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3 Oct 2010

Cropping? Wassat?

I can't tell you the last time I went to a crop. SERIOUSLY!
Mj invited me down to teach at her enviably friendly crop to teach a class to her girls. I created a page with hybrid pieces just for them (and never to be seen again) and as a surprise, I taught a mini tag/envelope book that can be whipped up in seconds for emergency gifts. I had a thoroughly enjoyable day even with 3 hours there and 3 hours back driving! I encourage you to go and bag yourself a bargain at her store here and if you are in the Thatcham area, do enquire about going to her brilliant crop too.
I managed to create 2 layouts and a card from my Scrapagogo kit. There was an abundance of purple in it and I was unsure about it until I dug in and made some pretties for my albums. I also managed to go shopping at the crop and damaged my spending budget which meant I only had a tad left over to go and buy this book today.

Im undecided which fashion course to take but I have to be quick because the season kicks off in a few days and I want to be all proper set up to carry out the studying. I will be doing normal worky things along side it (no choice really, these course are NOT FREE!) but if it helps me get pattern making for clothes that will fit my girl properly, well it will be worth the agony!

Pics to follow, Ive lost my camera lead!

PS: Im not even going to bore you with my personal horror of The Reason not making it through to the X Factor final 12 let alone Marlon and Keli (girl with afro). We have all been conditioned to feel empathy for everyone else. I will NOT be hypnotised by it! He heeeeee, X Factor dramas are the best dramas, I reckon!


Sue said...

Glad you enjoyed the crop. Looking forward to the photos.

Hope you sort out your course.

Sharon said...

Totally agree about x-factor - Keli certainly had it - beautiful and a gorgeous voice and Marlon too bearing in mind he would have been in the overs if they hadn't upped the age group! If you fall apart and cry - you obviously get Cheryl's sympathy - grrr. Good luck with the course!

hello gorgeous said...

left something on my blog for you ;o)

hugs xxx