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25 Sep 2010

Meet Ann

I taught Ann a one to one photography session, with me, yesterday and she is such a star pupil.

She was shooting in manual half way through the course. Believe me, that is fast! And look at these lovely pics she took (yes we eat out for lunch and we take pics between bites!)
The composition and depth of field is soooo good.
And also, my Sister came yesterday and she delivered these. She is a chocolatier, now, after leaving the RAF after 21 years. She brought us these and they lasted 1.25 seconds. Malibu and pineapple flavour, raspberry flavour and orange oil flavour filled our mouths and went straight to our hips FOREVER

And also my bro came tonight so Im with all my siblings..... its lovely x


*reyanna klein* said...

Those chocolates look fabulous! I can't wait to come visit and eat some. :-)

Jo E said...

I really want to do one of your courses Kirsty! If you are going to be down my way at any time then let me know if you can squeeze me if for a session!

Sue said...

Fabn photos and even fabbier chocolates:)

Glad you had your sister and brother visiting.

Ruthie said...

Another star pupil Kirsty, the pics are great. Can I please beg that you set up a franchise in Wigan for your sister's choccy business :-)

Anonymous said...

Love Ann's portrait - the lighting is wonderful with a glimpse of light on her chain too - great composition, very clever

Heidi ;0)

hello gorgeous said...

ooooo a FAB is that!!!! has she got a website????

{oh! the photos are fab too ;o)}


hello gorgeous xxx