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9 Sep 2010

Cyber crop, winners and GIVEAWAY!

This blog post? Its a biiiiiiiig. Yes sireeeeeeeee!

Lets start with last nights cybercrop. Wow - lots of entries and participants. What a thrilling response. Thanks to those who watched my scrap live and faff around looking for white rubs-ons and saying "oh my god" a trillion times. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Here is my layout following the sketch on yesterdays post (I also used the 5 product challenge as well - go me!)

And here are all the participants layouts (Flckr group coming soon at this rate!)






Paul - he heee, using pics he took of me the other day after 4 hours sleep (obv - can't you tell?!)



Kathy - she did this in a superfast time!





Sandie Dunn




The winner was pulled out of my generous bra cup (which I flung off tonight after one of those "I hate my bra" days) and they are: Sally J Houghton - well done!!!
She wins this GORGEOUS stamp - "Limited Edition, unable to be bought Stampin' Up! Whimsical Wings Stamp Set".which was kindly donated by Natalie Oshea.
Please pay a visit to her website to visit the retired list and new catalogue launch details over here. You will be glad you did.
The other day there was an incident at school involving Ellie. It was pretty upsetting. Im not going into it but was humiliating for her, if not a little intimidating. Poor kid was shaken a little and very upset. If it wasn't for this girl, here, I wouldnt have been made aware of a few facts that helped form the bigger picture. Abbie has been through primary and secondary with Belles and although they don't hang out after school - they sure look out for each other in school. I took some pictures of her as a thank you so she could pretty up her facebook page. I wanted to take the time to write a thank you to Abbie for being protective of Ellie. Thanks, Abbie xx

Do you remember this post?
Well the company, VUNK, contacted me regarding something or other and it transpires that a giveaway would be in order. You seriously have to go and see they're amazing wall decal range HERE. And some of them are incredibly huge which is great news for one of your walls that you know is crying out for such art of gigantic proportions.The winner will get the chance to win this decal in a colour of their choice (insert WOOOOOOOO). There are LOTS of colours so you won't be stuck with a decal to match your interior.To be win with a chance, you have to tell me which is your favourite decal they sell, in the comments box below.

I'll draw the winner after the weekend

See you at Harrogate on Saturday morning. Do stop us (me and Ellie) and say hello x


Lynn said...

Hard tp choose ... can you tell I'm indecisive ... well I think I am ... but I'm going to go for the BIRDCAGE. Thanks for the chance to win your giveaway.

Lynn x

Miss Natz said...

Lots of lovely LOs there!

That's lovely that Ellie has a friend at school to keep an eye out, and vice versa. Hope all is getting better now with regards to that school incident.

I really love all of the decals, very hard to choose a fave, but think it's gotta be the Hawaiian flowers one, very pretty!

Kate said...

As I scrolled through them I had a new fav every second, they are superb. Would have to say my final decision is the dandelion clocks.

** Kate **

Sue said...

What a talented bunch. I am loving all the LOs.

Sorry to hear Ellie had a bad experience, but glad she has a friend in Abbie. Fab photos.

Lisa Hemmings said...

Oh WOW! - They are amazing!
I really am torn between the Humming bird and Cherry blossom one, and the Daisy dream.....
I think Daisy dream has the edge!
Hope i'm the lucky one!
Love Lisa x

Kathy Rogers said...

Hi Kirsty,

Great resaponse to the Cybercrop, this week.

As for the decals, I like the fubky trees, they look familiar. If I was forced to choose one it would be the dandelions, they are perfect for my living room, right over the fireplace. I can see it now!

naomi_m said...

My fave is the Bird Song. Hopefully next week I'll get to play.

Scrapping4fun said...

Got to be the dandelion one for me but they are all so good.

Lou said...

So wanted to join the crop - maybe next time - a good friend is what everyone needs! - have fun with JJ and Ellie today - Dandelion Clock 100% it is wonderful.

Hazel (Didos) said...

WOW they are all super. Thanks so much for taking the time to host it for us. I loved it.
Ahhh Glad that Your Ellie has a buddy, makes all the difference for them.

twannywun said...

i like Autumn Tree Wall Sticker. So lovely! karen

twannywun (at) hotmail (dot) com

Fiona said...

Sorry to hear that Ellie had a hard time at school but it's good to know there are still some nice children around.

scrapraffe said...

what a difficult choice! as tempting as the zebra is i think my favourite is the dandelion!

i had a really lovely time doing the crop, thank you :)

susie f said...

I hummed and hahed and decided that the cherry blossom would look delicious in a turquiose blue across my (soon to be decorated but don't tell the hubby yet!) sitting room wall.....but i stll secretly deep down lurve the quirky cat, he he!
See you saturday!!
Susie F

Cassie101 said...

Do I really have to choose just one!! Ok then its got to be the hummingbird. Wonder if I can decorate the whole house before Christmas!!! Becky

Julia said...

Well it would have to be the dandelion for me.

