.

patriziawithaz said...

I am running and screaming over to BF right now to see how you made these fabby cards Kirsty xox

Julia said...

Wow that is fantastic. I have never heard of stamp kissing before but I love the effect. Thanks Kirsty for sharing!!! x

Anonymous said...

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Fiona said...

Wot! No tongues!
Tried to watch your 'kissing techniques' Kirsty, but ustream conked out after 24 seconds and as that was was 3rd attempt I gave up.
Fantabulous cards tho' (as usual)


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Utterly gorgeous!
Of course the stamp kissing brought images of all kinds of inky noses. ;)

Pearl Maple said...

nice, like what you have done with these