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12 Sep 2010

Midnight Rooster reveal and 1:1 with Sarah

Midnight Roosters kit this month has so many papers that co-ordinate beautifully. The foamy frames are heavenly and the home made stick pins are ultra delish.

This is what I made:

I made those tags from paper and made the polo mints holey thingies too. I was having one of my "oooh check me out" kind of moments. Like, for a moment. I don't think that all the time **blush**
This layout came together so quick. I think its my fave but I also like the one above (Denim)

Simple and basic but this is the look that Eddy gives us when he wants something (obv food!)

Aaaaw, its heartbreaking to see these pics. He was a beautiful puppy.

DOH! Maybe this is my fave....oh lawks, its hard when this is my fave kit so far.

Yesterday I went to the Harrogate show but not before seeing my JJ on Friday. I have some lovely pics of him so I might save those for tomorrow. He is really filling out and he is changing facially. He is starting to look like my Dad. Its marvellous to note the changes in him, I love that I can be a part of his life and get to kiss those chubby cheeks of his :)

Soooooooo, Harrogate. Man it was heaving. I'd only gotten through the door before I bumped into lots of friends. It was half an hour before I actually got to say hello to my lovely Dyan whose stall was the only one that saw and real cash from my pockets. My mum had sauntered off with my Auntie whilst I gabbed and gabbed and gabbed. Belle and I mooched around and tried not to run anyone over with her chair. I was having such a good time that in no time at all, it was time to go. I was off to Manchester next to meet some lovely Facebook friends for an afternoon of coffee, chat and laughs. I'm going to talk about that tomorrow, I think. But still... a very busy day covering Yorkshire and Lancashire on a grand scale!

And so to today. I had a 1:1 booked with Sarah who truly wanted to get out of automatic mode and make grand use of her Nikon D80.

Isn't she lovely?
I took an extra set of photos an also liked this one of her. This is the part of the lesson where I teach how to get people to relax and practice composure. They get to keep the photos I take which Im sure is an added bonus ;)

And here are two of her pics that I had picked out for their exposure, composition and depth of field.

I was so delighted with Sarahs progress and that she was also shooting in Manual, let alone semi automatic mode. When you can achieve that in a day, you are opening your camera's world to whole lot of missed opportunities from it automatic graveyard!

To find out more about 1:1 with me, click here

And finally, the winner of the Vunk decal is: ANNETTE - mail me, sweet girl x


Anonymous said...

fab layouts!
love to the curlygirl
Lulubelle x

Sue said...

Fabby LOs.

Glad you had such a fun day.

Anonymous said...

I love ALL of those layouts!!!

The colours are so beautiful and complement the photos so perfectly.

Being a 'soft Southerner' I've only been to the show once (got hubby to take me to Harrogate for my birthday!!!)but it was WONDERFUL!! Wonder if I can convince him to move to Yorkshire??


Julia said...

What a fabulous kit and I love all your layouts Kirsty. I LOVE the simplicity of them.Very inspirational. Thanks!!!

Jenny said...

I adore the LO's. Sarah's photo's look great too :) xx

Zarah said...

Goooorgeous LOs!!

em said...

Your layouts are especially awesome this month! :)