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4 Oct 2010

Its been a funny old week

I can't describe the range of highs and lows I've gone through in the past 7 days but I'm doing ok right now. Its funny, you know, but I was only relaying emails to a freind of mine this evening about the power of positivity and it being a wonderful thing. Not only that but after Ellie had bathed this evening, she came to my room to have her hair brushed. She noticed my angel cards on my desk and asked if she could pick one for luck. I love my angel cards, for me they are such a lovely bit of fun and hope. I don't shuffle them often but when I do, they provide me with a ton of inspiration. Ellie chose Archangel Uriel and she begged me to read the passage on the card. She asked if she could take the card to her bedside so she could have his guidance overnight (even Im not THAT precious about them!). Then she asked me to pick on for me. And I kid you not but I pulled out the positivity card from the fan of cards before me. My face beamed and Ellie said "Lucky card?" and I said "you bet your scrawny little butt, now get to bed!".

Today I was sat thinking that I needed to change a few things and seek out, for myself, some new ways to expand my horizons. I must have gone through hundreds of Fashion Design prospectus's and trying to find out whether I'd be wasting a lot of money about nothing, when, an email appeared in my inbox. The course tutor had sent a personal reply to one of my hundreds of queries to various party's and not a standard reply you would normally expect. He asked to see some of my illustrations. From what he saw, he told me instantly that I could take a diploma in fashion design which, if I pass would then lead me on to a Degree. This is me, with barely any qualifications from school (in my defence, I did join the RAF during my school exams where I only took 2 and passed them both before giving my life to the queen and country!). He said he would be excited to have me aboard.

Then, my fave pen company EVER (Letraset) offered to sponsor me with pens for my diploma course using the ever so nifty Tria pens (like Promarkers but have a trio of nibs as opposed to dual nibbage). Ive heard of Tria before as they have been used for years by artists and illustrators. There are 300 colours in the range and have the same ink in them as Promarkers. Not that I'll be getting all 300 (sheeesh!) but enough to start off illustrating is style. I, along with Jak Heath, have encouraged Letraset to release more colours to the crafting market and I think they are going to release some subtle tones to up the current set of 148 to goodness knows how many! So all you Promarker fans, psyche yourselves!

By being positive today, I made myself some luck. And when you get suprise emails on your facebook from equally positive people, well - the happiness expands and expands and explodes! Hopefully exploding sprinklings of positivity to those who are open to it. Try it, it actually does work.

**sigh** And there is me thinking it was all mumbo jumbo poppycock. Pah, what an ex naysayer I was.

Any old how, Ive got some layouts to share using the October GoGo kit.

And here is the lovely MJ and I from Saturday. Please go and visit her fabulous sale. Bargains to be had people; bargacious and needful bargains.


Jak Heath said...

I like you have had my ups and downs this week Kirsty, Monday would have been my precious Fathers Birthday and by the end of this Month I will have been 2 years without him, so I like you recieved a wonderful emails or two or three from letraset, and just when you think there is nothing to scheer your path it comes by way of an email.
You are going to love the Tria Markers, I have used them at work when I stole a try of one of our Artists, I'm so excited that they are on their merry way to me.
Og Gosh this turned into a letter rather than a comment lol!

Sue said...

I am so glad everything seems to be shifting in to place for you. I truly believe there are no coincidences.

When life treats you kind, embrace it and run with it:)

Loving the LOs and card.

greyparrot said...

omg I use the exact same deck of angel cards for myself and readings for others! The angel of light cards are lovely to work with. I highly recommend Doreen Virtue cards too, they are beautiful. Archangel cards are a real blessing to pull from the pack. I manage to get Archangel Gabriel nearly every time. Have fun x

littlemisspip said...

YAY! Its great to hear that things are looking up now. Good luck with it all.

Fiona said...

Glad to hear things are looking up for you and well done on securing a place on a fashion design course. You have mentioned the RAF a few times now, wondered what it was you did??
Lovely L/O and cards btw.

mustavcoffee said...

Hi there, it's so lovely to hear a little love has come your way, long may it continue. I'm loving your pages and good luck with the diploma, if you decide to take it:0) xx

Lisa-Jane said...

Those layouts and cards are lovely Kirsty! Can I scrap lift them please?! Well done on the new ventures. When do you start your course? Best of luck with it! xx

Debo said...

Life is a journey and sometimes it's a bloody hard one and sometimes the path ahead clears and you can see where you are meant to be going.

Positivity is a blessing and it works. If you are negative, everything's bad, head down, you don't SEE the opportunities that may be there for you.

Go for it Kirsty! And so he should be excited to have you!!!

(good quote but can't remember who from: No one said life would be easy, just worthwhile!)

Bettyann said...

Good on made your own luck by being open to possibilites...Ellie is so sweet..she is your very own angel..take care..