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22 Sep 2010

Im still going

To the gym, that is.

Tonight was day three in a run of 7 that I am trialling to kick start some wobble loss. I usually do two or three days, have a day's rest and then do another set of two or three or four (I have done a run of five before too...... check it!). Whilst I have noticed some firming-up, those bloody scales will not budge. I want to CRY! And so to tonight - I took a Boxercise class. For those not familiar with it, its like aerobics but using weights in your hands and using boxing movements like jabbing, hooks, uppercuts, bobs and weaves plus some serious kicking. Its a killer at the best times but tonight's class was run by a different girl and holy crap, she was MILITANT! I am aching as I write and normally I ache after day 2. Hopefully she has set that weight loss ball rolling.

Ive been a good girl and sorting out as much admin as I could. Ive also sold my 50mm F1.8 lens for the 85mm F1.8 because, in my opinion, its better for full length shots with a delicious bokeh to boot. The 50mm is perfect for portraits but I have two lenses that cover that focal length as it is. Im so finickity with my lenses, honestly. Plus i bought from ebay. Never ever be put off with buying second hand lenses because if the lens is not to your standard when you receive it, you can send it back within seven days and, if you used paypal, you have absolute guarantee you can get your money back. Touch wood, this new lens will be of a good standard.

I'll leave you with a little pretty. The bird? That is one of my new digital stamps that will be coming out this week with a handful of other bits and bats.

Going to luxuriate in an early night.
Adios x


Zarah said...

Goooorgeous card!

DGgirl said...


Remember to eat enough of the right dtuff with all this exercise ro you won;t do yourself any good!!! Also - you must take a day's rest - so important!


Sandie said...

Believe it or not I was thinking about you and the gym only yesterday. We'd not heard much and I didn't want to ask if you were still going! Glad you are as it provides some sort of hope for the rest of us.

Love, love, love your card. That bird is too sweet and great use of the corrugated card too. The 'skirt' is fantastic!!

Sue said...

Fabby card.

It's good to do different things in the gym, as that will shake up your body. You go girl!!!

Craftyangel said...

Kirsty, I'm struggling with the weight loss too even although I've stepped up exercising. People are always commenting that i look like Ive lost alot of weight.........but these last 10 pounds are a nightmare

just stick in'll happen

Karen@CCC said...

Remember that muscle weighs more than fat. You are building muscle and if the scales are staying the same then the fat must be dissapearing. Don't be discouraged. Forget the scales chick, just look in the mirror x

Constantina said...

Would you mind me asking, what is the small floral print paper you have used for the background of this card?