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1 Oct 2010

Magic in Waterstones

Belle and I spent a good 2 hours in Waterstones yesterday. She got her free reads and I got to flick through beautiful picture books. Both of us lounged on their generous sofa's and basically abused a good free read in the quiet of store. Ellie bought a Sponge Bob annual (which I will read too!) and I got the new Mike Gayle novel and this beauteous book here

Its truly inspirational and will accompany a home study course I'm doing on Fashion Design. Not that I want to a fashion designer per se (my god, that industry is more hellish than some other industries Ive worked on both present and past!) but I do want to have a stab at making my own clothes and pattern design from scratch. This course is perfect for that.

At the till, Belle and I spotted the 75% off shelf. My zombie-like eyes swirled at the sheer sight of it and I floated to it with my mouth salivating. I bagged these babies for almost **free**

Post it note/page makers - £2.00 (was £8.00 and look at that tin!)

Notebooks reduced from £1.50 to 75p

And my most bargacious bargain? This brolly here reduced from £12 to £3! I KNOW!!!!

Im off to teach at the Mj Crop Circle in Thatcham very excited because I have a lot of scrapping to catch up on as well as teach a couple of classes.

See you soon x


Bettyann said...

lvoe you good deals...we shop at chapters here in canada...have fun at Thatcham tomorrow..just getting ready to eat yummy greek food...

Sharon said...

Oh wow. That design course sounds fab. I've always wanted to do something like that. What course is it? Hope you're well. Love, Sharon x x x

Fiona said...

FAB bargains, I love the smell of coffee that wafts through Waterstones.

Sue said...

Fab bargains and I love the look of the book. I'll have to drop in to the store in town and see what they have.