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18 Sep 2010

Its been a while

Well, two days is a long time between blogging!

First off - the winner of the Ribbon giveaway for my Weds night online crop is: LISA JANE JOHNSON - I picked your name out of my "flung off to the floor" bra cup (as is customary in this house).

You can see all the layouts on this gallery HERE. If you emailed me your picture and didn't place in the gallery, you were still entered into the draw. I encourage you to join the Facebook group to upload your shots......the comments are very encouraging from all the other participants. I thoroughly enjoyed weds online crop and perhaps next week, we can do the same - yeah?

So Last week? I have to tell you that despite going to the gym up to 5 times a week (still) I am not feeling the benefits. I am very very tired at the moment and getting lots of headaches. I have NOT lost one single ounce in weight although my shape is changing. What the hell is that all about? I'm a girl, I work on weight as a rule. I'm going to restructure my regime to try and shock this wobblesome figure into a new sensation. Just wait and see.

On Friday I took a trip over to New Brighton to photograph this family again. Poor little Connor was not a happy bunny but I did manage to grab a few great family shots. NOTE: This was the windiest shoot I have ever been on!

Lots of unposed shots, trying to comfort Connor-pants
Hey Connor, look up at Kirsty and her boring black camera!

Well, what a sea views make perfect backdrops

And the framing of this shot is lovely and curvy (like my thighs!)
A temporary respite in the chippy soon saw to Connors grumps but no sooner had the carbs kicked in - well..... he was having none of it (even after allowing him to abuse my Cath Kidston wallet in the sand complete with snot (my fave combo!)) - just look at that cutey!
I got home later that afternoon and after picking Belles up, I went to bed. When I woke up, had tea and went to bed again at 8.30. Zzzzzzzzz - I can't afford all this sleep but I was dreadfully tired.

I woke up today, after shed loads of sleep and the morning was spent making Rubble cakes with Belle. These are an instant gratification treat as there is no cooking involved. Well, heating up a little but deffo no "20 minutes in the oven" job! We made 17 of the little blighters and by 8pm tonight, there NONE left. And I am very shocked to say that Ellie ate most of them. Its not like she doesn't need the calories, I can tell you. I'm glad she scoffed them. We watched Steel Magnolias this afternoon and I have indoctrinated Belle into the art of slush and snot festing whilst lounging in jammies on a very miserable day.

But after stinking out the house in our laziness, by 5.30pm I was ready to get some fresh air in these lungs. So Mark and I took la pooch for a walk IN THE RAIN. I didn't care, I needed clean air and I wasn't getting that by festering on the sofa. Not long after we got back I sorted all 233 emails out after switching off the Mac for the past 48 hours; favoring only the iPhone for facebook updates. Gah, what a sift that was. Until I happened upon this attachment in an email from one of my One to One clients of late, Heidi.
She showed me this picture at the Harrogate show last week and I begged her to send me a copy so I could show her off to you - didn't she do a grand job? She did say if it wasn't for our one to one, she wouldn't have achieved such a shot. **blush blush blush**. But seriously, its all down to her enthusiasm and understanding so I cannot take all the credit, can I? ;)

Now I must go and prepare myself for an abundance of work for next week and a new eating regime (no carbs after 4pm) to see if this can shift the wobble. Do you have any great training/dieting advice for me?


Bettyann said...

You are a great teacher chickie...maybe your body is just trying to catch up to all the late nights and hard work you are doing...maybe a personal trainer would be helpful...cheers

Sue said...

What fabby photos.

If your body shape is changing you are toning up, which also probably means you are getting muscles. Muscles weigh more than fat, so people who exercise can actually see the scales going up, but it's a good thing, as muscle burns off calories quicker, so in the long run you win.

Make sure you are drinking plenty (non de-caf tea and coffee don't count) as not enough liquids can cause headaches.

Carbs give you energy, so be careful cutting back on them too much.

Craftyangel said...

Thanks for Wednesday.........cant wait for next week :)

just hang in there with diet, as the fitter you get the more calories you just takes time. Dont get weighed too often and it gets disheartening. I agree increase your fluid intake to try and combat headaches.

youre doing fabby.....keep it up!!!

angie x

Jenny said...

Soory hun, no diet advice, but great photo's. He is such a cutie :)

Maz said...

Thanks for the lovely day and great pics - even though Connor did his best to sabotage the whole thing with his grumpy face! Found some extra teeth coming through so don't think that's helping! x

Colette said...

Oh Steel Magnolia's, my hubby still doesn't understand why I still cry buckets at this film despite having watched it a trillion times!

I lost my baby weight at weightwatchers and if my weight goes back up a bit I just stop eating bread for a week or 2, not easy but it works!

I am impressed with your gym activity, I wish I was that disiplined,

Colette x.

Colette x.

Fiona said...

Great photo's of Maz and family, love looking at all your photography it is so inspiring.

Lisa-Jane said...

Oooh! Thanks Kirsty! I lurrrrve ribbon! You are looking so fab with all that exercise. When I went for my gym info session they said I would probably put on for a couple of weeks but it would even out. I bet you've dropped a couple of dress sizes as I can see such a difference in you. Keep at it luvvie and hope you get to the bottom of the tiredness stuff. Have you had your thyroid checked BTW? Take care and thanks for the prize xx

Sharon S said...

Hi Kirsty. I've joined slimming world and the nhs is funding the first 12wks. Lose Weight Feel Great scheme. Can get you the number to ring if interested. I've lost 15½lbs in 6 wks! Basically low fat diet and its working. And definately you'll be toning up. Speak soon gorgeous. Sharon x x x