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5 Sep 2010

Our new haunt

There is nothing we like to do more, as a family, than go to the beach for a walk on a Sunday. We have a pick of a few nice beaches (our favourite being Formby) including Crosby, Southport, Blackpool, Lytham St Annes but recently they have been getting "same old, same old". Then a few weeks back I took pictures of a client down at New Brighton on the Wirral. I fell in love with that beach immediately.
So today we upped sticks and head for the surf. I was praying that the tide would be out today because, when its in, its a beach that won't provide much exploration. When we rolled up the tide was at its farthest out - yay! This meant venturing beyond the fort of Perch Rock and on to the rock pools. Ellie LOVED it. The dog was in his element 5 minutes before arriving as it was (he sniffs that sea air and whines until the moment he is let out the car, off his leash as he practically dive bombs onto the sand). Mark patiently put up with my screaming as I lost my footing on slippy rocks (much to Ellie amusement, she loves it when I'm in distress, which doesn't take much!) plus he gallantly carried Ellie over tricky terrain now and again.
Opposite North beach is probably unsightly to most people. Its a port with ships and boats coming to and fro. There are wind farms, metal scrap yards and cranes lining the Mersey. But all you have to do is turn left and on the West beach is a whole new scene and the kind you come to escape suburbia. **sigh** Let me show you why I love New Brighton, maybe we can convince you how lovely it is too.

This is Perch Rock - a battlement in place since 1846. It was decommissioned from the Mod in 1954 and is open to the public. China Crisis had a concert there a few weeks back - do you remember this song of theirs? Yes, those were thundery clouds but it stayed off until literally the minute we got back to the car!

Oh the drama of this picture (and the prize that is a 17-40mm lens)

I think light houses are so majestic and so proud
I love the sweep of these groins and causeway

My guys behind Perch Rock

Lady moody pants who was getting fed up of the force 7 gale at this point!

And Master Eddy who was as good as gold! Well, not gold - more like a strenuous shade of ginger!

We rounded the day off with Fee and Chee (fish and chips). Lashing of vinegar of course and a new addition to my thighs xx


Sue said...

What fabby photos. I think you should see if a gallery will show them.

Love your little dog. He is so handsome. I think my Greyhound is in love:)

Anonymous said...

Funny to see you waxing so lyrically about New Brighton. I've lived here all of my life, and only found our that there were arches under Perch Rock when we went there together. I wish I could see through your eyes. :). Love Jaime. X

Fiona said...

Love seeing your photo's Kirsty, your dog is so cute.
Yes I DO remember that song by China Crisis and was dancing to songs even older than that at a 50th at the weekend. Vaguely remember playing air guitar and dancing in a very 70's fashion! No wonder I had a bad head yesterday.

Hannah said...

Looks like a lovely place. I know what you mean about your dogs love of the sea, our dogs exactly the same.
Hannah :)

CleverCrafter said...

We love New Brighton, we visit it every evening when we are up doing the Port Sunlight Stamping show, it is Levi's treat for being a good boy, a good old run on the beech! So in October maybe we might bump into you there!!

Bettyann said...

love the pics of the cuties by the the sea, breezy, stinky seaweeds....we had a fun weekend camping in the forest ...

Anonymous said...

great to see your daughter is no longer in need of her wheelchair! That must be a fantasitc thing for her and more mobility aids would be most parents dream when their child is disabled. It doesnt happen to many of us and so enjoy the freedom and be thankful she is now so fit and well to be able to do all that lovely walking etc with you both. Fantastic!

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Yes, we took her wheelchair and threw it of the end of the breakwater because she no longer needs it!! She was miraculously cured on Saturday night - and didnt need mine or marks assistance for any carrying over rocks and uneven terrain.