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24 Oct 2010

Bwah :(

Ellie has just this minute left with Granny and Granddad for a few days away leaving me on my own as Mark goes on a college residential with his students. Other than me finishing a college assignment and tying up a few ends - what to do, what to bloody well do???

Ive spied these to make up a project for Crafts Beautiful

Ive spied this to toasty up my head on a poochy stroll

and Ive spied this too, just for Eddy!

What are you spying these days.... I need new places to see!


Fiona said...

Oh no Kirsty, you can't put your lovely little dog in that hideous contraption!
Enjoy your 'me' time.

Zarah said...

Ooooh! I heart that hat!

Have you checked out ?
WAY cute stuff!

Here are my etsy faves atm:

Sue said...

Eddie is good enough to eat, without the bun:)

Loving the hat.

The papers look smashing. I really like a good mix of colours.

Hope you make the most of your 'me' time.

Debbie said...

NOOOOOOOO!!!!Don't put Eddy in that! Hes too cute already :)
Love the hat and papers
hugs x Debbie x

Anonymous said...

Been slavering over this site all morning....

Julia said...

Nooooo!!! You can't do that to Eddy!! Make the most of your 'ME' time Kirsty I am sure you will find plenty to do. Love the look of those papers too can't wait to see what you produce!!

Helena said...


If you fancy some window-shopping, check out

-they have some gorgeous poinsettia stamps to layer up :) I'm tempted.
I only found this shop recently and it's lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Inspiring & beautiful sites:


Susan Pryce said...

Awwwwwwwwwww thats so funny, the hot dog outfit but I love the papers and the hat is fabulous.
How about a pamper session.

Sandie said...

Ha!! LOVE that doggie coat. The hat is just gorgeous, go for it.

Enjoy some Kirsty time - relax, have a bath, a glass of vino, paint the nails.. you know.. all that faff.. lol.

..or you could just take this time to learn how to crochet your own hat?? ;)

Colette said...

I have been out of the loop for a while but are there we not having anymore cd-roms from you? Great hat btw,

Colette x.

Kirsteen said...

Hi Kirsty,

I've just discovered way too much cute stuff - I'm off to checkout the Christmas pretties that have been added since I last looked :)