Love all the layouts for the cybercrop. Fantastic response. I so wish I had watched you doing your layout but I got so ingrossed doing mine but love what you came up with.

katherinesara said...

I love Birdsong xxx

Gemma said...

I love the zebra code. So unusual :)

Sandie said...

Eek.. totally torn between the Space Invaders and the Humming Bird/Cherry Blossoms.. would love either!

Sorry to hear Ellie had a humiliating experience, but so happy she has someone to look out for her. I'm sure she was thrilled with her photos :)

Love all the cyber crop entries. They are all wonderful!!

Gabrielle said...

What a inspiring cyber crop and generous giveaway! Thank you! My husband would love the Camper van but I am torn between the bird cage and dandelion... hopeless at choosing but I'll plump for the dandelion!

rach said...

I love the wild butterfly sticker, it;s giving me ideas for redecorating my bedroom.

Stampersue said...

Meow - it's got to be the cat - he's just so cute. But then again I like the birdcage as much. Spoilt for choice.


Rach said...

It's got to be the space invader sticker coming from a house of males who are gaming mad it would fit in so well here.

Anonymous said...

Dandelion wall stickers for me though the space invaders would look ACE in our games room, kids would love them.
Thanks for the chance to win & linking to the site, fingers X.


Kirsteen said...

I think my favourite has to be Funky Trees but oh that Birdcage is sooooooo cute too. Thanks for sharing this fabbo website and for the chance to win. Kxx

Hazel (Didos) said...

Ok I am such a Dopey Head today (Zero Sleep)!!!! My Fav Decal is the Butterfly one. Ohhh it looks fabby and I would love it on my Bedroom Wall!!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh I love the dandilion one, would love that on our landing wall.
Thanks for the giveaway, fingers crossed.
Sue L

Jackie said...

Such a fab sight. I was wondering where you had got your designs on the wall but I thought as you are so artistic (lick,lick) that you had done them yourself.

I love the funky trees one you used, but am also in love with Petit Fleur.

Great giveaway again, thanks

Julie M said...

Wow, they are fab. I think the dandelion would work best in my house (but I gotta say I love love love the space invaders - how cool would that be in a boy's room?!).

Hope Ellie is ok and I'm so sorry that she had a bad experience, and I'm glad Abbie is there for her.


Maria said...

Leaves & Swirls Wall Sticker

Paul said...

Hopefully see you tomorrow :) I'd have to say I like the Elegant Vine Wall Sticker but then that would surprise no one. Abstract, clean and minimalist. Say hi to Ellie from me xx

Paul said...

Hopefully see you tomorrow :) I'd have to say I like the Elegant Vine Wall Sticker but then that would surprise no one. Abstract, clean and minimalist. Say hi to Ellie from me xx

TG said...

Tough choice but i'd go for the dandelion if i had to choose just one. Thanks for the chance to win.
Hugs Tracy x

Joy said...

I am loving the space invaders. I have just made a games room for the kids in the attic and these would be fabby.

mabell said...

I like the dandelion wall sticker how much fun in a kids room!

cathyj said...

cherry blossom

Rosie (Freycob) said...

It was great fun the other night, cropping together as one happy family.

We must all do it again sometime soon.

Great LOs ladies xxx

Annette said...

Well done Abbie for being a true friend. I love so many of those decals - I THINK my favourite is the giraffe.

cla16e said...

Oooh I love the dandelion flower decals.

Lovely layouts from the cybercrop, i need to get my supplies out ready for the next one.

Jo E said...

So glad you posted the name of the company for these wall stickers - I was wondering where you had got them! Without doubt my favourite is Tree In Fall - just gorgeous!

Kerry said...

Ooh hard decision. I love the birdcage and the cat but I think my favourite is this one - Tree In Fall

Glad to see Ellie has a good friend x

Sue Ramsay said...

I ADORE the dandelion one, it takes me right back to when my boys were little - we would blow them and do o clock, two o clock etc. Good times :=) xxx

Dolly said...

Love the dandelion - thanks for the chance to win. :)x

Hullabaloo said...

Oh I'm so glad that Belle has a friend like her. And what a nice thing to do for her - that photo is just gorgeous.
I have had the best fun looking at those wall decals. I couldn't possible choose just one! I know Max would love the Space Invaders. I really liked the La cuisine one for the kitchen and also funky trees and bird cage. Told you I couldn't choose! Will have to spend a bit more time there looking i think ;)

Anonymous said...

I love ALL of the layouts - you have some very talented followers.

Hope Elle's ok. You can't put a price on good friends!

Alison S said...

My favourite is the Hummingbird and Cherryblossom. Is gorgeous. They do some beautiful stuff.

Cath said...

I think the tree is my favourite.
Hope Ellie is ok .


Craft Fairy said...

Hi Kirsty, the picture you have on your blog of the stamp set, was not taken my Natile, it has been taken from my blog here
I don't mind the picture being used i just wanted you to know where it had come from

garbhein said...

I love the wild butterfly sticker.
Thank you for the giveaway.