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11 Oct 2010

National Geographic

I have loved this magazine since I was younger. I'd see them piled up in Doctors surgeries or in waiting rooms and I'd ogle the delicious images on the front pages - the kind that draw you in from that very, mesmerising image. Granted, I used to look at the pictures to start with but when they started to print images of Burmese girls wearing rings around their neck (thus extending it by a foot in some cases) and African Mursi women, who wear lip plates to create a loop in their lips, well I was kind of obsessed with fact finding. Throughout my adult life I've bought the odd National Geographic and Ellie has the kids version delivered to her every month. She devours every inch of that mag until there is possibly nothing left to read. And then she flicks through mine, if I have one and is engrossed with anything related to animals.

I blogged about this some time ago so my reason to blog again is because, quite recently, I got an email from a woman who lives in Kent. She wrote to ask if I would like their back catalogue of these beautiful magazines and that she would be passing by our Town on her way up to Glasgow last week. Well I certainly wasn't going to say no and felt incredibly humbled by the gesture. And when she and her lovely husband pitched up I was not prepared for the magnificence of the pile. There are at least 300 magazines ranging from 1967 to 2008 - I was stunned. And when Ellie spied the pile she was wide eyed and dumbfounded. This mags first issue came out in 1888 - can you believe it?! I'm glad I'm not that fanatical to have them all but you can buy a boxed set with every single issue on it for your DVD for only $69. I might look into that but nothing beats flicking through a mag, hey?

Today, after a hellish visit to the garage with the car (can't bore you with it but it was an unnecessary looooooong wait) I stood a few of the magazines up in front of Ellie (believe me, this is about a 5th of the pile) and in front I wedged the oldest copy (Feb, 1967 - older than me but younger then Mark - he heeeeeeee). I have no idea how we will store them but would like to offer the whole pile forward to anyone who would like them after us. They are all in MINT condition and will be lovingly thumbed by all three of us for the next few weeks.
Thank you Val xx

This leads me onto a very special event that I am taking part in, in May 2012. A couple of girls that I joined the RAF with and I are hoping to trek the Inca trail, in Peru, to the lost city of Incas at Machu Picchu. This is THE only place I have ever DREAMED of going to where I feel its my life's worth to go. Its not an easy trek and takes a lot of acclimatising and strength to carry it out but its worth it just for this view. **I could cry - really, I could.......its heaven!**I will be raising money for Alderhey Hospital (where Ellie is often treated/tested/consulted - its a childrens hospital where very many sick children are treated - so much worse off than my angel) and hope to raise as much as £5,000. I have to fund myself to go there but I don't mind because its my destiny to go there, I know it is - I will have to break my back to raise the cash........I'm a bit frightened about that bit! Mark is fully supportive of my decision to go so now I must look towards it and get raising the moolah.

**there must be a National Geographic in my pile that has something about this place in it!**

Ps: there is still time to enter the giveaway below :)


Bettyann said...

oh sweetie that is a fabulous idea of raising funds for Alderheyhospital...count me in to help you raise funds...take care

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Enjoy all that reading! :D
I was born in February 1967. Cool times. ;)

Sasha Holloway said...

Interesting read a good interest. Love this .. and the fact that you are going to Peru is amazing you will love it. I landed there for only 2 days and I dream of going back .. take care and be safe out there ..

Not sure if it is raining where you are but hey .. at least you will get to experience some great stuff

beksynormz said...

Let us know where to donate and we'll be there xxx

Fiona said...

What a lovely gift. NG is such a great publication, it must be to still be in print after all these years.
Exciting news about your trip to Peru.

Sue said...

Wow!!! That's a lot of magazines. Should think their car was weighed down:)

Have a smashing trip and be safe.

Let us know how we can donate.

Judith said...

wow how very kind of that lady to drop all those magazines off :)) and all the best with your fund raising. Judith (Precious Moments)